Legend: Hand of God German Demo

Posted: 15.11.2007 | Comments: 0
This german demo will give you a chance to try out the action RPG Legend: Hand of God.
1,562.86 MB | 624 downloads
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Fatal Hearts Demo

Posted: 13.11.2007 | Comments: 0
In Fatal Hearts you play the role of Christina Robinson and help her to uncover the secrets behind her dreams.
16.86 MB | 202 downloads
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Tanea's World Demo

Posted: 12.11.2007 | Comments: 0
Tanea's World takes place in a fantasy world. You play the princess Tanea, who must save the kingdom from the vile sorcerer Wargol. To do it, you have a magic hair, which allows you to move objects.
6.37 MB | 102 downloads
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Experience 112 Patch 1.1

Posted: 09.11.2007 | Comments: 0
Micro Applications has released the patch for Experience 112. It deals with various bugs and crashes, and optimizes the UI.
9.31 MB | 4813 downloads
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RHEM 3: The Secret Library Demo

Posted: 07.11.2007 | Comments: 0
A playable demo of RHEM 3: The Secret Library allows you to try out the adventures of brothers Kales and Zetais.
21.83 MB | 124 downloads
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Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder Demo

Posted: 18.10.2007 | Comments: 0
The demo features one of the frightening game settings players will encounter during the murder investigation. Strange happenings will occur, so players will need to keep their wits about them in order to escape the terrifying darkness.
152.06 MB | 402 downloads
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Sherlock Holmes versus Arsene Lupin Demo

Posted: 16.10.2007 | Comments: 0
This is Sherlock Holmes versus Arsene Lupin Demo.
767.86 MB | 666 downloads
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Overclocked German Demo

Posted: 16.10.2007 | Comments: 0
This is a German version of Overclocked demo.
923.65 MB | 311 downloads
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Reprobates Patch 1.2.2 German

Posted: 18.09.2007 | Comments: 0
A patch updating the German edition of Reprobates to v1.2.2. See change list below.
15.95 MB | 142 downloads
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Adventures of Tuber: Map of treasures Demo 1.04

Posted: 16.08.2007 | Comments: 0
In this new version you can find an exciting 3D intro with prehistory on finding a map of Treasures! Besides a TuberChecker has appeared to detect if the system & hardware parameters are suitable for the game start.
19.97 MB | 91 downloads
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Sam & Max Season One Demo

Posted: 16.08.2007 | Comments: 0
Sam & Max Season One for Windows has shipped to stores across North America and to give consumers a taste of Season One, a segment of the first case has been released as a playable demo.
70.19 MB | 203 downloads
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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Patch 1.64 US

Posted: 10.08.2007 | Comments: 0
Aspyr has released the first patch for the North American edition of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. It fixes driver issues with NVidia Geforce 7xxx cards.
151.46 MB | 29624 downloads
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PikoNinja: The Last Ninja Demo

Posted: 23.07.2007 | Comments: 0
Troubles for the ninjas of the Laito Clan! Great Master Ke-bran-tao has fallen sick and the antidote is needed as soon as possible.
18.40 MB | 110 downloads
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de Blob Demo

Posted: 18.07.2007 | Comments: 0
de Blob is an action puzzle title that allows players to explore and liberate an alien city from the evil.
98.58 MB | 137 downloads
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Dead Reefs Demo

Posted: 17.07.2007 | Comments: 0
DreamCatcher Games have released a playable demo for Dead Reefs.
161.28 MB | 636 downloads
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Ratatouille Demo

Posted: 06.07.2007 | Comments: 0
A demo allowing you to take a look at the PC version of Disney Pixar's Ratatouille, the video game.
159.95 MB | 349 downloads
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Secret Files: Tunguska Patch v.03 German

Posted: 04.07.2007 | Comments: 1
A patch udpating the German edition of Secret Files: Tunguska to v1.03. It adds Vista compatibility, and better compatibility with flat screen/16:9 monitors.
242.71 MB | 142 downloads
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Secret Files: Tunguska Patch 1.02 to 1.03 German

Posted: 04.07.2007 | Comments: 0
A patch udpating the German edition of Secret Files: Tunguska from v1.02 to v1.03. It adds Vista compatibility, and better compatibility with flat screen/16:9 monitors.
4.97 MB | 118 downloads
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Global Conflicts: Palestine Demo

Posted: 03.07.2007 | Comments: 0
Gamers will assume the role of an up-and-coming freelance journalist experiencing both sides of the conflict and deciding what story the media should tell.
94.59 MB | 215 downloads
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Cleopatra - A Queen's Destiny French Demo

Posted: 27.06.2007 | Comments: 0
A demo allowing you to try out Cleopatra: A Queen's Destiny, an adventure game in which the player will be plunged in the tormented period of the Antique Egypt.
358.73 MB | 820 downloads
Download Demo

Bee Movie Game Demo

Posted: 27.06.2007 | Comments: 0
This lets you try out Bee Movie Game based on the movie from DreamWorks Animation.
691.83 MB | 229 downloads
Download Demo

Ratatouille Gameplay Trailer #1

Posted: 26.06.2007 | Comments: 0
This trailer features gameplay footage of Ratatouille on the Wii.
17.26 MB | 204 downloads
Download Patch

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Demo

Posted: 26.06.2007 | Comments: 1
A demo allowing you to try out Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
400.46 MB | 919 downloads
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Crazy Eggs Demo

Posted: 25.06.2007 | Comments: 0
Crazy Eggs is a puzzle game that tests your reflex speed and hand-eye coordination. The goal in your game is to link up dinosaur eggs of the same pattern, and clear all eggs on board within a time limit.
8.10 MB | 103 downloads
Download Demo

Scratches: Director's Cut Complete Graphics Rehaul Patch

Posted: 13.06.2007 | Comments: 0
This update here includes completely remade graphics. It is truly an entire remake of the original game, up until the smallest texture - the culmination of two long months of extra work, in addition to all the efforts made for the Director's Cut edition.
497.64 MB | 1033 downloads
Download Patch

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End Demo

Posted: 11.06.2007 | Comments: 0
Short demo for the PC version of Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End.
320.14 MB | 1085 downloads
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GHOST Hunters Haunting of Majesty Manor Demo

Posted: 08.06.2007 | Comments: 0
You are a new investigator for Ghost Hunter, Inc. and have been assigned to Majesty Manor to investigate a possible haunting or to uncover a cruel hoax.
84.60 MB | 1114 downloads
Download Demo

Tomb Raider Anniversary Demo

Posted: 26.05.2007 | Comments: 0
Join Lara in Peru as she begins her search for a mysterious artifact, exploring hidden caves, solving complex puzzles and fighting dangerous creatures along the way.
257.70 MB | 1213 downloads
Download Demo

Bright Side of the Moon Demo

Posted: 11.05.2007 | Comments: 0
This demo contains an early part of Sam & Max Episode 6: Bright Side of the Moon. The rest of the game can be unlocked by buying a license key online.
79.53 MB | 110 downloads
Download Demo

Sonic Xtreme Remix Demo

Posted: 07.05.2007 | Comments: 0
Sonic Xtreme Remix is a 3D platform game featuring Sonic the Hedgehog. Eggman plans to control Mobius with the power of the Chaos Emeralds and his evil new creation.
7.84 MB | 4950 downloads
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Bizzy's Spelling Bee Demo

Posted: 03.05.2007 | Comments: 0
Help Bizzy to rescue the bees by forming bigger and better words!
5.20 MB | 88 downloads
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Private Eye - Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Demo

Posted: 27.04.2007 | Comments: 0
A nefarious secret society known only as the Enigma Society has been causing trouble around the world; it's up to you to unravel the mystery surrounding them.
84.07 MB | 844 downloads
Download Demo

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Patch 1.61

Posted: 24.04.2007 | Comments: 0
A patch updating the CD retail version of The Longest Journey to v1.61. It fixes some bugs, crashes, and dual core issues.
1.45 MB | 11168 downloads
Download Patch

Ankh: Heart Of Osiris English Demo

Posted: 17.04.2007 | Comments: 0
The demo is situated in the same environment as the original but now lets you play the game from a different perspective and character.
203.67 MB | 179 downloads
Download Demo

Sam and Max Episode 5: Reality 2.0 Demo

Posted: 16.04.2007 | Comments: 0
Demo of Sam and Max episode 5: Reality 2.0.
68.55 MB | 102 downloads
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Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die Demo

Posted: 13.04.2007 | Comments: 0
Demo for episode 4 of the current Sam & Max series.
84.18 MB | 131 downloads
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Adventures of Tuber: MoT 1.02 Demo

Posted: 12.04.2007 | Comments: 0
Adventures of Tuber: Map of Treasures is an amazing 3D arcade game based on classical collect-all-the-treasures concept! It is a peaceful and challenging game for everybody!
14.24 MB | 117 downloads
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Shrek the Third Demo

Posted: 04.04.2007 | Comments: 0
Activision has released a demo for the PC version of Shrek the Third.
304.04 MB | 1544 downloads
Download Demo

Runes of Avalon Demo

Posted: 30.03.2007 | Comments: 0
Lost somewhere in the mists of time, Avalon's beauty and grace is threatened. The forests and vales whisper to you of a growing evil and Merlin, your master, has disappeared leaving Avalon unguarded.
25.11 MB | 220 downloads
Download Demo

The Pirate Tales Demo

Posted: 30.03.2007 | Comments: 0
Follow the adventures of Captain Caninbahl, Barley, Deckhand Dewey, Ruby Barnacle, and Planky the Parrot as they plunder their way through caves, underwater shipwrecks, and dangerous port towns.
16.37 MB | 173 downloads
Download Demo
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