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Wheels of...
Wheels of Destruction: World Tour (PS3)
Wheels of Destruction: World Tour pits players in an arena of vehicular carnage as they play against each other online in Capture the Flag and Deathmatch. Five distinct car classes make for deadly cutthroat car...
TheSixthAxis 30.11.-1 Game Score: 3.0
Gamespot 10.04.2012 Game Score: 4.5
Eurogamer Sweden 30.11.-1 Game Score: 5.0
Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal (PS3)
High atop his penthouse office, a mysterious ringleader named Calypso lords over the contest of vehicle combat known as Twisted Metal. He returns again to host the ultimate contest of skill and destruction....
The A.V. Club 30.11.-1 Game Score: 9.1
Gamespot 17.03.2012 Game Score: 8.0
games(TM) 30.11.-1 Game Score: 7.0
Binary Domain
Binary Domain (Xbox360)
Binary Domain puts players in the middle of a fast-paced and intense battle for humanity in robot-invaded 2080 Tokyo. Fighting through the derelict lower levels of the city, players control an international...
Planet Xbox 360 30.11.-1 Game Score: 8.1
MondoXbox 30.11.-1 Game Score: 8.5
Gamespot 17.03.2012 Game Score: 7.5
G4 TV 30.11.-1 Game Score: 8.0
Airline Tycoon 2
Airline Tycoon 2 (PC)
Take a look at life inside the fast-paced world of airline management with a new batch of images from Airline Tycoon 2, the upcoming economic simulation/strategy game from Kalypso Media. Airline Tycoon 2...
PC Gamer UK 30.11.-1 Game Score: 3.5
GamingXP 30.11.-1 Game Score: 7.4
Game Star 30.11.-1 Game Score: 6.4
Perimeter 2: New...
Perimeter 2: New Earth (PC)
Hundreds years of traveling through time and space are over, but not the actual story. The fate of humanity that has been forced to leave dying Earth and flee to the deadly worlds of the Psychosphere is once...
PC Gamer UK 30.11.-1 Game Score: 4.0
IGN 30.11.-1 Game Score: 5.1
Cheat Code Central 30.11.-1 Game Score: 4.4
Naval War: Arctic...
Naval War: Arctic Circle (PC)
Strategic and tactical battle for world domination on, under and above the open seas. Take on the enemy as commander of the awesome contemporary navy of either NATO, the Nordic Alliance, Russia or the United...
IncGamers 30.11.-1 Game Score: 7.0
Gamespot 21.04.2012 Game Score: 6.0
ImpulseGamer 30.11.-1 Game Score: 8.0
Primordia (PC)
The protagonist of Primordia is an android called Horatio. He is a humanoid robot whose cloak and hood—worn to ward against the violent elements in his wasteland home. His personality is defined by his...
GameSpy 06.12.2012 Game Score: 5.0
Thunderbolt 30.11.-1 Game Score: 7.0
Meristation 30.11.-1 Game Score: 7.0
World of...
World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (PC)
Shrouded in fog since the world was sundered more than ten thousand years ago, the ancient realm of Pandaria has remained unspoiled by war. Its lush forests and cloud-ringed mountains are home to a complex...
GameSpy 06.10.2012 Game Score: 8.0
Gamespot 27.10.2012 Game Score: 7.5
The Escapist 30.11.-1 Game Score: 10.0
Eurogamer Italy 30.11.-1 Game Score: 9.0
Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2 (PC)
Combining invention and evolution, Borderlands 2 features all new characters, skills, environments, enemies, weapons and equipment, which come together in an ambitiously crafted story. Players will reveal...
GameSpy 18.09.2012 Game Score: 9.0
Gamespot 22.09.2012 Game Score: 8.5
Borderlands 2 30.11.-1 Game Score: 10.0
Gamereactor Sweden 30.11.-1 Game Score: 9.0
Darksiders II
Darksiders II (PC)
Darksiders II follows the exploits of DEATH, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, in a weaving tale that runs parallel to the events in the original Darksiders game. This epic journey propels DEATH through...
GameSpy 24.08.2012 Game Score: 6.0
Gamespot 17.08.2012 Game Score: 8.0 30.11.-1 Game Score: 9.2
Amnesia: A...
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (PC)
Set in 1899, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs follows the "wealthy industrialist" Oswald Mandus, who has returned home from "a disastrous expedition to Mexico, which has ended in tragedy." Struck by a destructive...
Gamespot 10.09.2013 Game Score: 8.0 30.11.-1 Game Score: 7.0
Digital Chumps 30.11.-1 Game Score: 7.2
Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes (PC)
Fallen Enchantress - Legendary Heroes/ builds on the successes and addresses issues fans and critics had with the previous game – all masterminded by Derek Paxton, lead designer. Legendary Heroes adds new...
Gamespot 05.06.2013 Game Score: 8.0
Game Informer 30.11.-1 Game Score: 8.5
IGN 30.11.-1 Game Score: 8.0
Gaming Nexus 30.11.-1 Game Score: 8.8
Painkiller Hell &...
Painkiller Hell & Damnation (PC)
In “Painkiller Hell & Damnation”, use an array of righteous weaponry to blast the crap out of hordes of demons and other creatures who want nothing more than to send you straight to the grave – again. It’s a...
Gamespot 26.01.2013 Game Score: 7.0
Machinima 30.11.-1 Game Score: 8.5
Hardcore Gamer Magazine 30.11.-1 Game Score: 4.0
GameSpy 30.11.-1 Game Score: 7.0
Sword of the...
Sword of the Stars II (PC)
In Sword of the Stars 2, gamers will be reaquianted with the original six races from Swords of the Stars I and its expansions as well as reveal the dark secret of the original series, the Suul’ka – an ancient...
Game Informer 30.11.-1 Game Score: 3.0 30.11.-1 Game Score: 5.0
Da Gameboyz 30.11.-1 Game Score: 6.5
Dragon's Dogma:...
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (PS3)
Just off the Gransys mainland is the cursed Bitterblack Isle where gamers will embark on an all-new quest to discover an underground realm, complete with new terrifying foes and incredible treasure.
JeuxActu 30.11.-1 Game Score: 7.0
Game Informer 30.11.-1 Game Score: 8.5
Eurogamer Germany 30.11.-1 Game Score: 9.0
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