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I love using tactics and strategies in games. So I thought I could share a few nasty tricks...
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Supreme Commander 2 - again
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Posted by fat_ant on Sep 21, 2010

I play this with a new twist. No Nukes or Experimental's. This adds a whole new dimension to the game. The only trouble is playing against x2 Normal AI's, I can get 1 but the second 1 always gets me?!?
I looked at his base and he had built x12 Land Factory's!!! (I'd just built 5) How on earth can you match that? and when you do he probably will build 24 factories. Annoying!

Bad Company 2?!?
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Posted by fat_ant on Sep 7, 2010

I should stick with strategy games. started playing this online. I know Im a slow senile old man. but come on!!!
I cant hit a thing, but seem to be constantly killed myself. i played for 2 hours got 2 kills and 1 tank. died a 100 times. i think I need a slow old players server =)

Supreme Commander 2
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Posted by fat_ant on Aug 26, 2010

I think I'm the only person that still loves this game.
Tactics and strategies are vast. 1 thing that surprised me is how the navy forces hardly got used. I had to force myself to build the big long range ships on only a few maps.
If you give the AI any chance at all to build, you cant win. You have to hit him hard and quick.
I hate nukes, often i will make the 'no nukes' rule.

Hi All
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Posted by fat_ant on Aug 19, 2010

Im back!
well ive been working out some nasty tricks in Nap TW.
1. Put pointed stakes right by your cannons, stops the cav attacks on your artillery. Or they pay a price =)
2. Attack their cannons as soon as possible with your cav. you will lose them, but often worth the sacrifice.
3. Target your artillery on his General and then his Cavalry

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Posted by fat_ant on Jul 26, 2007

Sorry strategy fans. Not been able to log on to Si for a while. I blame Vista.

Also just upgraded my old PC to a new PC and can now play the games I love. Been playing Supreme Commander and could spend weeks just talking about tactics in that baby. Its sooooo big and sooooo hard to learn. But once you get past this its a great game with lots of depth. With infinite tactics and

Command & Conquer 3
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Posted by fat_ant on Mar 17, 2007

Ive only played the demo. But I have found it a hard beast to beat.

I dont know if the rest of the game will be as hard but Ive fell into the same error of attacking too early. I see something run for it, then find I cant hold onto the structure or field as I dont have enough defensive units to hold.

Therefore you have to build up your attack forces and once taken the object, you then need

Guild Wars tactic/strategy
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Posted by fat_ant on Feb 27, 2007

Hers one fro GW. You prb already know. But its saved my skin a number of times. If you attack a big bad load of enemies, the henchmen go running in and we all die.
I often tell them to wait slightly to the rear (using the flag facility) Then move forward ping an arrow in and run back to the waiting henchmen. This can draw a few of the foes which you kill, then repeat to draw the rest.

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Posted by hunter612 on Feb 14, 2007

nice really nice.nasty tactics i love em,especially in the aoe,s

Tactics Blog
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Posted by fat_ant on Feb 4, 2007

I was just reading about the Charge of the Heavy Brigade. This is a little known action during the same battle in which the Light Brigade had their disaster.

The difference is that the Heavy Brigade charged into a much larger formation of Infantry. The Infantry surrounded and enveloped the Heavy Brigade. Then was hit from their flank by another brigade of cavalry. The Infantry collapsed and

Real world Tactics
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Posted by fat_ant on Dec 29, 2006

I can't think of any of the recent game I've played in which you can use real world tactics?
Trying to recreate 'Oblique Order' or 'Defeat in detail' must be extremely hard to recreate. I would love a game in which you the AI would be effected or react in real life manner. I know some games like Rome seem to react well to flank attacks and you can do more damage. But would be every hard to