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This is a camp for gamers who just wanna talk about life outside of their gaming, you who, be social etc. Also the topic of people becomeing way to engrossed in games and devoting thier lives to them may come up a bit :)
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I miss summer :(
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Posted by Mal62884 on Oct 6, 2006

i wish my summer was just starting. Unfortunately it just ended. Too bad Soo sad. haha I guess ill have to break out the snowboard to keep myself entertained.

RE: Holiday season
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Posted by Enigma on Oct 5, 2006

Well, it is indeed da holiday season, but for me in good ol' South Africa, were just comming into summer!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And damn our winter gets cold sometimes!! Plus we just had hectic rains so im keen 4 summer 2 start!!

P.S.: Howcome i cant upload pics 2 dis camp or isnt dat allowd?

Indian Summer!
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Posted by Mal62884 on Oct 4, 2006

I just have to say that, we are having our indian summer here this week, and I am enjoying it so so much. To bad it doesnt last, then the nasty winter will come. :( Well, at least the holiday are on their way. That is the one good thing about the arrival of winter.

the moon
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Posted by HELLKNIGHT13 on Oct 2, 2006

I was looking at that moon and it made me think of the job I did at work.I had to make some test bars for NASA and they like the test they got of it so I will see if they make good of it.

More member everyday
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Posted by Mal62884 on Oct 2, 2006

A cave bat, eh? lol That would be a tragedy wouldn't it? haha I see we have 3 more members since the last time I checked. Good stuff. I say keep em coming. I would assume everyone can relate to everyday life, and enjoying the little things.

By the way that is a very cute pic of Knights son!!!

Camp Members, Keep It Real!!
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Posted by devel on Oct 2, 2006

Its Great how This Camp keeps getting more and more members.
So remeber, Keep it Real, or you'll end up beeing a Cave bat. :D

Some fairly good qoutes bout life.....
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Posted by Caldo on Oct 2, 2006

"Remember, if the world didnt suck, we'd all just fall off" (by Myself :D)

"I love life, it just doesnt love me back!"

and thats all for now... coz i cant find anymore :D

Keep it real or the need to keep things balanced
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Posted by Arlechino on Oct 1, 2006

I am a student, so it's not so hard to do something else other than gaming all day, but I have to admit that sometimes, in my spare time, I play a lot of games. So the question for me is : Should I go out with my friends in a rock pub or just stay home and play some games. For me it's the need for a chillout,but I couldn't notice that I haven't read a book in about 2 months,so I am a little

That is
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Posted by HELLKNIGHT13 on Sep 30, 2006

That my sons first fish see that is what keeps it real for me the little thing like that ya I love my gaming but it is the little thing I love more my Famaly and my friends.

OMG, how many people in almost no time!
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Posted by Caldo on Sep 29, 2006

omg last time i checked there was only 4 members and now there is 10 guys in it. must be a lot of people who try to keep it real, well its nice to know im not the only one:D

thx for the support guys ;)