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anybody who likes the show, just tell me what you think.
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NZ Heroes
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Posted by fat_ant on Feb 4, 2007

We are on episode 3 here. Really enjoying the series. Its sooo different and intriguing.

I wont read what you guys say about the last episode...

iam pisst
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Posted by HELLKNIGHT13 on Dec 7, 2006

It is the last one and I fell a sleep just be for it came on why das that allwas happen to me.

The Last Episode of Heores
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Posted by pimp1 on Dec 6, 2006

The Last Episode, we got to see more about the Haitian guy, and about Sylar. The Haitian guy has the abilitie to stop anyboby's power, and Sylar has the ability to cutting your head open and take the ability you already have for himself. What I am worried about is Hiro Nakamura getting his power back, because he can bend time and space, and his power I would think is valuable for thier mission

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Posted by pimp1 on Dec 1, 2006

does any body like games that became a tv show or movie,or the other way around.

games @ shows
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Posted by pimp1 on Nov 30, 2006

I think if they made heros into a game it would be a great game. this site you can talk about any thing, thanks pimp.

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Posted by HELLKNIGHT13 on Nov 29, 2006

It is a good see that people can look out side the box .

6 months ago
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Posted by pimp1 on Nov 29, 2006

the last show help you understand,how they got there power. It is a show you got to see,