Cake Mania Demo

Posted: 16.05.2006 | Comments: 0
Cake Mania—Baking runs in Jill's family. Help Jill upgrade her kitchen with state-of-the-art baking tools, while serving her ever-increasingly difficult customers. Help Jill earn enough to reopen her grandparents' bakery in this fast-paced culinary crisis.
15.21 MB | 1018 downloads
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Tiny Worlds Demo

Posted: 16.05.2006 | Comments: 0
Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf? Not the cute sheep in Tiny Worlds, as long as you're their shepherd! Tiny Worlds is a 2D logic game in which you guide puppies, chicks and other helpless animals home.
5.06 MB | 215 downloads
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MinuteMatch Demo

Posted: 15.05.2006 | Comments: 0
In MinuteMatch™ you will compete to score as fast as possible by catching the good items and avoiding bad ones.
10.56 MB | 134 downloads
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Rush for Berlin Demo

Posted: 05.05.2006 | Comments: 0
The single-player demo for Stormregion's WWII RTS with a new twist, Rush for Berlin, has been launched.
337.98 MB | 5815 downloads
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Wildlife Park 2 Demo

Posted: 04.05.2006 | Comments: 0
This is a demo for Wildlife Park 2 giving you the chance to check out this title.
231.16 MB | 2429 downloads
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Space Rangers 2: Dominators Demo

Posted: 03.05.2006 | Comments: 0
This is the Space Rangers 2: Dominators demo giving you a chance to check out this great strategy space title from 1C games.
1,002.02 MB | 3187 downloads
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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Updated Demo

Posted: 29.04.2006 | Comments: 0
Check out this updated demo of Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends. The new demo includes performance improvements, enhanced AI, and a new "Battle for the Core" map.
724.90 MB | 1103 downloads
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Master Of Defense Demo

Posted: 26.04.2006 | Comments: 0
Master Of Defense is a wonderful strategy game that lets you assume the role of a brave hero, who has been chosen to save the ancient kingdom from the hordes of monsters.
15.41 MB | 731 downloads
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StarShift: The Zaran Legacy Demo

Posted: 24.04.2006 | Comments: 0
StarShift is a turn-based online strategy game taking place in a fictional universe, and where you can back-stab your allies, corrupt your enemies and mess with everybody else!
141.80 MB | 340 downloads
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Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War SP Demo

Posted: 23.04.2006 | Comments: 0
Single player demo for Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War.
410.27 MB | 917 downloads
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Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War World Demo

Posted: 23.04.2006 | Comments: 0
In this demo you play as the Egyptians.
493.48 MB | 683 downloads
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Rainbow Web Demo

Posted: 21.04.2006 | Comments: 0
In the heart of a wonderland, surrounded by crystal clear lakes, mighty stone, and age-old forests there existed the Rainbow Kingdom.
9.40 MB | 158 downloads
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Protogem Demo

Posted: 19.04.2006 | Comments: 0
Enter Protogem. The first puzzle game of its kind to seamlessly blend the single and multiplayer experience.
18.59 MB | 154 downloads
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American History Lux Demo

Posted: 17.04.2006 | Comments: 0
American History Lux is a computer strategy game that takes you through the wars that have shaped American History.
25.68 MB | 380 downloads
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Heroes of Might and Magic V Demo

Posted: 13.04.2006 | Comments: 2
A demo for Heroes of Might and Magic V has been released. It includes 3 playable missions (2 campaign missions, 1 custom game), 2 playable races, and 6 presets for Duel game (play on
668.65 MB | 25106 downloads
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Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg Updated Demo

Posted: 13.04.2006 | Comments: 0
This updated demo contains an all new Demo Tutorial Guide, the full game manual (153 pages in pdf format) as well as several game tweaks and enhancements.
92.46 MB | 3364 downloads
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Brigade E5: New Jagged Union Demo

Posted: 13.04.2006 | Comments: 0
The title is described as a tactical strategy title that incorporates the advantages of both real-time and turn-based games using an innovative smart pause mode (SPM). The game is set in the fictional country of Palinero in the tropics, where players will be required to assemble a band of mercenaries in order to survive the imminent civil war.
198.60 MB | 1927 downloads
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City Life English Demo

Posted: 13.04.2006 | Comments: 0
The demo includes three of the six cultures from the game along with their representative buildings and one map (Rock Lake).
494.27 MB | 8335 downloads
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Cave Jumper Demo

Posted: 13.04.2006 | Comments: 0
Lets go Cave Jumpin'! Use your trusty pick axe, ropes and dynamite and go on a glorious hunt for treasure. But beware: spiders, bats, bears, skeletons, spikes and nasty falls all stand in your way. Classic old school platform fun with a unique retro style that you're bound to fall in love with!
9.90 MB | 169 downloads
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Tuts Treasure Demo

Posted: 12.04.2006 | Comments: 0
The youthful Pharaoh and ancient pyramids will entice you to play for the honour of Cleopatra - Egyptian Queen. Save Cleopatras Jewels, then defeat the mighty Asp in the Serpent Spins and the riches of Ra's Treasure will be yours for the taking!
9.98 MB | 166 downloads
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The Star and the Crescent Demo

Posted: 11.04.2006 | Comments: 0
This demo includes two scenarios: Chinese Farm from the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and Jenin, from 1967's six-day war.
47.25 MB | 209 downloads
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Emergency 4 German Demo

Posted: 07.04.2006 | Comments: 2
A german demo allowing you to check out Emergency 4. You'll need to be able to understand German to fully play this demo, thought you could try the guessing game if you don't. Good luck!
271.31 MB | 22542 downloads
Download Demo

Balloon Express Demo

Posted: 06.04.2006 | Comments: 0
In 'Balloon Express', you'll join Amelia across the globe with her hot air balloon to deliver mails and packages to the most wondrous and exotic places in the world.
16.92 MB | 232 downloads
Download Demo

Easter Bonus Demo

Posted: 05.04.2006 | Comments: 0
Love match-three games? Spring into action and play Easter Bonus. Slick and addictive and really, really cute; this is the latest game from the Xmas Bonus team. Fluffy chicks, chocolate eggs and the Easter bunny...we know you can't resist. A calorie-free treat for players of all ages.
7.17 MB | 92 downloads
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Reversi Deluxe Demo

Posted: 05.04.2006 | Comments: 0
Reversi Deluxe is a new combination of a traditional board game and a great challenge concept. It is played by two parties on an eight-by-eight grid with chips
6.83 MB | 107 downloads
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QuesTrix Demo

Posted: 04.04.2006 | Comments: 0
QuesTrix combines classical falling blocks gameplay with role-playing elements such as Bonuses, Skills and Artifacts. Collecting experience points during the game, you can choose among available items to help you in your journey. Look for your own strategy to get top scores!
5.13 MB | 113 downloads
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Dragon Orbs Demo

Posted: 03.04.2006 | Comments: 0
Dragon Orbs features a fast paced action/puzzle style of game with over 50 levels of disintegrating orb fun to play through. And if 50+ levels aren't enough for you, create your own levels and see if you and your friends can beat your own creations. Check out the FREE download now!
8.27 MB | 160 downloads
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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Demo

Posted: 01.04.2006 | Comments: 0
This demo gives you access to one of the three main races in the campaign as you see what's new in this sequel to Rise of Nations.
620.01 MB | 6674 downloads
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Hearts of Iron 2 Doomsday Demo

Posted: 01.04.2006 | Comments: 0
Paradox Interactive announced today that the demo for Hearts of Iron II Doomsday has been released. The demo will give players unlimited access to the full game for 3 hours, a novelty approach from the company and a way to ensure players can experience the full scope of the game without restrictions.
313.69 MB | 2312 downloads
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Snowy: Lunch Rush Trial

Posted: 30.03.2006 | Comments: 0
Things start off slow, but soon, the heat is on! While it's not easy satisfying a room full of hungry patrons as you wait on drive-thru customers and take reservations over the phone, Snowy's singing will entertain edgy customers and help you survive the shift.
13.92 MB | 2833 downloads
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Galactic Civilizations II: Dreadlords Demo

Posted: 30.03.2006 | Comments: 0
Paradox Interactive is excited to announce that the Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords demo is now available for download. Embark on a mission to conquer the galaxy as the Terran Alliance, as you colonize planets, manage your economy, design your warships and face off against up to three computer opponents in this 173Mb single-player-only demo.
173.74 MB | 2458 downloads
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Alexey's Dwice Demo

Posted: 30.03.2006 | Comments: 0
Play beyond the demo!
* 60 levels of Quest Mode, stop the avalanches and save the planet.
* The whole Arcade Mode, an neverending and increasingly more difficult challenge.
* 9 different locations.
* More addictive gameplay designed by the creator of Tetris.
* More gorgeous graphics, chilly sound effects and awesome music.
12.89 MB | 165 downloads
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City Life French Demo

Posted: 24.03.2006 | Comments: 0
This demo includes a non-interactive tutorial and one complete scenario in a lakes and hills type area, but it is entirely in French.
496.02 MB | 995 downloads
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Take Command: 2nd Manassas Demo

Posted: 21.03.2006 | Comments: 0
You've heard about it, you have seen it, now experience it yourself by PLAYING THE DEMO. Enjoy hours of gameplay in this brand new Take Command 2nd Manassas demo and get a small taste of the strategic depth and scope of this title.
142.59 MB | 11000 downloads
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DropTeam Public Test

Posted: 17.03.2006 | Comments: 0 and TBG Software are excited to announce the availability of a multiplayer "Public Test" version of DropTeam, the upcoming Sci-Fi themed real-time armored vehicle combat simulation.
363.31 MB | 5625 downloads
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Black & White II Demo

Posted: 16.03.2006 | Comments: 0
The Demo starts on Land 3 of the main game, and will guide you through the finer points of town building and how to complete lands. In the retail version of 'Black & White® 2', there are a total of 9 action packed Lands.
617.23 MB | 32174 downloads
Download Demo

Oasis Demo

Posted: 13.03.2006 | Comments: 0
Here's one hour long demo that allows you to uncover the mystery that lies at the heart of Oasis.
10.36 MB | 285 downloads
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SpellForce II - Shadow Wars Demo

Posted: 09.03.2006 | Comments: 0
Aspyr has released a demo allowing you to try out Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars.
562.93 MB | 2117 downloads
Download Demo

Act of War: High Treason Demo

Posted: 09.03.2006 | Comments: 0
Download the demo for the forthcoming Action-RTS Act of War: High Treason.
752.27 MB | 1595 downloads
Download Demo

Legion Arena: Cult of Mithras Demo

Posted: 07.03.2006 | Comments: 0
This demo will give you a chance to check out Legion Arena: Cult of Mithras before you decide to buy it.
8.89 MB | 406 downloads
Download Demo
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