High Score Date
Excellent 8.5

The Warriors (PS VITA)

The Warrior's has become one of the toughest gangs in New York City, their strength comes from the fact that each and every member brings with them...

Posted: 02.03.2007 03:32 by Kyle Sage | Comments: 0

Poor 6.3

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (PC)

Vanguard isn't a bad game, but it doesn't really bring anything new to the table of the MMO industry.

Posted: 01.03.2007 04:02 by Donna Desborough | Comments: 0

Good 7.0

The Shivah (PC)

Between this and The Blackwell Legacy, Gilbert has proved he is a force to be reckoned with not just in the independent game circuit, but in the...

Posted: 01.03.2007 03:15 by Andi Hamilton | Comments: 0

Poor 6.8

Alien Shooter: Vengeance (PC)

Alien Shooter: Vengeance doesn't do anything new, however for a budget title it still is a fun, intense, if not mindless, game to play.

Posted: 28.02.2007 04:36 by John Wallace | Comments: 0

Poor 5.8

War Rock (PC)

The idea behind K2 Network's War Rock is much the same as the Battlefield series or Counter Strike, games that I've enjoyed.

Posted: 28.02.2007 03:08 by JanaLee Stocks | Comments: 1

Superb! 9.2

Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

It took five years, and almost US$35 million to develop, but it was those last six months before the game's European release that really hurt.

Posted: 27.02.2007 04:59 by Alistair | Comments: 0

Good 7.8

Sam & Max Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die (PC)

In the fourth of six installments from Telltale Games freelance police Sam and Max are at it again in Sam and Max: Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die.

Posted: 27.02.2007 04:13 by JanaLee Stocks | Comments: 0

Good 7.8

Yoshi's Island DS (DS)

Yoshi's Island DS is still a remarkable game, and definitely one that will please followers of the original.

Posted: 24.02.2007 05:02 by Mike Harradence | Comments: 0

Superb! 9.3

Supreme Commander (PC)

It's big, it's beautiful, it's tense, it's fast, it's fun. Supreme Commander is the type of creation that makes you proud to be a gamer.

Posted: 23.02.2007 13:19 by Simon Priest | Comments: 5

Poor 6.2

Contact (DS)

Contact packs flair and innovation, unique quirks and it's interesting.

Posted: 23.02.2007 12:44 by Kim Kaze | Comments: 0

Poor 6.8

NFL Street 3 (PS2)

If you're an American football fan, and haven't already tried and tired of the series, NFL Street 3 is worth a look.

Posted: 22.02.2007 10:03 by Alistair | Comments: 0

Poor 6.8

New Zealand Story Revolution (DS)

New Zealand Story: Revolution presents itself as a remixed version of the old Taito classic with extra bits and pieces to enhance the adventure...

Posted: 22.02.2007 03:40 by Ken Flatt | Comments: 0

Good 7.0

Battlestations: Midway (Xbox360)

The intellectual and the bloodthirsty combine in this mix of strategy and action, as you take control of everything the 1940s navy has to offer.

Posted: 19.02.2007 03:51 by Dan Thornton | Comments: 0

Good 7.2

Micro Machines V4 (DS)

The Micro Machines brand has been around since the days of the old faithful NES, and back then it was something of a phenomenon.

Posted: 19.02.2007 01:23 by Miss Kaze | Comments: 0

Good 7.3

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (PS3)

A ravenous mixture of strategic RPG and action beat-'em-up, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance proves that superheroes can still be fun.

Posted: 16.02.2007 04:46 by James Pikover | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.2

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Xbox360)

Yes folks, we're well inside Lost Planet, along with over one million of you who've apparently downloaded the Xbox LIVE demo, or bought it.

Posted: 14.02.2007 06:18 by Miss Kaze | Comments: 0

Poor 6.8

Pathstorm (PC)

In a world full of match threes and simple blasters it's a refreshing thing to stumble across a casual game that manages to balance being simple,...

Posted: 13.02.2007 02:49 by JanaLee Stocks | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.2

Actionloop (DS)

In Actionloop, the balls are both your enemy and your friend; you must take them out by making groups of three or more sharing the same colour.

Posted: 13.02.2007 02:25 by Miss Kaze | Comments: 0

Superb! 9.2

Europa Universalis III (PC)

Paradox has been the soul of historical computer strategy gaming and with Europa Universalis 3 it proves to remain so for years to come.

Posted: 12.02.2007 04:00 by John Wallace | Comments: 1

Excellent 8.2

Maelstrom (PC)

KDV and Codemasters has a lot to be proud of in their latest creation, Maelstrom is a beautiful game filled with a lot of strategic talent and...

Posted: 09.02.2007 03:18 by Simon Priest | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.3

Metal Slug Anthology (PS VITA)

Metal Slug first debuted in the arcades in 1996, since then is has inspired a cult following, being ported from console to console, still...

Posted: 09.02.2007 01:43 by George Lester-Pearson | Comments: 0

Poor 5.5

Tokobot Plus: Mysteries of the Karakuri (PS2)

If you're after a badly paced, bland platformer with gameplay that seemed out of date when it appeared on the handheld two years ago, then look no...

Posted: 07.02.2007 08:35 by Alistair Wallis | Comments: 0

Poor 5.8

The Professor's Brain Trainer: Memory (DS)

The Professor's Brain Trainer: Memory is fairly challenging and will help you train and assert your memory ability.

Posted: 06.02.2007 03:33 by Kim Kaze | Comments: 0

Superb! 9.3

World of Warcraft: the Burning Crusade (PC)

If you're thinking of jumping in to the WoW universe, or already have then make sure you get yourself a copy of this goodie packed expansion.

Posted: 05.02.2007 03:34 by Simon Priest | Comments: 1

Good 7.5

Sam & Max Episode 3 (PC)

Like the other Sam and Max episodes, Episode Three comes packed with ribald humor, one drawling dog and one violence happy rabbit - freelance...

Posted: 02.02.2007 05:24 by JanaLee Stocks | Comments: 0

Good 7.2

Children Of Mana (DS)

Children of Mana has a retro feel to it; it captures the innocent magic of the Secret of Mana.

Posted: 31.01.2007 03:58 by Kim Kaze | Comments: 0

Good 7.3

The Blackwell Legacy (PC)

If you yearn for your adventure gaming fix and you're already done with this months Sam and Max, this is definitely your next port of call. Roll on...

Posted: 26.01.2007 03:52 by Andi Hamilton | Comments: 0

Good 7.3

Kingdom Elemental (PC)

Kingdom Elemental consists of a nice combination of real-time-strategy and tactical elements that when coupled along with its charm, makes up for...

Posted: 26.01.2007 02:34 by Jamison Lanum | Comments: 1

Excellent 8.0

UFO: Afterlight (PC)

UFO: Afterlight is a great game that you'll find yourself unable to step away from because you have to research one thing more, or expand to one...

Posted: 25.01.2007 04:32 by Rob Holland | Comments: 0

Poor 4.3

Superman Returns: The Videogame (PS2)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's utterly abysmal. Well, that's certainly set my tone for the rest of this review, Superman Returns is a very...

Posted: 22.01.2007 03:29 by Andi Hamilton | Comments: 0

Poor 6.8

Ancient Empires Lux (PC)

Overall this is a great game. It's easily picked up and played for a few hours with a lot of options for replaying.

Posted: 15.01.2007 04:06 by JanaLee Stocks | Comments: 0

Good 7.8

Caesar IV (PC)

After a long 8 year break, Sierra has brought back one of the greatest city builders around.

Posted: 09.01.2007 03:24 by Simon Priest | Comments: 1

Good 7.8

Lord of the Rings: TBFME II - Rise of the Witch-king (PC)

The Rise of the Witch-king is a great expansion and worthy of the franchise as a whole.

Posted: 03.01.2007 04:09 by Simon Priest | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.5

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas (Xbox360)

Practically the opposite of a run-and-gun game, Ubisoft delivers another hit with Rainbow Six Vegas.

Posted: 02.01.2007 02:50 by James Pikover | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.0

Need For Speed: Carbon (Xbox)

Need for Speed: Carbon is a fun game which has been fine tweaked over the years to perfection in a lot of fields including the graphics.

Posted: 31.12.2006 03:05 by George | Comments: 0

Poor 5.0

Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express (PC)

Murder on the Orient Express is the most recognizable title of Agatha Christie's series of mystery novels of the early 20th century.

Posted: 29.12.2006 03:40 by John Wallace | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.0

Empire at War: Forces of Corruption (PC)

Forces of Corruption is an absolute must-have for fans of Empire At War, it adds great new features and fantastic new units.

Posted: 28.12.2006 06:15 by Simon Priest | Comments: 0

Good 7.8

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)

After what seems like an age since Nintendo mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto stepped out on that stage at E3 2004 to reveal the follow up to Wind Waker,...

Posted: 28.12.2006 04:52 by Mike Harradence | Comments: 0

Poor 5.8

Red Steel (Wii)

Red Steel is perhaps universally recognised by most as the first Wii game to be shown off in any shape or form.

Posted: 28.12.2006 04:21 by Mike Harradence | Comments: 1

Excellent 8.0

Sam & Max Episode 2: Situation: Comedy (PC)

Sam and Max: Situation Comedy is the latest episode in the Sam and Max series from Telltale games, just in time for the Christmas break.

Posted: 22.12.2006 02:25 by JanaLee Stocks | Comments: 0

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