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BF2 1.5V Beta patch.
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Posted by melzerith on Aug 5, 2009

If you play single player/coop do not DL this patch. I sux donkey dick. There is no more Arty and Uav support. Unless you go commander and some maps it's still not avaiable. Mostly on modded maps but the most important thing to fix hasn't been done yet. That's to get the freaking AI commander to shut the hell up for 30 sec's. Attack this defend this when does it end??????????????

Best mod for BF2
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Posted by melzerith on Jul 31, 2009

I'm not going to declare one because peeps might not agree and I don't want to hear it. So instead I'll tell you the one's I like to play the most it's AIX2,
they have a offline stat system that rocks. Also have really good maps, weapons, and shit.
The other mod I play is called

points ?
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Posted by Irwin on Jul 16, 2008

what are the points for ? I have 1790 point so far. please let me know.


I miss the days on it
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Posted by HELLKNIGHT13 on Jun 10, 2008

I wish they would come out with a patch or A new BF that will play on Vista one player on is not as fun :(

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Posted by DeeEll on Dec 1, 2007

Hello '3sly',
Have you downloaded the latest driver from nvidia?

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Posted by Gorgutz_PL on Aug 23, 2007

Battlefield 2 rocks!But I'm still waiting for Forgotten hope 2.

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Posted by xp on Apr 24, 2007


hey all
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Posted by 3sly on Apr 20, 2007

Bummer I have battlefield to for like.. ages,
only one thing, I have an nVidia, (a pretty recent at the time when BF2 was launched) but the game tells me that I don't have an nVdidia so i had to download the driver from the CD.
And now I have to play with succky graphics

btw: hey all

New to BF
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Posted by mehfuz on Mar 22, 2007

I never liked BF much, but yesterday when i went to buy MOH PA i was EA's warfare collection that includes five games - MOHAA,MOHPA and BF 1942,expansion,Vietnam. so i bought it for $19. no i am playing 1942, though haven't played online because i had to download latest patch to do so. but i will play tonight. i played single player campaign, and i was disappointed.

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Posted by hunter612 on Feb 27, 2007

my bf2 seems to la too much.can anyone help?