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Posted by Kres on Sep 13, 2006

Yo people well Im sure that you are aware by now that camps arent really working out too good! We need to rework them a bit. So have patience! Any if you have any suggestions about how you think camps should work then just shoot me a message.

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By **Timmy_G** (SI Veteran Newbie) on Sep 14, 2006
why cant i join the oblivion camp??
By -onara- (SI Member) on Sep 15, 2006
You can! Just click on the join-link!
By Giglet (SI Newbie) on Sep 17, 2006
.......I can't find the join link its like not there.... weird..... oh and base rules 4 the camp give weekly blog updates (add new blog) and make more pics! if u want u can ask the others 2 email u some pics.