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When your redy to play your go to BATTLEIELD 2142
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Clan tag ^^
Comments: 2
Posted by Wyliecoyote on Nov 5, 2006

I have an idea...

If you don't currently belong to a clan on bf2142 i suggest we all use the clan tag S.I. as in strategy informer ^^

That is as long as Kres will allow it which im sure he will cos hes a cool guy ^^

Whaddya think??

nnnoooooo, im broke
Comments: 1
Posted by Caldo on Nov 4, 2006

i have to wait til the christmas cash stock arrives for me to buy this sweet game. sob :(

post your game Name
Comments: 6
Posted by HELLKNIGHT13 on Oct 23, 2006

Post your name so we can + to the friends list on the game I think you can see ther stats and find them on this on.My is still the same as here.HELLKNIGHT1#

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Posted by HELLKNIGHT13 on Oct 17, 2006

hay i see some people are looking around I have not even got the werd out yet but that a good thing to see that we are looking at people we all can see that the SI site is taking off that good becase I love it here it is the best.Hay guys fell free to + to this camp it is yours to.