High Score Date
Excellent 8.0

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (PC)

Another year, another battle of the footballing titans. Will it be Messi or Ronaldo? Manchester Blue or Manchester City? Pop on your best pair of...

Posted: 27.09.2012 13:16 by Adam Tingle | Comments: 2

Excellent 8.0

War of the Roses (PC)

Those who live by the Sword get pawned by some noob with a crossbow...

Posted: 26.09.2012 11:13 by Joe Robinson | Comments: 3

Poor 5.0

Red Johnson's Chronicles - One Against All (PS3, PC, Xbox360)

Watching the detectives is far more fun than playing one in this flawed puzzle adventure game.

Posted: 25.09.2012 16:12 by Simon Williams | Comments: 0

Poor 6.0

Tryst (PC)

A Blizzard of ideas...

Posted: 25.09.2012 10:08 by Emmanuel Brown | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.5

Torchlight II (PC)

Chris Capel's got a big wrench, a bulldog called Tiny McTitch, and loves hunting ratlins by Torchlight.

Posted: 24.09.2012 15:03 by Chris Capel | Comments: 4

Superb! 9.0

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC)

The former console exclusive answers the call to teach a new audience what it means to be mortal, over and over and over and over and...

Posted: 20.09.2012 15:39 by Kyri Patarou | Comments: 12

Excellent 8.5

I Am Alive (PC)

Newly ported to PC, I Am Alive is Ubisoftís punt into the realm of the survival horror.

Posted: 20.09.2012 12:18 by Adam Tingle | Comments: 0

Good 7.5

F1 2012 (PS3, Xbox360, PC)

Nicole Scherzinger DLC not included...

Posted: 18.09.2012 11:34 by Nick Akerman | Comments: 0

Superb! 9.0

Borderlands 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

*snigger* Butt Stallion...

Posted: 18.09.2012 05:06 by Joe Robinson | Comments: 1

Excellent 8.0

NHL 13 (PS3, Xbox360)

Ice, ice, adult?

Posted: 17.09.2012 14:20 by Nick Akerman | Comments: 0

Poor 6.5

Starvoid (PC)

We have no idea what a 'starvoid' is, but Chris Capelís feeling a bit hungry so that'll do.

Posted: 17.09.2012 09:45 by Chris Capel | Comments: 1

Superb! 9.0

Joe Danger 2: The Movie (Xbox360)

Is Joe Danger 2: The Movie good enough to backflip onto our TV screens?

Posted: 13.09.2012 13:53 by Jennifer Allen | Comments: 0

Poor 6.0

Legends of Pegasus (PC)

It was all too good to be true...

Posted: 13.09.2012 11:40 by Joe Robinson | Comments: 4

Superb! 9.5

Guild Wars 2 (PC)

The only thing that's missing is the fee.

Posted: 12.09.2012 11:48 by Emmanuel Brown | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.5

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3, Xbox360)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has been available in Japanese arcades for quite some time, but we're betting that you want to know how it plays on consoles?

Posted: 11.09.2012 17:31 by Alex Donaldson | Comments: 0

Poor 6.0

Dogfight 1942 (PC, PS3, Xbox360)

Dogfight 1942's aerial combat might be occasionally thrilling, but like the life expectancy of a WWII bomber pilot it's far too short.

Posted: 10.09.2012 09:31 by Simon Williams | Comments: 1

Excellent 8.5

The Walking Dead Episode 3: Long Road Ahead (Xbox360, PS3, PC)

Oh dear oh dear, things arenít going well for the survivors. Chris Capelís sobbing by the sidewalk.

Posted: 06.09.2012 15:48 by Chris Capel | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.0

Papo & Yo (PS3)

Papa & Yo takes storytelling in a downloadable game to new heights, but at what cost?

Posted: 05.09.2012 12:38 by Sam Atkins | Comments: 0

Good 7.0

Darksiders II (PC)

War; what is it good for? Well frankly, it's good for Death.

Posted: 04.09.2012 11:48 by Simon Priest | Comments: 0

Superb! 9.0

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (PC, Xbox360, PS3)

Chris Capel has the touch, he has the powwwerrrrrrrrr yeah.

Posted: 30.08.2012 10:45 by Chris Capel | Comments: 3

Poor 5.0

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII (Xbox360, PS3, PC)

No, there isn't a cameo appearance by Metallica.

Posted: 28.08.2012 20:23 by Jennifer Allen | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.5

Sleeping Dogs (Xbox360, PS3, PC)

I presume 'Snoozing Mutts' was quickly turned down...

Posted: 25.08.2012 22:29 by Nick Akerman | Comments: 2

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