Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power Demo

Posted: 04.09.2007 | Comments: 0
Play through the training section of the full Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power campaign and strive to complete the 3 scenarios specifically designed for the demo.
325.50 MB | 833 downloads
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JAZZ: Hired Guns Demo

Posted: 28.08.2007 | Comments: 0
The demo version of this Jagged Alliance inspired turn-based game.
731.64 MB | 956 downloads
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World in Conflict Demo

Posted: 24.08.2007 | Comments: 0
The World in Conflict demo includes new content never before seen in the beta tests, including the first playable look at the expansive single-player campaign. The demo also includes multiplayer, skirmish, and tutorial modes.
1,231.11 MB | 2766 downloads
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The Settlers: Rise of an Empire Demo

Posted: 23.08.2007 | Comments: 0
This demo includes two single-player maps. One tutorial to learn the basics of the game and one skirmish map.
1,398.75 MB | 9162 downloads
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DEFCON Demo v1.43

Posted: 13.08.2007 | Comments: 1
An updated version of DEFCON. See change log below.
58.84 MB | 1867 downloads
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Galactic Dream: Rage of War 1.0E Demo

Posted: 10.08.2007 | Comments: 0
Join up for the ultimate real-time strategy game in space! Control over hundred of units, fast creation of armies, cool units dialogs and much more. Guide your people through the galaxy!
84.25 MB | 202 downloads
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Beauty Factory Demo

Posted: 08.08.2007 | Comments: 1
A demo allowing you to try out Beauty Factory, where you become the CEO of a beauty products company.
113.43 MB | 208 downloads
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Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword Demo

Posted: 20.07.2007 | Comments: 1
2K Games has released a playable demo allowing you to try out the first 75 turns of the Final Frontier scenario.
717.08 MB | 612 downloads
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Travels of Marco Polo Demo

Posted: 05.07.2007 | Comments: 0
Travels of Marco Polo features 75 levels of play. Achievements in the game will be rewarded with bonuses. Buy ships, camels, horses and even hire navigators for the fleet. Exotic commodities and animals such as silk, pottery, and tigers will travel with the player in this legendary journey. The key to victory is to earn enough gold before the time runs out for each level.
20.54 MB | 180 downloads
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Switchball Demo

Posted: 29.06.2007 | Comments: 1
A free trial allowing you to try out Switchball, an intricate puzzle game set in a stunning 3D world.
73.53 MB | 309 downloads
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Arena Wars Reloaded Multiplayer German Demo

Posted: 29.06.2007 | Comments: 0
A German demo allowing you to try out Arena Wars Reloaded, a game that has a unique combination of action and strategy in its fast-paced RTS battles.
187.64 MB | 173 downloads
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The Apprentice Los Angeles Demo

Posted: 25.06.2007 | Comments: 0
A free trial of The Apprentice Los Angeles where you climb the corporate ladder in the ultimate job interview.
49.54 MB | 132 downloads
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Lunar Domination Demo

Posted: 19.06.2007 | Comments: 0
Lunar Domination is a financial strategy game that combines traditional war strategy elements with business and finances. The game pits you against a challenging opponent in a fight for the domination of the lunar ore market.
6.10 MB | 241 downloads
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Making History The Calm & Storm v2.01 Demo

Posted: 14.06.2007 | Comments: 0
Demo includes one historic scenario and tutorial. Full diplomatic, economic, and military features plus complete game world.
277.22 MB | 297 downloads
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Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery Demo

Posted: 08.06.2007 | Comments: 0
This is the trial version of Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery.
10.15 MB | 107 downloads
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Pacific Storm: Allies Demo

Posted: 30.05.2007 | Comments: 0
This demo features several training missions as a tutorial, and 2 of the 3 game styles (RTS & simulation) playable on 2 maps (Pearl Harbor and Hodds vs Bismarck).
710.06 MB | 1056 downloads
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Nanny Mania Demo

Posted: 22.05.2007 | Comments: 0
Nanny Mania puts you in the heart of what it takes to maintain a household. Try it in this Demo!
19.08 MB | 191 downloads
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Massive Assault Network 2 updated 2.049 Demo

Posted: 16.05.2007 | Comments: 0
Updated demo of Massive Assault Network 2, now at version 2.049.
113.61 MB | 105 downloads
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Arvoch Conflict demo 1.488

Posted: 08.05.2007 | Comments: 0
Updated demo for Arvoch Conflict, a squad-based 3D space combat simulator featuring elements of real-time strategy, resource management, and dogfight, squadrons, and cooperative combat multiplayer modes.
24.99 MB | 103 downloads
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Rush for the Bomb Demo

Posted: 26.04.2007 | Comments: 0
Demo for the expansion of Rush for Berlin that includes the 5th mission from the German campaign. This expansion will have 12 missions for each faction: German and Allied forces.
422.64 MB | 613 downloads
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Theatre of War Demo

Posted: 18.04.2007 | Comments: 0
The demo features 5 tutorial missions which cover the basics of gameplay, unit control and camera behavior as well as more advanced topics like Line of Fire and Line of Sight. In addition to the playable tutorials there is also one playable mission from the German Campaign, The Last Frontier. In this late war engagement, you are tasked to try and stem the overwhelming tide of Russian armor and infantry as they push forward into the Seelow Heights on the outskirts of Berlin.

NOTE: Before launching the demo, please run the Theatre of War Configuration Utility (default location: Start Menu>Program Files>Battlefront>Theatre of War Demo>Configure Theatre of War Demo) and set your desired resolution and other graphics and sound settings.

Dual/Quad Core Users: Users of multi-core processors may notice much greater framerate if they select the "Use only one CPU" option in the configuration utility. Please select that option if the game seems abnormally slow.
653.54 MB | 8692 downloads
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Arvoch Conflict demo 1.428

Posted: 09.04.2007 | Comments: 0
Arvoch Conflict, the squad based 3D space combat simulator, has been updated to v1.428.
24.89 MB | 103 downloads
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Sparta: Ancient Wars Multilangual Demo

Posted: 05.04.2007 | Comments: 1
This demo installs in English/French or German and features one missions for each of the 3 factions.
931.60 MB | 1683 downloads
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Merry Motors Demo

Posted: 03.04.2007 | Comments: 0
The program includes 27 edutainment games and exercises. The main characters of the games are nine machines: a submarine, a ship, a helicopter, a plane, a truck, a taxi, a bus, a tram and a steam locomotive which live in the town of cars.
14.71 MB | 56 downloads
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Merry Motors 2 Demo

Posted: 03.04.2007 | Comments: 0
New games and new machines are waiting for you in town of Merry Motors! A colorful and bright appearance will make the process of training even more interesting and memorable, while original music will create a fine mood and an atmosphere of a fascinating adventure.
39.20 MB | 116 downloads
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Jiglit Bollocks Demo

Posted: 02.04.2007 | Comments: 0
The game is an exciting multiplayer party/puzzle game where for maximum fun you play with your big toe, as they do in the alternate dimension "Flipside", birthplace of Jiglit Bollocks.
1.34 MB | 69 downloads
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Massive Assault Network 2 updated 2.049 Demo

Posted: 28.03.2007 | Comments: 0
The Demo features one planet for unlimited free games and complete land+air unit set. Lifetime Membership unlocks the access to dozens of various planets and naval units.
113.63 MB | 85 downloads
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Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar Demo

Posted: 26.03.2007 | Comments: 0
This demo includes content from the original game and the expansion. Demo limitations: - Medium-Sized Galaxies Only - Hard coded to the mid-range settings on all setup options - No scenarios - No custom maps - Up to 4 players per game (i.e. 3 computer-controlled) - Plays for 150 turns
423.79 MB | 820 downloads
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SpellForce II - Shadow Wars Multilingual Demo

Posted: 23.03.2007 | Comments: 0
Includes the first missions from the campaign, a tutorial and a fully playable map.
721.48 MB | 275 downloads
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Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Demo

Posted: 21.03.2007 | Comments: 1
Get a taste of this match-three meets role-playing puzzle game, headed to DS and PSP in March.
34.04 MB | 455 downloads
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Genesis Rising: The Universal Demo

Posted: 20.03.2007 | Comments: 0
The Single Player Demo is loaded with fast-paced and high-intensity action including the game’s epic Intro Cinematic, 3 Tutorial Missions and 2 distinct and challenging Single Player Missions.
536.27 MB | 563 downloads
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Maelstrom Multiplayer Demo

Posted: 16.03.2007 | Comments: 0
With organic bases, terraforming and totally destructible environments, the new demo enables players to sample two new multiplayer maps; also playable in single-player mode.
634.36 MB | 1011 downloads
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Galactic Dream: Rage of War Demo

Posted: 15.03.2007 | Comments: 0
At the dawn of the 24nd century humanity, once an unified Federation, has splintered into two great factions being constantly under a state of war: the Fifteen Colonies, protected by the Space Force, and the Wraths, outlaws which try in any possible way to undermine military authority over their former home worlds.
83.97 MB | 328 downloads
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Frontline: Fields of Thunder Demo

Posted: 09.03.2007 | Comments: 0
Demo offers you to play as the Soviet Union in two exciting missions (The Berezov village, Artillery at work) that will challenge both your strategical and tactical skills.
413.09 MB | 6360 downloads
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Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Demo

Posted: 26.02.2007 | Comments: 1
The Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars has now been released and it contains two single player missions, a skirmish map, a tutorial mission and a live action cut scene.
1,195.43 MB | 27572 downloads
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Making History: The Calm & The Storm Demo

Posted: 23.02.2007 | Comments: 0
The latest demo for “MAKING HISTORY: The Calm and the Storm” includes a tutorial and a 20 turn single player game.
279.16 MB | 422 downloads
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Supreme Commander Demo

Posted: 06.02.2007 | Comments: 2
THQ has released a playable demo for Supreme Commander which allows you to try out the Cybran Nation and a skirmish map called Finn's Revenge.
1,050.84 MB | 22572 downloads
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Warhammer: Mark of Chaos Multiplayer Demo

Posted: 01.02.2007 | Comments: 0
Black Hole Games has released the multiplayer demo for Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. It contains three tutorials, four maps and three battle modes.
1,348.39 MB | 1818 downloads
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Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory Multiplayer Demo

Posted: 01.02.2007 | Comments: 0
The main goal of this version is to test the multiplayer mode and to get comments from the community. The multiplayer map, which is included into the demo, resembles famous "Serpent" map from the Sudden Strike II game.
151.37 MB | 850 downloads
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Space Empires: V Updated Demo

Posted: 31.01.2007 | Comments: 0
This updated demo comes with all the latest fixes and extras of the 1.25 version of the game. This new demo comes with a full tutorial, and 100 turn single player game with hours of game play.
128.79 MB | 2551 downloads
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