Dakota Free Release Download

Posted: 27.01.2014 | Comments: 0
10.85 MB | 103 downloads
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What the f--k happened!? Full Release V1.0

Posted: 20.01.2014 | Comments: 0
32.97 MB | 264 downloads
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Moirai 1.06 Full Game

Posted: 29.11.2013 | Comments: 0
Windows versions of Moirai. Just extract zip folder and run Morirai.exe. The townsfolk tell you that a woman named Julia has gone missing. You venture out into the cave just beyond the village looking for her. You’re given a knife to protect yourself. What you find there may surprise you. Moirai is an experimental, first person game created by Chris Johnson, Brad Barrett and John Oestmann.
10.20 MB | 69 downloads
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Educating Adventures of Girl and Rabbit Full Game Download

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2.83 MB | 126 downloads
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Kraven Manor Full Release Download

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40 KB | 3387 downloads
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Lethal Dose Full Release Download

Posted: 05.06.2013 | Comments: 0
21.22 MB | 33 downloads
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Save the Date Save the Date (Linux version)

Posted: 31.05.2013 | Comments: 0
Save the Date is a game about a lot of things. Friendship. Stories. Hope. Destiny. And above all else, dinner.
18.80 MB | 7 downloads
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Save the Date Save the Date (Mac OS version)

Posted: 31.05.2013 | Comments: 0
Save the Date is a game about a lot of things. Friendship. Stories. Hope. Destiny. And above all else, dinner.
15.20 MB | 30 downloads
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Save the Date Save the Date (PC version)

Posted: 31.05.2013 | Comments: 0
Save the Date is a game about a lot of things. Friendship. Stories. Hope. Destiny. And above all else, dinner.
16.95 MB | 106 downloads
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Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! v1.7

Posted: 29.05.2013 | Comments: 0
The game features: English, French & Spanish Language, Soundtrack by Mark "m0ds" Lovegrove, 640x480 Resolution, Verb Coin Interface, 32bit Graphics & Anti-Aliased Sprites.
23.78 MB | 7 downloads
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Adventure Island Full Release V1.1 Download

Posted: 28.05.2013 | Comments: 0
312.82 MB | 53 downloads
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House of de Sade Full Game Release

Posted: 23.05.2013 | Comments: 0
146.79 MB | 16 downloads
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The Search for Oceanspirit Dennis Full Game Release

Posted: 20.05.2013 | Comments: 0
20.49 MB | 9 downloads
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The Bum Full Release V1.01 Download

Posted: 01.05.2013 | Comments: 0
60.37 MB | 14 downloads
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This Is Where I Want To Die Full Release Download

Posted: 23.04.2013 | Comments: 0
23.27 MB | 49 downloads
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The Rail Full Freeware Release

Posted: 18.04.2013 | Comments: 0
12.38 MB | 13 downloads
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Barely Floating Freeware Edition Download

Posted: 18.04.2013 | Comments: 0
Somewhere along the east coast of Africa, pirates have attacked a luxury yacht! They have taken a few seemingly wealthy passengers as their hostages, a family and an old man, hoping to collect a hefty ransom for each of them. When the hostage negotiations go awry, the rescue duties land on the weak shoulders of an unlikely hero. Little does he know that the ship's crew, that stands in his way, is composed of some very weird and silly individuals.
160.36 MB | 77 downloads
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Mad Father Full Release V1.04 Download

Posted: 25.01.2013 | Comments: 0
Mad Father is a freeware horror adventure game by Sen (of Miscreant's Room) made in WOLF RPG Editor.
43.87 MB | 1324 downloads
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Octodad: Dadliest Catch Full Game V1.5.3 Download

Posted: 07.09.2012 | Comments: 0
300.30 MB | 1755 downloads
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Heritage Free Full Release

Posted: 03.04.2012 | Comments: 0
90.92 MB | 1981 downloads
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Survivor - the Living Dead Full Release

Posted: 07.02.2011 | Comments: 1
Take control of Amber Chaplin, a 20 year old girl being plagued by the walking dead. After witnessing her brothers violent death at the hands of a bloodthirsty cannibal Amber flees her attacker and the cemetary the two had arrived at just a few minutes prior. But its gettings dark. The trees are melding together and she's being pursued by shadows in the distance. Hope seems all but lost before she discovers a large house in the clearing up ahead. But the house is deserted, there are no ideal weapons at hand and there are no phones. Can she last indside the house until sunrise?
64.45 MB | 1156 downloads
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The Journey Down: Chapter One Over the Edge - Part 1

Posted: 17.11.2010 | Comments: 0
The first chapter of The Journey Down, Over the Edge, follows our brave hero Bwana and his sidekick Kito as they suddenly get thrown into a twisting plot of Corruption and Adventure!
124.41 MB | 134 downloads
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Niilu Full Game V1.1

Posted: 24.06.2010 | Comments: 0
A nice way to introduce middle school students to an upper secondary school would be a tour. However arranging a tour might be troublesome for everyone and it's not something that can be done every day. Thus the idea of a virtual tour, or more like an exploration, was born.
10.93 MB | 289 downloads
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Vacant Sky Vol 1: Contention Act I: Shadow & Ashes

Posted: 22.06.2010 | Comments: 0
Only a year ago did the world of Disparatus escape that horrible war, that war that tore the world in two and almost spelled death for an entire race of people. But peace has always been a fleeting dream in Disparatus, a world torn apart by boundaries of race and religion. In spite of all that, a tentative peace has settled over the world, and life is beginning to achieve a semblance of normality.
101.95 MB | 184 downloads
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Vacant Sky Vol 1: Contention Act II: Halo Locks

Posted: 22.06.2010 | Comments: 0
In order to properly convert over your save data from Act I, you need to have the Act I Clear Flag, which you get by saving after the credits. Make sure you’ve done that before trying to convert!
125.04 MB | 171 downloads
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Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Full Install

Posted: 04.06.2010 | Comments: 6
Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - City of the Daleks is now available to download for free.
330.73 MB | 9497 downloads
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The Endless Forest The Endless Forest 3.30 Full Game

Posted: 17.11.2009 | Comments: 0
Version 3.30 of The Endless Forest, a multiplayer online game. You play as deer.
47.59 MB | 11410 downloads
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Broken Sword 2.5 Full Game Release

Posted: 29.09.2008 | Comments: 5
The last months were quite a blow of fate to George Stobbart. First he had to leave Nico for one year because of an important trip to the USA, then his beloved grandfather died of a cancerous growth. But that was not everything. When George receives a telegram from France one day he already has a foreboding of evil.
697.48 MB | 3048 downloads
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Goblin Slayer Full Game 1.5

Posted: 07.05.2008 | Comments: 2
GOBLIN SLAYER is a quick, easy to play boardgame of heroic adventure and underground combat for two players. One player controls the evil denizens of the "Cave of Woe", an innumerable tribe of goblins (and an optional "guest star") who jealously guard a fabulous object. The other player controls Stormbeard the dwarf, armed with his legendary battleaxe, who must explore the cavern complex, "acquire" the ancient artifact and escape alive. Not so easy!
2.96 MB | 792 downloads
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Flipside of the Divine Flipside of the Divine (Full Game)

Posted: 26.02.2008 | Comments: 2
The Flipside of the Divine game from Team Flipside. This is sort of a blend of a puzzle game and action game.
46.06 MB | 1232 downloads
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The Endless Forest The Endless Forest 3.20 Full Game

Posted: 29.01.2008 | Comments: 3
Version 3.20 of The Endless Forest, a multiplayer online game. You play as deer.
53.13 MB | 4922 downloads
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Zu Online Client 2.772

Posted: 19.12.2007 | Comments: 0
TQ Digital Entertainment have released a new client for Zero Online which brings the game to version 2.772.
991.94 MB | 139 downloads
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Kaboodle Kaboodle Free Full Game

Posted: 06.11.2007 | Comments: 0
An original free puzzle game which makes you use your powers of perception in order to find the required clumps of blocks.
18.52 MB | 133 downloads
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Sam & Max Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die Full Game

Posted: 06.11.2007 | Comments: 1
The president's lost it. Federally mandated group hugs, a pudding embargo... what's next, gun control? Sam & Max are off to Washington to take care of this bozo, but the political climate will only get stormier... and a new power will rise...
82.26 MB | 477 downloads
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The Endless Forest Full Game 3.0

Posted: 24.09.2007 | Comments: 0
The Forest of Phase Three has doubled in size, so now you can roam even farther and enjoy the new sights and sounds. The new area features a completely new landscape, with birch trees and sycamores, blue berries and little birds that sit on your antlers if you're very very quiet. Which is impossible when you're a Fawn, of course! New players will play the game as a young deer before they acquire the full potential of the well known human-faced avatar. To make sure the Fawns remain amused, a little playground has been added, a quarry of sorts, with big boulders to jump on and hide under.
46.62 MB | 842 downloads
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Knytt Stories Full Game

Posted: 28.08.2007 | Comments: 0
Knytt Stories doesn't have a specific plot. Instead, each level is its own little adventure. A level called 'The Machine' is included with the game, where you have to stop a machine that draws the life out of the planet.
33.88 MB | 198 downloads
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Tasty Treats Adventures - The Secret Recipes full game

Posted: 06.08.2007 | Comments: 1
Help Billy Bob Bacon become the greatest chef his home town has ever seen by guiding him through a miriad of enemies, traps, puzzles and riddles.
83.25 MB | 305 downloads
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Rakker and the Sinking Cities Full Game

Posted: 18.07.2007 | Comments: 0
One year ago, a bunny-rabbit got hit by a car. He died instantly. When in Hell, the rabbit was so angry, that he gathered an entire army of road-killed rabbits. Together they started digging holes beneith the cities, so that they sunk into the ground. They wouldn't stop till the whole world was destroyed. But there is one rabbit, that just couldn't let that happen...
772 KB | 136 downloads
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La Croix Pan Full Game 1.0

Posted: 13.06.2007 | Comments: 0
A lone American sniper enters the small town of La Croix Pan with the task of defending it by himself. He must face off a group of enemy soldiers, or die trying.
8.89 MB | 487 downloads
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Qui'Ifon Full Game

Posted: 02.05.2007 | Comments: 0
You play a young guy named Roy who is trying to return the soul of a girl back to her body.
2.40 MB | 244 downloads
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