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For the ones who are lied back for long rang shoots and hate to run.
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mad vid
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Posted by Damn on Nov 11, 2008

got to see the first shot from the first vid before the operation timed out (I have 56k dial up) what game is this? are the enabled conditions unenableable? takes skill obviously, lots of practice. judging where to aim the crosshair is something I think one could learn from a video game.

Ok what about the new vid
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Posted by HELLKNIGHT13 on Apr 12, 2008

What do you guys & girls think of this vid I know ther not my vids but I like them so I like to show people staff off if they come up with a good vid:)

One thing don,t like
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Posted by HELLKNIGHT13 on Feb 23, 2008

The one thing I don't like about COD4 is how you show up on the map when you fire a shot .so if you are a sniper you have no real good place to snipe .Just shot and run .That is the one thing I miss about BF2142 and BF2 the maps are a lot biger so we had more time to shot and look for a new traget .But I have too say if you just love all out kill fest this is all that and more soooooooooooooo

Jeff Dunham
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Posted by Caboose001 on Dec 6, 2007

This is hilarious! I made my own playlist and player. It's on my public page as my greeting. Check it out!

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Posted by Caboose001 on Nov 10, 2007

OMG! Has anyone seen this movie?! "Shooter" ??!?!? :/

OMG Uber sniper!! Gunnery Sergeant John Lee Swagger is a Recon Assault Sniper Troop who helps plan a presidential assassination so the actual one can be stopped, but he's set-up!! T.T

And he's runing away from everything Law Enforcement: Military, Police, etc.

And so on and so forth.

If u havent seen it u need 2.!!!

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Posted by JezzaLeone on Oct 21, 2007

Is Black a snip game, if it is'nt i am going to hve to kill someone.

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Posted by bloodhound on Oct 18, 2007

oi does css count as a sniper game, if not i'm in the wrong camp

Hey all
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Posted by HELLKNIGHT13 on Sep 28, 2007

Have you ever had the Ideer that if the world would just game it would be a better place to live in .Just look at all of us we kill and lol we get killed and we lol then we end up with some new friends at the same time .Yes in the game we get mad at first when it happens but we get back in it and then that guy is on your side and you end as friends so all the people that say games are no good

Have one
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Posted by HELLKNIGHT13 on Sep 27, 2007

Was on list night and the guy was on the roof top just as he was jumping off the roof I took him out one shot seen two people as he hite the ground took my last two shoots got one but miss his buddy and of cores his buddy that got me as i was lowding my gun wish I had that one shoot left or got him with it.

Not no more
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Posted by Iahnochdahn on Sep 26, 2007

Not any more you aint the youngest.
I guess I am.