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World of Warships (PC)

We take to the high seas and get hands-on with Wargaming's latest while chatting to one of the development crew.

Posted 20 Oct 2014  |  Talked with Mike Federov, Head of Wargaming's Publishing Department.

Blitzkrieg 3 (PC)

Nick Horth learns how you can blitzkrieg your friends in Nival's multiplayer-focused third entry to the venerable strategy series.

Posted 16 Oct 2014  |  Talked with Sergey Orlovskiy

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (PC)

Nick Horth chats to Phillip Ring and Matt Ellison from Traveller's Tales about sending Bats into space in LEGO Batman 3.

Posted 14 Oct 2014  |  Talked with Nick Horth speaking with exec producer Phillip Ring and producer Matt Ellison.

Dead Island 2 (PC)

The dead are on the move again and Chris Capel talks how best to bash them in the face with Yager's Isaac Ashdown.

Posted 06 Oct 2014  |  Talked with Isaac Ashdown, Senior Gameplay Programmer at Yager

Tom Clancy's The Division (PC)

What's Ubisoft's open-world spy thriller The Division all about? Nick Horth heads into the urban wasteland in search of answers.

Posted 03 Oct 2014  |  Talked with Rodrigo Cortes, Brand Art Director at Ubisoft Massive.

Sorcerer King (PC)

Stardock founder and CEO Brad Wardell spills the beans on the developer's latest fantasy 4X title, Sorcerer King.

Posted 02 Oct 2014  |  Talked with Nick Horth talking to Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PC)

Joe Donnelly chats with CDP's Head of Marketing Michal Gilewski to talk Witcher 3, the nuts and bolts of the series' success so far, and how he and his team are now collecting presidents of the world.

Posted 01 Oct 2014  |  Talked with Michal Gilewski

Far Cry 4 (PC)

Senior Level Designer Vincent Ouellette teaches Chris Capel how to attract Honey Badgers with meat.

Posted 30 Sep 2014  |  Talked with Vincent Ouellette

Total War: ATTILA (PC)

Chris Capel talks the apocalypse with three nice guys from Creative Assembly. Yes, he asks about Warhammer.

Posted 28 Sep 2014  |  Talked with Pawel Wojs, Simon Mann, Ed Ainsley

Project C.A.R.S. (PC)

Nick Horth talks with Project Cars ' creative director Andy Tudor about racing, rain and... Resident Evil?

Posted 04 Sep 2014  |  Talked with Andy Tudor

Endless Legend (PC)

Nick Horth sits down with the team at Amplitude to discuss their fantasy 4X title Endless Legend.

Posted 06 Aug 2014  |  Talked with Speaking to game director Max von Knorring and Amplitude co-founders Romain de Waubert and Mathieu Girard

Orcs Must Die! Unchained (PC)

Joe Donnelly talks with Patrick Hudson, CEO of Robot Entertainment, to learn more about Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

Posted 30 Jun 2014  |  Talked with Patrick Hudson

GRID Autosport (PC)

Nick Horth chats to Producer Toby Evan-Jones about upcoming Codemaster's upcoming racer Grid Autosport.

Posted 20 May 2014  |  Talked with Producer Toby Evan-Jones

Aerena: Clash of Champions (PC)

Putting PC gamers against mobile, we talk free-to-play turn-based strategy with Jan Wagner of Cliffhanger Productions.

Posted 19 May 2014  |  Talked with Jan Wagner

Enemy Front (PC)

We chat with CI Games' creative director about their upcoming foray into the venerable genre of the World War II FPS.

Posted 12 May 2014  |  Talked with CI Games' Creative Director Stephen Skelton

Warside (PC)

Nick Horth chats to Kraken Games CEO Leonid Rastorguev about free-to-play sci-fi shooter Warside.

Posted 08 May 2014  |  Talked with CEO Leonid Rastorguev

Space Noir (PC)

James Barnes chats to N-Fusion’s Jeff Birns and Joe Parisi about their noir-influenced intergalactic combat game.

Posted 06 May 2014  |  Talked with Jeff Birns (CEO and Creative Director) and Joe Parisi (Studio Manager and Audio Director)

Dex (PC)

Michael Westgarth hops to the near future to find out about cyberpunk adventure DEX.

Posted 15 Apr 2014  |  Talked with Jan Jirkovsky, Designer and Writer

Mordheim: City of the Damned (PC)

There's a new Mordheim game coming out. Nick Horth braves the depredations of Chaos in search of answers. He also talks to lead designer Bruno Parenteau.

Posted 14 Apr 2014  |  Talked with Bruno Parenteau, Lead Designer

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (PC)

We sit down with lead producer Alex Mayberry to have a chat about the new Diablo III expansion - Reaper of Souls.

Posted 08 Apr 2014  |  Talked with Alex Mayberry, Lead Producer

Flockers (PC)

Chris Capel chats to Nick Clarkson of Team 17 about their year off from Worms... nearly.

Posted 07 Apr 2014  |  Talked with Nick Clarkson, Senior Business Development

Alien: Isolation (PC)

In space, Michael Westgarth talks to Alien: Isolation's creative lead Al Hope.

Posted 31 Mar 2014  |  Talked with Creative Lead, Al Hope

Renowned Explorers: International Society (PC)

Nick Horth chats with the guys at Abbey Games about their upcoming exploration and strategic combat game, Renowned Explorers.

Posted 25 Mar 2014  |  Talked with Manuel Kerssemakers and Maarten Wiedenhof

Making History: The Great War (PC)

Michael Westgarth goes back in time to talk to Muzzy Lane's Dave McCool and Chris Parsons about their upcoming strategy title, Making History: The Great War.

Posted 24 Mar 2014  |  Talked with Dave McCool and Chris Parsons

Planets3 (PC)

Michael Westgarth quizzes Cubicle Drift's Michel Thomazeau about their voxel based space adventure Planets3.

Posted 21 Mar 2014  |  Talked with Michel Thomazeau

Chaos Reborn (PC)

The man behind the original UFO Enemy Unknown talks about his return to roots as a bedroom programmer.

Posted 17 Mar 2014  |  Talked with Julian Gollop

Tropico 5 (PC)

El Presidente enters the big leagues.

Posted 04 Mar 2014  |  Talked with Bisser Dyankov

Infinite Crisis (PC)

Nick Horth chats with developer Leo Tan about all things Infinite Crisis.

Posted 27 Feb 2014  |  Talked with Leo Tan

Evolve (PC)

Chris Capel chats with Turtle Rock's Chris Ashton before he evolves a stage and escapes.

Posted 24 Feb 2014  |  Talked with Chris Ashton and Bill Merrill

Astrobase Command (PC)

Michael Westgarth fires some questions at Jellyfish Games' Dave Williams – the mastermind behind the Astrobase Command project – to find out more.

Posted 21 Feb 2014  |  Talked with Dave Williams

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2  (PC)

Nick Horth chats to the team behind fantasy-comedy adventure sequel The Book of Unwritten Tales 2.

Posted 11 Feb 2014  |  Talked with Jan Theysen & Philipp Brock

Sniper Elite 3 (PC)

Strategy Informer talks with Senior Producer Jean-Baptiste Bolcato to learn more about the improvements made in Sniper Elite 3.

Posted 06 Feb 2014  |  Talked with Jean-Baptiste Bolcato

Wasteland 2 (PC, PC)

We talk Wasteland 2 with the man behind the godfather of post-apocalyptic RPGs. Your brain just burst like an uncooked black pudding.

Posted 17 Jan 2014  |  Talked with Brian Fargo

Legends of Eisenwald (PC)

We take a seat with the head of Aterdux Entertainment, getting the lowdown on their upcoming gritty strategy RPG – Legends of Eisenwald.

Posted 10 Jan 2014  |  Talked with Alexander Dergay

Renegade X (PC)

We go renegade with dev studio Totem Arts to talk about their exciting upcoming FPS set in the classic Command and Conquer universe.

Posted 17 Dec 2013  |  Talked with Bilal Bakri and Robin Nielsen

Her Majesty’s SPIFFING (PC)

A patriotic space adventure for keen Anglophiles arrives on Kickstarter, sense of humour intact.

Posted 25 Nov 2013  |  Talked with William Barr

Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham (PC, PC)

Part One of Two – Crusader Kings II and the 'Master Plan'

Posted 15 Nov 2013  |  Talked with Henrik Fåhraeus

Galactic Civilizations III (PC)

THIS is how a space 4x should be made...

Posted 07 Nov 2013  |  Talked with Brad Wardell

Lords of Discord (PC)

Herocraft speak about upcoming turn-based strategy - Lords of Discord - and their plans to target a more hardcore gaming audience.

Posted 04 Nov 2013  |  Talked with Victor Zaletov

Supreme Ruler 1936 (PC)

The 'culmination and pinnacle' of 13 years of releases in the series, we talk with the head honchos behind Supreme Ruler 1936.

Posted 31 Oct 2013  |  Talked with David Thompson and George Geczy

WarGame: Red Dragon (PC)

Warning: 'Does not contain actual Dragons'

Posted 18 Oct 2013  |  Talked with Alexis Le Dressay

Warlock 2: The Exiled (PC)

Putting the 'War' into Turn-based strateWARgy.

Posted 14 Oct 2013  |  Talked with Jörgen Björklund, Producer

Dying Light (PC, PC)

Chris Capel chats with Techland's Tymon Smektala on their first-person zombie game that isn't Dead Island.

Posted 11 Oct 2013  |  Talked with Tymon Smektala, Producer at Techland.

Warface (PC)

What's your War Face?

Posted 10 Oct 2013  |  Talked with Joshua Howard, Executive Producer

Divekick (PC)

Beyond a joke: Divekick and teaching beginners strategy

Posted 03 Oct 2013  |  Talked with Adam Heart

Magicka: Wizard Wars (PC)

Magic. Magic never changes...

Posted 24 Jul 2013  |  Talked with Jon Hargelid

The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief (PC)

Jamie Donnelly unravels the mysteries of The Raven with King Art's Marco Rosenberg.

Posted 19 Jul 2013  |  Talked with Marco Rosenberg

Space Hulk (2013) (PC)

Chris Capel fails to yell "SPACE HULK!!!" at the CEO of Full Control. Instead, chat.

Posted 08 Jul 2013  |  Talked with Thomas Hentschel Lund

OZombie (PC)

Chris Capel chats with the veteran designer on Spicy Horse's Oz-ified follow-up to Alice: Madness Returns.

Posted 04 Jul 2013  |  Talked with American McGee

Worms Clan Wars (PC)

Chris Capel discusses making the ultimate PC-only Worms with the game's slippery Lead Designer.

Posted 03 Jul 2013  |  Talked with Gavin Hood

Blackguards (PC)

No more heroes.

Posted 01 Jul 2013  |  Talked with Kai Fiebig, Martin Wilkes and Florian Pett

Pillars of Eternity (PC)

Chris Capel talks with Obsidian's Chris Avellone on Project Eternity, Wasteland 2, Torment, Fallout, Kickstarter, and turning ten years old.

Posted 26 Jun 2013  |  Talked with Cevat Yerli

WildStar (PC, PC)

An interview on the new frontier.

Posted 30 May 2013  |  Talked with Stefan Frost

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (Xbox360, PC, PS3)

Chris Capel chats with 2K Games' Nico Bihary on the game previously known as XCOM.

Posted 13 May 2013  |  Talked with Nico Bihary

Horizon (PC)

Look to the Horizon, it's another space 4X strategy game.

Posted 29 Apr 2013  |  Talked with Raffi Parsekhian

Worlds of Magic (PC)

We talk to the developers behind a spiritual successor to the classic Master of Magic.

Posted 18 Apr 2013  |  Talked with Aaron Ethridge and Leszek Lisowski

Civilization V: Brave New World (PC)

We talk to Senior Producer Dennis Shirk.

Posted 15 Apr 2013  |  Talked with Dennis Shirk

Thief (PC, PS4)

Chris Capel chats with producer Stephane Roy regarding zombies, Christopher Nolan, curses and taffers.

Posted 09 Apr 2013  |  Talked with Stephane Roy

Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods (PC)

The pagans are coming in Paradox Interactive’s latest DLC for dynastic strategy game Crusader Kings II.

Posted 25 Mar 2013  |  Talked with Henrik Fahraeus

Saints Row 4 (Xbox360, PC, PS3)

I see your dildo bat and raise you a dub-step gun...

Posted 22 Mar 2013  |  Talked with Jim Boone

Victoria II: Heart of Darkness (PC)

Paradox’s Chris King talks about the new expansion and the renaissance in historical strategy gaming.

Posted 20 Mar 2013  |  Talked with Chris King

Dead Island: Riptide (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

What is a 'Riptide', anyway?

Posted 15 Mar 2013  |  Talked with Alex Toplansky

The Dark Eye: Demonicon (PC, Xbox360, PS3)

Warning: Dark time are ahead...

Posted 14 Mar 2013  |  Talked with Daniel Hessler

Victory (PC)

We spoke to Lead Designer Evan Humphreys to find out more about Victory.

Posted 05 Mar 2013  |  Talked with Evan Humphreys

Age of Wonders III (PC)

With interest piqued, Strategy Informer fired some questions in the direction of Triumph Studio's co-founder and Development Director of Age of Wonders 3, Lennart Sas.

Posted 04 Mar 2013  |  Talked with Lennart Sas

Stronghold Crusader 2 (PC, PC)

Strategy Informer spoke with Firefly CEO Simon Bradbury about the pressure of revisiting Crusader after so long, the benefits of crowdfunding and the changing state of the strategy landscape.

Posted 01 Mar 2013  |  Talked with Simon Bradbury

Command & Conquer (2014) (PC)

Strategy Informer sat down with Senior Development Director Tim Morten to talk what impact those changes have had, why the developer settled on Generals and how they have balanced bringing AAA production values to a free-to-play game.

Posted 28 Feb 2013  |  Talked with Tim Morten

Disney Infinity (PS3, Xbox360)

Strategy Informer spoke with Executive Producer John Vignocchi about why it's taken Disney this long to make Infinity, how closely the company has worked with the various Disney departments and more.

Posted 14 Feb 2013  |  Talked with John Vignocchi

Crysis 3 (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

Strategy Informer talks with Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli and Game Director Rasmus Hojengaard to talk technology, whether there's room for innovation in shooters anymore and what Crytek's possible free-to-play future means for Crysis.

Posted 08 Feb 2013  |  Talked with Cevat Yerli & Rasmus Hojengaard

Leviathan: Warships (PC)

What is Ubiquitous Gaming?

Posted 07 Feb 2013  |  Talked with Andreas Renstorm

East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game  (PC)

How close to destruction is mankind today? Let's find out...

Posted 06 Feb 2013  |  Talked with Gellert Keresztes

Death Inc (PC, PC)

Around the back of a warehouse named Bed World, Ambient Studios are hard at work on Death Inc. We talk with the team to find out more.

Posted 04 Feb 2013  |  Talked with Daniel Leaver & Mike Green

Tomb Raider (PC, PS3, Xbox360, Xbox360)

It’s not all about Lara, you know…

Posted 23 Jan 2013  |  Talked with Joe Khouri

Omerta: City of Gangsters (PC, Xbox360)

We made Haemimont Games an offer they couldn't refuse...

Posted 16 Jan 2013  |  Talked with Bisser Dyankov

Might & Magic Duel of Champions (PC)

We talk to Ubisoft’s Stephane Jankowski about the publishers new online card game and doing free-to-play the right way.

Posted 14 Jan 2013  |  Talked with Stephane Jankowski

War For the Overworld (PC)

Strategy Informer talks with Josh Bishop and William Phelps to find out more about Dungeon Keeper's Spiritual Successor War For the Overworld.

Posted 19 Dec 2012  |  Talked with Josh Bishop and William Phelps

BioShock Infinite (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

We sat down with level designer Shaun Elliott to discuss how Irrational has gone about succeeding BioShock.

Posted 17 Dec 2012  |  Talked with Shaun Elliott

Defiance (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

Not the Daniel Craig movie...

Posted 13 Dec 2012  |  Talked with Nathan Richardson

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

Strategy Informer talks with Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 producer Michael Sroczynski.

Posted 06 Dec 2012  |  Talked with Michael Sroczynski

Battle Cry of Freedom (PC)

What's so civil about war anyway?

Posted 03 Dec 2012  |  Talked with Maxim Munnig Schmidt

The Elder Scrolls Online (PC)

The MMO's Lead Gameplay Designer spills the beans.

Posted 22 Oct 2012  |  Talked with Nick Konkle

Red Johnson's Chronicles - One Against All (Xbox360, PC, PS3)

Strategy Informer talks with Djamil Kemal of Lexis Numerique about the noir world of private detective Red Johnson.

Posted 27 Sep 2012  |  Talked with Djamil Kemal of Lexis Numerique

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (PC)

Strategy Informer sat down with Senior Game Designer Scott Mercer and Software Engineer Darren Williams to talk all things Mists of Pandaria.

Posted 26 Sep 2012  |  Talked with Scott Mercer and Darren Williams

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3, Xbox360)

Strategy Informer chats with Katsuhiro Harada about Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and more.

Posted 18 Sep 2012  |  Talked with Katsuhiro Harada

March of the Eagles (PC)

Vive L'empruer

Posted 14 Sep 2012  |  Talked with Johan Andersso

Pro Pinball (PC)

Strategy Informer talks with Adrian Barritt & Pat Lawlor from Silverball Studios about bringing Pro Pinball back with a Kickstarter campaign.

Posted 05 Sep 2012  |  Talked with Adrian Barritt & Pat Lawlor

Marvel Heroes (PC)

Strategy Informer talks with David Brevik, President and COO of Gazillion Entertainment, about Marvel Heroes and more.

Posted 31 Aug 2012  |  Talked with David Brevik

Total War: Rome II (PC)

We came, we saw, we interviewed...

Posted 28 Aug 2012  |  Talked with James Russell

DUST 514 (PS3)

We paid good ISK for this interview...

Posted 21 Aug 2012  |  Talked with David Reid

Europa Universalis IV (PC)

All good things come with a four on the end...

Posted 10 Aug 2012  |  Talked with Thomas Johansson and Johan Andersson

RaiderZ (PC)

We chat to the producer of the next MMORPG from the publisher who brought you TERA.

Posted 16 Jul 2012  |  Talked with Rudiger Moersch

Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour (PC)

We talk with Dan Lind, Project Lead on Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour.

Posted 12 Jul 2012  |  Talked with Garth DeAngelis, Project Lead

Endless Space (PC)

The endless interview, with Amplitude studios.

Posted 25 Jun 2012  |  Talked with Romain de Waubert de Genlis and Max von Knorring

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

Chris Capel sits down with the man behind the undead rabbit.

Posted 04 Jun 2012  |  Talked with Camille Guermonprez, Studio Head, Arkedo Studios

Aliens: Colonial Marines (PC, Xbox360, PS3)

Chris Capel has a chat with the game’s senior producer, and doesn’t blow him out of the goddamned airlock. That’s a step up for him.

Posted 28 May 2012  |  Talked with Senior Producer, Brian Burleson

Sins of a Dark Age (PC)

We have a chat with Ironclad about their upcoming games...

Posted 25 May 2012  |  Talked with Producer and Co-Founder, Blair Fraser

Company of Heroes 2 (PC, PC, PC)

In Soviet Russia, developer interviews you.

Posted 22 May 2012  |  Talked with Lead director, Quinn Duffy

The Showdown Effect  (PC)

We talk to Arrowhead co-founder Emil Englund.

Posted 30 Apr 2012  |  Talked with Emil Englund

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

We get the lowdown on design choices behind the BF3 expansion.

Posted 26 Apr 2012  |  Talked with Patrick Bach

UEFA Euro 2012 (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

We talk with UEFA Euro 2012 Lead Producer Sebastian Enrique about licensing, game modes and more.

Posted 24 Apr 2012  |  Talked with Sebastian Enrique

SimCity (PC)

We got the chance to sit down with Jason Haber, the producer on Maxis’ new take on the SimCity franchise.

Posted 23 Apr 2012  |  Talked with Jason Haber

Far Cry 3 (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

We spoke to Game Designer Dan Berlin about the multiplayer mode in Far Cry 3.

Posted 04 Apr 2012  |  Talked with Dan Berlin

Borderlands 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

We talk to the Vice-President of Gearbox about Borderlands 2…

Posted 04 Apr 2012  |  Talked with Steve Gibson

Darksiders II (PC, PC, PC, PS3, PS3, PS3, Xbox360, Xbox360, Xbox360)

We talked to Game Director Marvin Donald about Darksiders II, Darksiders III, and everything in-between…

Posted 22 Mar 2012  |  Talked with Marvin Donald, Game Director

World of Warplanes (PC, PC)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! Its... actually, it IS a plane...

Posted 23 Feb 2012  |  Talked with Anton Sitnikau, Producer

ShootMania Storm (PC)

We find out more about Shootmania: Storm...

Posted 21 Feb 2012  |  Talked with Florent Castelnérac, Managing Director (Nadeo)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

What have Firaxis got up their sleeve this time?

Posted 08 Feb 2012  |  Talked with Garth DeAngelis, Producer

Spec Ops: The Line (PS3, PC, Xbox360)

We find out where Spec Ops: The Line is...

Posted 06 Feb 2012  |  Talked with Shawn Frison, Lead Designer

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Xbox360, Xbox360, PS3, PS3, PC, PC)

We talk to Creative Director Jean-Marc Geffroy

Posted 26 Jan 2012  |  Talked with Jean-Marc Geffroy, Creative Director

A Game of Dwarves (PC, PS3)

I’m going, I’m going, I’m going deeper underground…

Posted 25 Jan 2012  |  Talked with Robin Flodin, CEO

Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar (PC, PC)

The Hegemony series heads to Rome, and we go behind the scenes...

Posted 13 Jan 2012  |  Talked with Rob McConnell (Lead Programmer)

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD (PS3)

We catch up with Just Add Water's CEO to talk about all things Oddworld...

Posted 10 Jan 2012  |  Talked with Stewart Gilray, CEO

Realms of Ancient War (Xbox360, PC, PS3)

We get the low down on Realms of Ancient War...

Posted 22 Dec 2011  |  Talked with Wizarbox

Street Fighter X Tekken (Xbox360, PS3, PC)

He may not be a developer, but you'd be hard pressed to find someone more qualified to talk about this...

Posted 02 Nov 2011  |  Talked with Seth Killian

Syndicate (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

We talk with Executive Producer Jeff Gamon to find out why Syndicate went FPS.

Posted 01 Nov 2011  |  Talked with Jeff Gamon

Dragon's Dogma (Xbox360, PS3)

We get a little face time to quiz Hiroyuki Kobayashi , the Producer of Capcom’s most expensive game to date...

Posted 31 Oct 2011  |  Talked with Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Producer

Risen 2: Dark Waters (PC, Xbox360, PS3)

We talk to one of the leading men behind Risen 2...

Posted 24 Oct 2011  |  Talked with Daniel Oberlerchner

The War of the Worlds (PS3, Xbox360)

I hope they remembered their flu-pills this time...

Posted 20 Oct 2011  |  Talked with Mike Mika - Head of Development

Battlefield 3 (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

Battlefield 3 approaches it's final hours...

Posted 07 Oct 2011  |  Talked with Patrick Liu

Ninja Gaiden 3 (PS3, Xbox360)

99 problems but a ninja ain't one...

Posted 29 Sep 2011  |  Talked with Peter Garza, Overseas Product Manager

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

We interview Chet Faliszek about Counter Strike: Global Offensive...

Posted 27 Sep 2011  |  Talked with Chet Faliszek

War of the Roses (PC)

The Lead and Gold team get medieval...

Posted 26 Aug 2011  |  Talked with Gordon Van Dyke & Martin Wahlund

PlanetSide 2 (PC)

We try to dig up some dirt on Planetside 2...

Posted 23 Aug 2011  |  Talked with Matthew Higby

Hard Reset (PC)

We get the 0010 on Hard Reset with Co-founder Klaudiusz Zych...

Posted 09 Aug 2011  |  Talked with Klaudiusz Zych, Programmer and Co-Founder

Bodycount (PS3, Xbox360)

We took a break from counting to talk to one of the brains behind the bodies...

Posted 08 Aug 2011  |  Talked with Max Kant, Art Director

TrackMania 2: Canyon (PC)

We talk to one of the masterminds between the master Mania...

Posted 18 Jul 2011  |  Talked with Edouard Beauchemin, International Product Manager

F1 2011 (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

We get some one on one time with the developers behind F1 2011...

Posted 08 Jul 2011  |  Talked with Lee Mather, Developer

Saints Row: The Third (Xbox360, PS3, PS3, PC, PC)

We talk to one of the guys behind this silly, silly game...

Posted 02 Jun 2011  |  Talked with James Torbit

Guild Wars 2 (PC, PC)

Part One of Two: We chat with two of the designers behind the upcoming MMORPG...

Posted 13 May 2011  |  Talked with Eric Flannum and Jon Peters

Age of Empires Online (PC)

We talk to two of the masterminds behind Age of Empires: Online...

Posted 13 May 2011  |  Talked with Chris Taylor and Danan Davis

Sword of the Stars II (PC)

We bring you the latest information on Sword of the Stars II...

Posted 12 May 2011  |  Talked with Martin Cirulis

Tropico 4 (PC)

Gooood Evening Tropico!

Posted 09 May 2011  |  Talked with Krasimir Plamenov Gatev, Game Designer at Haemimont Games

Driver: San Francisco (PS3, Xbox360, PC)

We talk about cars, comas and Capture the Flag...

Posted 28 Apr 2011  |  Talked with Marie-Jo Leroux & Jean-Sebastien Decant

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC, Xbox360, PS3)

We chat to one of the master minds behind this masterful game...

Posted 27 Apr 2011  |  Talked with Jonathan Jacques-Belletete, Art Director

Shadows of the Damned (Xbox360, PS3)

We talk to an industry legend about his new game...

Posted 21 Apr 2011  |  Talked with Goichi Suda

Child of Eden (PS3, Xbox360)

We talk to the mastermind behind Child of Eden...

Posted 19 Apr 2011  |  Talked with Tetsuya Mizuguchi

The Sims 3: Generations (PC)

We talk to one of the masterminds behind Sims 3: Generations...

Posted 19 Apr 2011  |  Talked with Graham Nardone, Associate Producer

F.E.A.R. 3 (Xbox360, PS3, PC)

We talk to the producer behind the third mainline entry in this horror FPS series...

Posted 14 Apr 2011  |  Talked with Ernest Zamora Jr. (Producer)

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PC, PC, PS3, PS3, Xbox360, Xbox360)

We talk to a very animated individual about his new game...

Posted 12 Apr 2011  |  Talked with Ken Rolston, Lead Game Designer

Gears of War 3 (Xbox360)

We talk to one of the masterminds behind Gears of War 3...

Posted 16 Mar 2011  |  Talked with Rod Fergusson, Executive Producer

Cannon Fodder 3 (Xbox360, PC)

Strategy Informer finds out about Cannon Fodder 3, but will it be released in regions outside of Russia?

Posted 28 Feb 2011  |  Talked with Oleg Lychaniy

Rift (PC)

We talk to one of the masterminds behind this surprisingly interesting MMO...

Posted 25 Feb 2011  |  Talked with Will Cook, Dynamic Content Lead Designer

Crysis 2 (PC, Xbox360, PS3)

We talk to one of the minds behind Crysis 2...

Posted 17 Feb 2011  |  Talked with Nathan Camarillo

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

We talk to the guys behind the new Ghostbusters game...

Posted 09 Feb 2011  |  Talked with David Williams

Bulletstorm (PS3, PC, Xbox360)

If you don't read this interview I will kill your dick...

Posted 08 Feb 2011  |  Talked with Adrian Chmielarz & Cliff Bleszinski

Operation Flashpoint: Red River (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

We wade through the waters to bring you an interview with Executive Producer Adam Parsons...

Posted 26 Jan 2011  |  Talked with Adam Parsons, Executive Producer

Portal 2 (Xbox360, PC, PS3)

Me and writer Chet Faliszek put our differences behind us, for science.

Posted 24 Jan 2011  |  Talked with Chet Faliszek

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (Xbox360, PS3)

Strategy Informer talks to MvC 3’s head honcho about the latest comic book crossover fight fest.

Posted 24 Jan 2011  |  Talked with Ryota Niitsuma

Trine 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

We talk to Frozenbyte about Trine 2...

Posted 16 Dec 2010  |  Talked with Lauri Hyvärinen, Design Director & CEO

Total War: Shogun 2 (PC, PC)

We go behind the scenes with one of the most anticipated titles of 2011... (Part 1 of 2)

Posted 13 Dec 2010  |  Talked with Jamie Ferguson (Part One)

World of WarCraft: Cataclysm (PC)

With Cataclysm a mere hours away, we'd thought we'd bring you one last word from the creators...

Posted 06 Dec 2010  |  Talked with Greg Street and David Kosak


Here's an internal interview from SpinVector that talks with Giovanni Caturano & Daniele Azara about the upcoming release of BANG!

Posted 30 Nov 2010  |  Talked with Giovanni Caturano & Daniele Azara

Royal Quest (PC)

We go behind the scenes with 1C's first MMO...

Posted 25 Nov 2010  |  Talked with Lead Game Designer Ivan Magazinnikov

Bloodline Champions (PC)

We talk to the mastermind behind Bloodline Champions...

Posted 19 Nov 2010  |  Talked with Tau Petersson

Breach (PC, Xbox360)

We bring you the skinny on robust online shooter Breach...

Posted 18 Nov 2010  |  Talked with Peter Tamte

Dragon Age II (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

We caught up with Bioware and quizzed them about Dragon Age II...

Posted 15 Nov 2010  |  Talked with Robyn Theberge, Development Manager

Darkspore (PC)

We quizz Maxis' Mike Perry about Darkspore...

Posted 09 Nov 2010  |  Talked with Mike Perry

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (PC, PS3, PS3, Xbox360)

We talk to the man holding the keys to a long awaited racing sequel...

Posted 05 Nov 2010  |  Talked with Vince Farquharson, Executive Producer

The Lord of the Rings Online (PC)

As the European version of LOTRO F2P goes live, we talk one of Codemaster's head honchos about the project...

Posted 04 Nov 2010  |  Talked with David Solari

Stronghold 3 (PC)

We sit down with Firefly Studios' Simon Bradbury...

Posted 02 Nov 2010  |  Talked with Simon Bradbury

Section 8: Prejudice (PC)

We drop in on Design Director Brett Norton for the story on Section 8: Prejudice...

Posted 20 Oct 2010  |  Talked with Brett Norton

Tron: Evolution (PC, Xbox360, PS3)

We interview a man about a prequel of a sequel.

Posted 15 Oct 2010  |  Talked with Darren Hodges

Duke Nukem Forever (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

We talk to one of The Duke's saviours...

Posted 11 Oct 2010  |  Talked with Steve Gibson

Dungeon Defenders (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

We go behind the scenes with Dungeon Defenders...

Posted 14 Sep 2010  |  Talked with Trendy Entertainment

Patrician IV (PC)

We go head-to-head with Gaming Minds Studios to find out more about upcoming Patrician IV. (PC)

Posted 26 Aug 2010  |  Talked with Daniel Dumont

Fallout: New Vegas (PS3, Xbox360, PC)

As the game nears completion, we get one last word in with Obsidian's Josh Sawyer...

Posted 25 Aug 2010  |  Talked with Josh Sawyer

End of Nations (PC, PC, PC)

We bring you more coverage of a highly anticipated game...

Posted 25 Aug 2010  |  Talked with Joe Bostic

Civilization V (PC, PC)

As the launch day draws near, we get in one final word with the masterminds behind the franchise.

Posted 21 Aug 2010  |  Talked with Jon Shafer

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium (PC)

We get some initial impressions of the eagerly awaited 40K MMO...

Posted 20 Aug 2010  |  Talked with David Adams and Tim Campbell

Halo: Reach (Xbox360)

We sit down with some guys from Bungie as they prepare to give their beloved franchise a last hurrah.

Posted 31 Jul 2010  |  Talked with Niles Sankey & Brian Jarrard

Nexuiz (PC, Xbox360, PS3)

We talk to the guys behind upcoming XBLA/PSN shooter Nexuiz.

Posted 30 Jul 2010  |  Talked with Kedhrin Gonzalez

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty (PC)

We let Blizzard have one last word as their latest title hits the shelves.

Posted 28 Jul 2010  |  Talked with Michael Ryder and Carl Chimes

Majin and The Forsaken Kingdom (PS3, Xbox360)

Strategy Informer's Nick Akerman talks to Namco Bandai about Majin and The Forsaken Kingdom.

Posted 06 Jul 2010  |  Talked with Karine Balichard

Blacklight: Tango Down (PC, Xbox360, PS3)

We tango with Blacklight Project Lead, Jared Gerritzen. (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Posted 22 Jun 2010  |  Talked with Jared Gerritzen

Men of War: Assault Squad (PC)

We delve deeper into the recently announced expansion for WW2 strategy hit Men of War.

Posted 04 Jun 2010  |  Talked with Chris Kramer

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (Xbox360, PS3)

Our antics from Barcelona continue with this exclusive chat...

Posted 03 Jun 2010  |  Talked with Hiroshi Matsuyama

Enslaved (Xbox360)

After an intriguing presentation, we sat down with Tameem Antoniades, Chief Designer of Enslaved, to discuss the spiritual successor to Heavenly Sword.

Posted 28 May 2010  |  Talked with Tameem Antoniades

Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC)

We get down and dirty with one of the guys behind Star Wars: The Old Republic. (PC)

Posted 13 May 2010  |  Talked with Daniel Erickson

Alan Wake (Xbox360)

We stay A.Wake to talk to Remedy's Oskari Hakkinen. (Xbox 360)

Posted 12 May 2010  |  Talked with Oskari Hakkinen

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games (PC)

We chat to the men behind the Doctor Who adventure series about wibbly-wobbly... timey-wimey... stuff. (PC)

Posted 29 Apr 2010  |  Talked with Ian Tweedale, Sean Millard, Phil Ford and Charles Cecil

War of Legends (PC)

We talk to RuneScape legends Jagex about RTS War of Legends. (PC)

Posted 24 Mar 2010  |  Talked with Mark Gerhard

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight (PC)

A chat with C&C 4 producer Raj Joshi and star Joe Kucan, that reveals more than you want to know. (PC)

Posted 18 Mar 2010  |  Talked with Joe Kucan

Section 8 (PS3)

Strategy Informer talks about the PS3 version of Section 8 with Robert Siwiak, Director of Production, TimeGate Studios.

Posted 02 Mar 2010  |  Talked with Robert Siwiak

Aliens vs. Predator (PC)

Who do you want to be? One of Sci-fi's most iconic franchises is back, and in the hands of veterans. (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Posted 28 Jan 2010  |  Talked with David Brickley

Two Worlds 2 (PS3)

Strategy Informer talks to Scott Cromie, Producer on upcoming sequel Two Worlds 2 about the game, lessons learnt and new beginnings. (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Posted 17 Dec 2009  |  Talked with Scott Cromie

Dante's Inferno (PS3, Xbox360)

Strategy Informer interviews Juston Lambros from Visceral Games on all things Dante. (Xbox 360, PS3)

Posted 10 Dec 2009  |  Talked with Juston Lambros

Avatar: The Game (PC)

We speak with Avatar: The Game’s Lead Scriptwriter Kevin Shortt about working with James Cameron, storytelling and more. (PC)

Posted 30 Nov 2009  |  Talked with Kevin Shortt

Star Trek Online (PC)

Strategy Informer talks with Star Trek Online producer Craig Zinkievich.

Posted 24 Nov 2009  |  Talked with Craig Zinkievich

Assassin's Creed 2 (PS3)

We talk all things Creed related with AC2’s producer, Sebastien Puel. (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

Posted 18 Nov 2009  |  Talked with Sebastien Puel

Mytheon (PC)

Strategy Informer talks with David Silverstein, Producer on Mytheon.

Posted 22 Oct 2009  |  Talked with David Silverstein

Dragon Age: Origins (PC, Xbox360)

As the second part of our three-part interview series that took place at Bioware’s Edmonton studio, we chat with Mark Darrah, Executive Producer.

Posted 19 Oct 2009  |  Talked with Mark Darrah

Mass Effect 2 (Xbox360, PC)

Strategy Informer talks with Mac Walters, lead writer on Mass Effect 2.

Posted 28 Sep 2009  |  Talked with Mac Walters

Rock Band: The Beatles (Xbox360)

Strategy Informer talks with Chris Foster of Harmonix about Beatles: Rock Band and more.

Posted 22 Sep 2009  |  Talked with Chris Foster

Champions Online (PC)

Strategy Informer talks with Jack Emmert, Cryptic Studios Chief Creative Officer, about the launch of Champions Online.

Posted 11 Sep 2009  |  Talked with Jack Emmert

Borderlands (PC)

We venture beyond the borders to talk Borderlands with Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford and Marketing VP Steve Gibson.

Posted 27 Aug 2009  |  Talked with Randy Pitchford

Raven Squad (Xbox360, PC)

Strategy Informer talks with Lee Perez, Producer on Raven Squad.

Posted 13 Jul 2009  |  Talked with Lee Perez

Left 4 Dead 2 (Xbox360, PC)

We pick Doug Lombardi's brain regarding Left 4 Dead 2.

Posted 09 Jul 2009  |  Talked with Doug Lombardi

Virtua Tennis 2009 (Xbox360)

We talk a load of fuzzy balls with Sumo Digital.

Posted 12 Jun 2009  |  Talked with Toby Allen & Kenton Fletcher

The Saboteur (Xbox360)

We chat to Pandemic about their Sunday matinee style WWII title, The Saboteur.

Posted 01 Jun 2009  |  Talked with Pandemic

Mount & Blade: Warband (PC)

We had a quick chat with Mount & Blade's producer, Cem Cimenbicer regarding the forthcoming expansion.

Posted 01 May 2009  |  Talked with Cem Cimenbicer

Red Faction: Guerrilla (PC)

We used our best guerrilla tactics to take Red Faction's Associate Producer Sean Kennedy hostage and force him to answer our questions.

Posted 24 Apr 2009  |  Talked with Sean Kennedy

Blood Bowl (PC)

Part 1 of our two-part special as Strategy Informer interviews the guys behind the new Blood Bowl game...

Posted 20 Apr 2009  |  Talked with Antoine Villepreux & Xavier Assemat

Just Cause 2 (Xbox360)

Rich parachuted into The Hospital Club in London, abseiling through the roof to talk to Avalanche’s Peter Johannson, Lead Designer on Just Cause 2

Posted 16 Apr 2009  |  Talked with Peter Johannson

Star Ocean: The Last Hope (Xbox360)

We took the intergalactic DLR Line to Greenwich to see Yoshinori Yamagishi, Chief Producer on Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

Posted 23 Mar 2009  |  Talked with Yoshinori Yamagishi

Ghostbusters (PC)

Afraid of no ghost, Rich went along to The Soho Hotel in London to talk Ghostbustin’ with Terminal Reality.

Posted 12 Mar 2009  |  Talked with Brendan Goss & Drew Haworth

Penumbra Collection (PC)

We had a chance to chat Penumbra and beyond with Frictional Games in Stockholm.

Posted 10 Mar 2009  |  Talked with Frictional Games

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (Xbox360)

Deep in space, only Riddick will be able to see through the darkness and insert fear in the minds of the corrupt.

Posted 09 Mar 2009  |  Talked with Ian Stevens

Grand Ages: ROME (PC)

Strategy Informer sits down to discuss how Haemimont Games, the developers of Imperium sequel Grand Ages: Rome, were getting on with the task.

Posted 27 Feb 2009  |  Talked with Haemimont Games

Hearts of Iron 3 (PC)

Rich went to Stockholm to chat with grand strategy veteran, Johan Andersson, lead programmer on the Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis series.

Posted 25 Feb 2009  |  Talked with Johan Andersson

CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars (PS3)

Inspired by Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament, Immersion Games and Timeline Interactive sat down and gave us an exclusive interview on CellFactor: PW.

Posted 16 Feb 2009  |  Talked with Julian Castillo and Mohamed Samir

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad (Xbox360)

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad, an Xbox 360 exclusive, is now making its way to U.S. Check out our interview with Alex Coward to find out more.

Posted 09 Feb 2009  |  Talked with Alex Coward

The Godfather 2 (PC)

Joel Wade, senior producer on The Godfather II, recently lent us his time to speak about the project and what to expect when it releases.

Posted 26 Jan 2009  |  Talked with Joel Wade

Afro Samurai (Xbox360)

Afro Samurai is receiving its first video game adaptation and Strategy Informer had a chance to interview Senior Producer David Robinson.

Posted 19 Jan 2009  |  Talked with David Robinson

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II (PC)

We talk Orks and other related subjects with Dawn Of War II’s Lead Designer Jonny Ebbert.

Posted 09 Jan 2009  |  Talked with Jonny Ebbert

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (PC)

We keep a look out for ghostly apparitions of scary little girls as we talk to Primary Art Lead Dave Matthews about F.E.A.R 2 in the dark.

Posted 17 Dec 2008  |  Talked with Dave Matthews

NecroVisioN (PC)

Read our interview with project lead, Wojciech Pazdur who tells us about NecroVisioN and much, much more.

Posted 16 Dec 2008  |  Talked with Wojciech Pazdur

Majesty 2 - The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (PC)

We sit down and talk to Paradox Interactive Executive Vice President Fredrik Wester to find out how the development of Majesty 2 is undergoing.

Posted 03 Dec 2008  |  Talked with Fredrik Wester

BattleForge (PC)

With the BattleForge beta currently in full swing, we thought it high time we gave EA Phenomic a ring to learn some more about this upcoming RTS.

Posted 01 Dec 2008  |  Talked with Sebastien Nell

Overlord II (PC, Xbox360)

Strategy Informer drags Lennart Sas of Triumph Studios kicking and screaming away from his desk in order to ask questions about Overlord II.

Posted 27 Nov 2008  |  Talked with Lennart Sas

Halo Wars (Xbox360)

We say Halo to Halo Wars' Lead Designer, Graeme Devine.

Posted 18 Nov 2008  |  Talked with Graeme Devine

Elven Legacy (PC)

We've got a dozen answers back from Pavel Kondrashev, storyline author, and Tom Soderlund, producer at the publisher Paradox Interactive.

Posted 04 Nov 2008  |  Talked with Pavel

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard (Xbox360)

Managing to cajole our way into a timed ten-minute interview with Brian Etheridge, producer for D3 Publishing, LA, we talked about Eat Lead...

Posted 30 Oct 2008  |  Talked with Brian Etheridge

Saint's Row 2 (PC)

Strategy Informer met up with Lead Designer Scott Phillips and Lead Producer Greg Donovan from Volition to talk about the release of Saints Row 2.

Posted 07 Oct 2008  |  Talked with Greg Donovan and Scott Phillips

Damnation (PS3)

Strategy Informer recently had a chat with Richard Gilbert (Producer) and Jacob Minkoff (Lead Designer) to talk about Damnation...

Posted 26 Sep 2008  |  Talked with Jacob Minkoff & Richard Gilbert

The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria (PC)

Strategy Informer was invited to attend the first UK press event for the new expansion to Lord of the Rings Online. Titled, Mines of Moria.

Posted 25 Sep 2008  |  Talked with Jeffrey Steefel

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (PS3)

Earlier this week we sat down with Nippon Ichi creative luminary Sohei Niikawa for a brief chat about the upcoming PS3 title, Disgaea 3.

Posted 22 Sep 2008  |  Talked with Sohei Niikawa

Football Manager 09 (PC)

With the announcement of a major overhaul for the FM franchise ringing fresh in our ears, we sat down for a brief chat with Miles Jacobson to...

Posted 05 Sep 2008  |  Talked with Miles Jacobson

Empire: Total War (PC)

Our questions for Empire: Total War were finally answered. Read on for what we were able to find out about this hot upcoming release.

Posted 04 Sep 2008  |  Talked with Creative Assembly

EVE Online (PC, PC)

Strategy Informer was privileged enough to speak to Dr. Eyjolfur Gudmundsson, the Lead Economist, Research & Statistics and Arend Stuhrmann...

Posted 01 Sep 2008  |  Talked with Dr. Gudmundsson

Too Human (Xbox360)

As part of this hands-on time, we were given the chance to interview none other then the man himself, Denis Dyack. Join us as he talks about...

Posted 19 Aug 2008  |  Talked with Denis Dyack

Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball (Xbox360)

Speaking with Chris Stockman, studio director of Blazing Lizard, Strategy Informer had the chance to chat about Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball...

Posted 13 Aug 2008  |  Talked with Chris Stockman

Fallout 3 (PC)

As part of Strategy Informer’s hands-on with Fallout 3, we were also lucky enough to get some alone time with none other then Pete Hines...

Posted 04 Aug 2008  |  Talked with Pete Hines

Monster Madness: Grave Danger (PS3)

SI were recently lucky enough to spend some quality time with Lee Perez, Producer from SouthPeak Interactive, to talk about Monster Madness PS3.

Posted 24 Jul 2008  |  Talked with Lee Perez

Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir (PC)

Strategy Informer talks with Obsidian's Kevin Saunders about Storm of Zehir, an upcoming expansion pack to Neverwinter Nights 2.

Posted 19 Jun 2008  |  Talked with Kevin Saunders

Dreamlords – The Reawakening (PC)

Strategy Informer asks David Rosén, CEO and Executive Producer at Lockpick Entertainment, a few questions about the sequel to Dreamlords.

Posted 05 Jun 2008  |  Talked with David Rosén

Numen: Contest of Heroes (PC)

We talked with the developers of Numen: Contest of Heroes about gameplay, story and system requirements.

Posted 21 May 2008  |  Talked with CINEMAX, s.r.o., Developers

Sins of a Solar Empire (PC)

"Sins of a Solar Empire was a fantastic project to work on. We really hope that people enjoy it as much as we did in making it."

Posted 19 May 2008  |  Talked with Iron Clad Games

Space Hulk (PC)

We talk with Niklas Astrand, lead game designer of Space Hulk.

Posted 30 Apr 2008  |  Talked with Niklas Astrand, Lead Game Designer

Space Quest II (PC)

We talked with Shawn, Steve and Jamie of Infamous Adventures about their upcoming title Space Quest II.

Posted 29 Apr 2008  |  Talked with Shawn, Steve and Jamie of Infamous Adventures

They (PC)

Internal interview with the creators of the upcoming FPS, They.

Posted 21 Apr 2008  |  Talked with THEY Press Release

Edge of Twilight (PC)

Mike Bowden talks with Fuzzyeye Studio about their upcoming third-person fantasy title Edge of Twilight.

Posted 03 Apr 2008  |  Talked with Fuzzyeyes Studio

Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle (PC)

Mike Bowen had a chance to talk with Producer Tim Tan of Lineage II North American about their upcoming expansion for Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle.

Posted 12 Mar 2008  |  Talked with Tim Tan


Mike Bowden talked with Derek Littlewood of Free Radical Design, Project Lead on the upcoming FPS Haze.

Posted 07 Mar 2008  |  Talked with Derek Littlewood

Pirates of the Burning Sea (PC)

Mike Bowden chats with Pirates of the Burning Sea Producer Joe Ludwig about the development of the newly released MMO and what future plans Flying Lab has for it.

Posted 22 Feb 2008  |  Talked with Joe Ludwig

Imperium Romanum (PC)

We interview two game designers at Haemimont Games about their upcoming title Imperium Romanum.

Posted 20 Feb 2008  |  Talked with Boyan Ivanov, Boyan Spasov - Game Designers at Haemimont Games

Fading Shadows (PS VITA)

We had a chat with Ivolgamus UAB about their upcoming puzzle game Fading Shadows.

Posted 06 Feb 2008  |  Talked with Ivolgamus UAB

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (Xbox360, PS3)

We talked with Naoki Eguchi of Namco Bandai Games Europe.

Posted 05 Feb 2008  |  Talked with Naoki Eguchi

Warrior Epic (PC)

We had a pleasant chat with Brice Lucas about the upcoming MMO Action RPG title - Warrior Epic.

Posted 26 Nov 2007  |  Talked with Brice Lucas

Saga (PC)

Strategy Informer's writer Mike Bowden had a chance to interview Andrew Grierson, and find out some interesting details about Saga for you.

Posted 20 Nov 2007  |  Talked with Andrew Grierson

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (PC)

If you're looking forward to the upcoming release of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel then you should check out our new interview with Alan Wild, International Product Manager for Ascaron Entertainment.

Posted 16 Nov 2007  |  Talked with Alan Wild

Dead Island (PC)

We had a pleasant chat with Dead Island's Producer Adrian Ciszewski.

Posted 07 Nov 2007  |  Talked with Adrian Ciszewski

THE HISTORY CHANNEL Great Battles of the Middle Ages (PS3)

Strategy Informer's very own Mike Bowden recently had the chance to talk with Slitherine Software about their newly announced title - History Channel: Great Battles of the Middle Ages.

Posted 05 Nov 2007  |  Talked with Slitherine Software

SimCity Societies (PC)

Here are some answers we got from EA about the SimCity Societies.

Posted 10 Oct 2007  |  Talked with EA

Pet Alien (DS)

This is Shin'en's internal interview to celebrate the release of the game in the UK, tomorrow.

Posted 13 Sep 2007  |  Talked with Shin'en Multimedia

Eternal Sonata (aka Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dream) (Xbox360)

An interview with Hiroya Hatsushiba, Scenario Creator and Director behind the action-RPG, Eternal Sonata.

Posted 08 Aug 2007  |  Talked with Hiroya Hatsushiba

Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (PC)

Here's what we found out about Civilization IV: Beyond The Sword from Alex Mantzaris, the game's lead programmer and lead designer.

Posted 02 Aug 2007  |  Talked with Alex Mantzaris

Requital (PC)

An internal interview with Requital's project leader/lead programmer, Dmitry Lisitsa.

Posted 02 Aug 2007  |  Talked with Dmitry Lisitsa

Global Conflicts: Palestine (PC)

We borrowed some time from Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, the CEO of Serious Games Interactive, to discuss the Global Conflicts: Palestine.

Posted 09 Jul 2007  |  Talked with Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen

Space Force - Rogue Universe (PC)

Our chat with ProvoxGames gave us a few answers about their soon to be released space combat and exploration game, Space Force - Rogue Universe.

Posted 11 Jun 2007  |  Talked with ProvoxGames

Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia (PC)

Today we are going to speak about Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia with South Peak Interactive.

Posted 08 Jun 2007  |  Talked with South Peak Interactive

Dawn of Magic (PC)

An interview with Alexander Chulkov, designer behind the Russian award-winning action-RPG, Dawn of Magic.

Posted 01 May 2007  |  Talked with Chulkov Alexander

Europa Universalis III (PC)

We had a pleasant chat with Carlos and Josh about their Magna Mundi mod for Europa Universalis III.

Posted 26 Mar 2007  |  Talked with Carlos (Ubik) and Josh (Sharpalignment)

Frontline: Fields of Thunder (PC)

The producer of Frontline: Fields of Thunder chats with us about this great real time strategy game.

Posted 23 Mar 2007  |  Talked with Sergey Golubkin

Empire Earth III (PC)

Today we are going to speak about Empire Earth III with Matthew Nordhaus.

Posted 21 Mar 2007  |  Talked with Matthew Nordhaus

Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge (PC)

The leading game designer of project Jazz: Hired Guns, brought us some interesting details about the upcoming title.

Posted 13 Mar 2007  |  Talked with Max Tumin

Tabula Rasa (PC)

An interview with Richard Garriott by Game Daily - Understanding the Logos language.

Posted 02 Mar 2007  |  Talked with Richard Garriott

Shadowrun (PC)

Here's an internal interview with FASA Studio Manager, Mitch Gitelman.

Posted 28 Feb 2007  |  Talked with Mitch Gitelman

City of Heroes (PC)

An insightful interview with City of Heroes and Villians: Issue 9 lead designer Matt Miller.

Posted 20 Feb 2007  |  Talked with Matt Miller

THE HISTORY CHANNEL: Great Battles of Rome (PC)

Here's what we found out about THE HISTORY CHANNEL: Great Battles of Rome for you.

Posted 19 Feb 2007  |  Talked with Iain McNeil

Warhound (Xbox360)

The producer of Warhound brought to us some interesting details about this third-person shooter.

Posted 14 Feb 2007  |  Talked with Adrian Sikora

Dreamlords (PC)

Our chat with Jon Selin, the Lead Designer of Dreamlords, brought a few questions about the MMORPG-RTS title answered.

Posted 14 Feb 2007  |  Talked with Jon Selin

King of Clubs (DS)

An internal interview with Bubba King (intellectual property owner) and his attorney Vincent Smith, explaining the background to Oxygen's forthcoming King of Clubs.

Posted 09 Feb 2007  |  Talked with Mr King and Mr Smith

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul (PC)

We recently had a chat with Marc DeForest to find out more about Savage 2: A Tortured Soul.

Posted 07 Feb 2007  |  Talked with Marc DeForest

Supreme Commander (PC)

Here is what we found out about Supreme Commander for you.

Posted 31 Jan 2007  |  Talked with Chris Taylor

Gluck'Oza: Action! (PC)

The answers about Gluck'Oza: Action! were given to us by Sergey Podshivalin, the game's Project manager.

Posted 30 Jan 2007  |  Talked with Sergey Podshivalin

Pieces of Eight (PC)

We had a chat with Eric McConnell, Hidden Sanctum's founder, who has shed some more light on Pieces of Eight.

Posted 23 Jan 2007  |  Talked with Eric McConnell

Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike (PC)

This is an internal interview with Kristoffer Bergqvist, Producer of Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike.

Posted 22 Jan 2007  |  Talked with Kristoffer Bergqvist

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (PC)

Jason Ferguson flew to Los Angeles to attend EA's Community Summit event and brought back some fresh screenshots and an article to let us know what EA cooked up for the attendees.

Posted 16 Jan 2007  |  Talked with

Bladestorm: Hundred Years War (PS3)

Our chat with Akihiro Suzuki from Koei Ltd brought a few questions about Blade Storm: Hundred Years War answered.

Posted 28 Nov 2006  |  Talked with Akihiro Suzuki

Empire at War: Forces of Corruption (PC)

We stole Kevin Yu, took him to the basement, and questioned him about Forces of Corruption.

Posted 07 Nov 2006  |  Talked with Kevin Yu

Jade Empire (PC)

Posted 06 Nov 2006  |  Talked with Diarmid Clarke

Hellgate Global (PC)

Today we had a chat with Bill Roper, CEO of Flagship Studios, and grabbed out new details for Hellgate: London.

Posted 25 Oct 2006  |  Talked with Bill Roper

The History Channel: Civil War (Xbox360)

We got a few answers from Jeff Muench about The History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided.

Posted 24 Oct 2006  |  Talked with Jeff Muench

Officers (PC)

We've talked with Nikolay Demchenko, the PR-manager from GFI UA development team, and found out some interesting details about Officers.

Posted 29 Sep 2006  |  Talked with Nikolay Demchenko

The Mark (PC)

Answers about The Mark were given to us by Andrzej Wilewski and Jacek Matuszewski.

Posted 25 Sep 2006  |  Talked with JoWooD Team

Velvet Assassin (PC)

This is an internal interview with Sascha Jungnickel, Creative director of Replay Studios.

Posted 20 Sep 2006  |  Talked with Sascha Jungnickel

Field Ops (PC)

Today we had a chat with Mourad Majeri, Freeze Interactive's Senior Producer, in order to find out more details on Field Ops for you.

Posted 20 Sep 2006  |  Talked with Mourad Majeri

Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express (PC)

We talk with Scott Nixon, Byron Gaum and Mike Adams about Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express.

Posted 18 Sep 2006  |  Talked with Scott Nixon, Byron Gaum and Mike Adams

Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour (PC)

Here is what the Cold War Crisis Team told us about their upcoming project for CNC: Generals Zero Hour.

Posted 11 Sep 2006  |  Talked with SHADOW, Skleni, 2312222 and Widowmaker

Sovereign Symphony (PC)

We talked with lead designer and executive producer of Ceidot Game Studios.

Posted 04 Sep 2006  |  Talked with Céidot Game Studios

Kingdom Elemental (PC)

Today we are going to speak about Kingdom Elemental with Scott Thunelius.

Posted 30 Aug 2006  |  Talked with Scott Thunelius

Victoria: Revolutions (PC)

We got a few answers from Chris King, Q and A Manger for Paradox Interactive, about Victoria: Revolutions.

Posted 29 Aug 2006  |  Talked with Chris King

Space Renegades: The Series (PC)

Kevin Epps is introducing you to Space Renegades: The Series.

Posted 27 Aug 2006  |  Talked with Kevin Epps

Theatre of War (PC)

Martin van Balkom and Nikolay Barishnikov joined forces and answered a few of our questions.

Posted 23 Aug 2006  |  Talked with Nikolay Barishnikov

Maelstrom (PC)

Carl Johnson has shed some more light on this RTS Sci Fi title. Demo has just been released yesterday!

Posted 16 Aug 2006  |  Talked with Carl Johnson

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos (PC)

With Chris Wren on the other side we've opened up a discussion to wrap up what this next installment in Warhammer universe is bringing.

Posted 03 Aug 2006  |  Talked with Chris Wren

Auto Assault (PC)

We talked with Hermann Peterscheck about Auto Assault.

Posted 15 Jul 2006  |  Talked with Hermann Peterscheck

Thale Cres (PC)

Today we talked with Fredrik, programmer and co-founder of Thale Cres.

Posted 08 Jul 2006  |  Talked with Fredrik

The Lord of the Rings: the Battle for Middle-Earth II (Xbox360)

We have talked with Louis Castle, Executive Producer on The Battle for Middle earth II for the Xbox 360.

Posted 22 Jun 2006  |  Talked with Louis Castle

Jagged Farm: Birth of a Hero (PC)

Nikolay Demchenko is introducing you to Jagged Farm: Birth of a Hero.

Posted 12 Jun 2006  |  Talked with Nikolay Demchenko

The Ship (PC)

We talked with Chris Peck, the Founder, Managing Director, Creative Lead, and Game Designer for Outerlight.

Posted 11 Jun 2006  |  Talked with Chris Peck

Metal Combat (PC)

We talked with MattG, the producer of Metal Combat.

Posted 09 Jun 2006  |  Talked with MattG

Stranger (PC)

This time we are going to speak about the world of Stranger, about its inhabitants and about their life.

Posted 08 Jun 2006  |  Talked with Max Dolmar

Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory (PC)

We got a few answers from Fireglow Team as an introduction to Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory.

Posted 07 Jun 2006  |  Talked with Fireglow Team

Darkstar One (PC)

Today we talked with Ascaron Representative Daniel Dumont about Darkstar One.

Posted 06 Jun 2006  |  Talked with Daniel Dumont

Paraworld (PC)

The found the idea of wormholes being connections between different places quite fascinating. Which is the basic idea behind ParaWorld.

Posted 05 Jun 2006  |  Talked with Thomas Langhanki

Two Worlds (PC)

Today we talked with Miroslaw Dymek, Technical Director of Reality Pump Studios.

Posted 05 Jun 2006  |  Talked with Miroslaw Dymek

Delaware St. John: The Seacliff Tragedy (PC)

In The Seacliff Tragedy, Delaware finds himself in a decrepit amusement park that closed a few years earlier when the back part of the park collapsed, killing over a hundred people.

Posted 29 May 2006  |  Talked with Bryan Wiegele

Commander - Europe at War (PC)

The goal is quality and balance rather than all flash and no substance.

Posted 26 May 2006  |  Talked with Johan Persson

Rayman: Raving Rabbids (PS3)

Love and power! Rayman will have to save the world and his girlfriend and the girl friend of his old enemy, and his old enemy too! This interview was sent to us by Ubisoft, it is a publisher made and distributed interview.

Posted 24 May 2006  |  Talked with Michel Ancel

Arcane Legions: Rising Shadow (PC)

Today we talked with Iain McNeil and, the development director at Slitherine Software.

Posted 23 May 2006  |  Talked with Arena : Warriors

TheCricketGame (PC)

Firstly I would like to thank for the invite and for the chance to talk about TheCricketGame (TCG). I am the co-creator of TCG and am charged with directing the production of the game in addition to business development and marketing

Posted 15 May 2006  |  Talked with TCG

Dark World Online (PC)

Our chat with David Bauman from Tulga brought a few questions answered though it seems to have been to early to go into too much details.

Posted 11 May 2006  |  Talked with David Bauman

The Island: The Earthling (PC)

Answers were given to us by Iliya Chudakov, leading game designer of the project "The Island: The Earthling".

Posted 01 May 2006  |  Talked with Iliya Chudakov

Diver: Deep Water Adventures (PC)

You see I am a PADI Rescue Diver myself. Occasionally, when I went on a diving resort in Hurghada, almost whole future team of “Diver” developers roomed numbers in one hotel… And so the story began.

Posted 25 Apr 2006  |  Talked with Biart

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany (PC, PS2)

Every year, our FIFA soundtrack becomes one of our most anticipated challenges.

Posted 29 Mar 2006  |  Talked with STEVE SCHNUR

Heroes of Might and Magic V (PC)

For me the very interest of each fantasy universe lies in the fact that it allows to feel different places, other eras, and to escape.

Posted 23 Mar 2006  |  Talked with Oliver Ledroit

American Conquest: Divided Nation (PC)

CDV spreads a few words about Divided Nations to us.

Posted 20 Mar 2006  |  Talked with CDV

Fall of Rome (PC)

For those of you that haven't yet heard of Fall of Rome, an online empire strategy game.

Posted 28 Jan 2006  |  Talked with Rick McDowell

Quantum Legacy: Initial Tactics (PC)

Quantum Legacy will have a familiar feel to it with two resources, base management, and a population cap for each of the maps.

Posted 30 Oct 2005  |  Talked with Four Thirty One

Sword of the Stars (PC)

We got a few answers from Kerberos Productions as an introduction to Sword of the Stars, 4X space empire game. There haven't been too much of those lately so read on!

Posted 11 Sep 2005  |  Talked with Kerberos Productions

Galactic Civilizations II: Dreadlords (PC)

We bring you a few details from our chat with Paradox Int. about thier space empire strategy game Galactic Civilizations II: Dreadlords.

Posted 07 Sep 2005  |  Talked with Stardock

Desert Law (PC)

We've talked wth Fyodor Mukin, Director of Arise, Desert Law producer and grabbed you a few answers on this post apocalyptic strategy tactical game.

Posted 01 Jul 2005  |  Talked with Fyodor Mukin

Alpha Prime (PC)

Release date is yet to be announced. The bulk of the work still needs to be done.

Posted 21 Jun 2005  |  Talked with Black Element Software

Sparta: Ancient Wars (PC)

We think that the period of the battles in the Mediterranean sea is one of the most interesting eras from a historical point of view. Battles were fought with such intensity - but still face to face.

Posted 17 Jun 2005  |  Talked with World Forge

Civilization IV (PC)

The waiting was never more painful by those addicted to Civilization series. Even as this is the 4th in the row. The interview will either help you or make your waiting tougher to get through. Read on.

Posted 14 Jun 2005  |  Talked with 2k Games

Panzer Campaigns France '40 (PC)

Look for John Tiller and HPS to produce a new game – the first of a new series covering WWII at a different scale than has been done before. This title is the first of a several part series that will cover the entire war.

Posted 13 Jun 2005  |  Talked with HPS Simulations

Drive'n'Kill (PC)

Driving and killing combined,one of the best combos invented.

Posted 22 Mar 2005  |  Talked with Alexander Belov

The Day After (PC)

How close were we to the Third World War..

Posted 22 Mar 2005  |  Talked with Alexander Valencia-Campo

Mission Barbarossa (PC)

Today we've talked with Nico Zettler about the upcoming "Mission Barbarossa", Blitzkrieg's addon.

Posted 16 Mar 2005  |  Talked with Nico Zettler

Chaos League: Sudden Death (PC)

We've talked with Regis Robin, the game designer from Chaos League team, and heard what the Sudden Death add-on will sound like.

Posted 13 Mar 2005  |  Talked with Regis Robin

Wolfschanze 1944 (PC)

Dominik Zielinski opens up a few pages of Wolfschanze 1944.

Posted 13 Mar 2005  |  Talked with Dominik Zielinski

Hidden Stroke II (PC)

Nico Zettler sits and talks with us about their upcoming WWII game, Hidden Stroke II.

Posted 28 Feb 2005  |  Talked with Nico Zettler

Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar (PC)

Koios Works reveals insides of their next installment in Tin Soldiers series.

Posted 20 Feb 2005  |  Talked with Koios Works

Sid Meier's Pirates! (PC)

Hello Pirates! Below you can find our interview with an unnamed Firaxis representative. Topic was the latest Sid Meier's game, Pirates! We got a few answers for you.

Posted 04 Nov 2004  |  Talked with Firaxis

Hearts of Iron 2 (PC)

Our questions were caught and answered by Fredrik Lindgren, Sales and Marketing director heavily involved in Hearts of Iron 2 production. Read our convo below. Also check out the 2 latest exclusive shots they've sent us along.

Posted 12 Oct 2004  |  Talked with Fredrik Lindgren

War Leaders: WW2 (PC)

Alberto Domínguez Aguilar, Project Manager and Lead Designer from Enigma Software Productions, answered a few questions we had to ask about their global war game War Leaders: WWII.

Posted 17 Sep 2004  |  Talked with Alberto Domínguez Aguilar

Will of Steel (PC)

We brought you an introductory interview for Will of Steel, explaining what the game will be all about.

Posted 15 Sep 2004  |  Talked with Uros Rogulja

Void War (PC)

Jay Barnson sits with us and uncovers this soon to be released space shooter, Void War.

Posted 24 Aug 2004  |  Talked with Jay Barnson

Stalingrad (PC)

Petr Prohorenko gave us a few overviews on the RTS title, Stalingrad.

Posted 06 Jul 2004  |  Talked with Petr Prohorenko

Rome: Total War (PC)

The Creative Assembly’s Mike Simpson has answered the questions that you, the readers, proposed on the forums on this highly anticipated historical strategy game, Rome Total War.

Posted 01 Jul 2004  |  Talked with Mike Simpson

UFO: Extraterrestrials (PC)

Michal Dolezal from developing team behind UFO: Extraterrestrials talked with SI, discovering pieces of the game to us.

Posted 03 Jun 2004  |  Talked with Michal Dolezal

Empire Earth 2 (PC)

Ian Davis, the founder, CEO, & Mad Scientist at Mad Doc Software told us what to expect in the next installsment of the popular RTS game, Empire Earth.

Posted 15 May 2004  |  Talked with Ian Davis

Supreme Ruler 2010 (PC)

Centurion found a leading programmer, David Thompson, to talk about Supreme Ruler 2010.

Posted 23 Apr 2004  |  Talked with David Thompson

Pacific Storm (PC)

Centurion and Sergey Titorenko talk about Pacific Storm.

Posted 15 Apr 2004  |  Talked with Sergey Titarenko

Battle Mages (PC)

This time Centurion chats with Stanislav Scorb and attempts to find out more details on Battle Mages.

Posted 06 Apr 2004  |  Talked with Stanislav Scorb

Perimeter (PC)

This time Centurion got you a few answers for Perimeter, a new and innovative RTS game.

Posted 31 Mar 2004  |  Talked with Andy Wafer

Children of the Nile (PC)

Talking with Chris Beatrice, we caught a few answers about this Egyptian city builder game that's set for a late 2004.

Posted 23 Mar 2004  |  Talked with Chris Beatrice

Blitzkrieg II (PC)

We borrowed some time from George Ossipov, a project leader behind Blitzkrieg 2, to discuss this Tactical strategy game.

Posted 15 Dec 2003  |  Talked with George Ossipov

Knights of Honor (PC)

This time Vesselin Handjiev, a Lead Designer behind Knights of Honor, helped us with a few tips on, my personal favorite upcoming game, Knights of Honor.

Posted 28 Nov 2003  |  Talked with Vesselin Handjiev

Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus (PC)

We sat down with Henrik Sabri from Massive Entertainment and discussed their upcoming title Ground Control 2.

Posted 02 Nov 2003  |  Talked with Henrik Sebri

Lords of EverQuest (PC)

James Parker, Producer of Lords of Everquest, gave us an early introduction of the game.

Posted 15 Aug 2003  |  Talked with James Parker

Besieger (PC)

We've talked with Petr Petukhov, the Managing Director of Primal Software about their upcoming title, Besieger.

Posted 11 Aug 2003  |  Talked with Petr Petukhov

Revolt: Theory of Revolution (PC)

We've talked with Tomislav Lovrekovic, the Public Relations Manager of Fusion Software about their upcoming strategy game, Revolt. Read on.

Posted 11 Aug 2003  |  Talked with Tomislav Lovrekovic

Strength & Honour (PC)

We've talked with Andy Canivet, the Magitech’s Writer / Researcher about their upcoming game, Strength & Honour.

Posted 11 Aug 2003  |  Talked with Andy Canivet

UFO: Aftermath (PC)

As one of the UFO and XCOM series fanatics, we've talked with Jiri Rydl, a Public Relations Manager from ALTAR Interactive.

Posted 11 Aug 2003  |  Talked with Jiri Rydl

Massive Assault (PC)

We've talked with Victos Kislyi, the president of about their upcoming strategy game, Massive Assault.

Posted 10 Aug 2003  |  Talked with Victor Kislyi

P2 (PC)

We managed to grab Krzysztof Jakubowski, a Project Manager and Leading Programmer from City Interactive, and talk with him about their upcoming Space RTS game, P2.

Posted 07 Aug 2003  |  Talked with Krzysztof Jakubowski

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