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This is a camp for gamers who just wanna talk about life outside of their gaming, you who, be social etc. Also the topic of people becomeing way to engrossed in games and devoting thier lives to them may come up a bit :)
Camp Leader: Caldo Founded on: Sep 21, 2006
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You'd be missing out...
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Posted by Mal62884 on Sep 28, 2006

Balance is the key. Using all of your free moments to game would be a mistake. There is way more out there than just games to take in. I for one don't want to miss out on life because I was hauled up in my computer room playing games for 10 years. lol Gaming is great, but not as a lifestyle in itself.

So here are 2 enthusiastic thumbs up to all those multitaskers out there!!! : P

To keep it real one has to learn the art of ZEN...
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Posted by Silence on Sep 28, 2006

Or at least figure out how the heck to balance the desire to play viedo games and still maintain work and faily life. It is a challenge but it can be done. I attempt to do it, every once in a while I have had it pointed out that I am on my computer to much and then I take a break away from it for a week or so. Right now I am in the process of learning a new job having changed positions at work,

Everyone Should
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Posted by devel on Sep 27, 2006

Yup, thats right, everyone shoul join this Camp, just because no1 can become a Full time gamer, we all have social lives. Its like some WoW players, they are not even seen for days in they're jobs, You know, that's worst than drugs...

WOW, more ppl joined!
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Posted by Caldo on Sep 27, 2006

i started this camp as an experiment to see how the whole camp thing worked and i was amazed that ppl would actually join up to a camp that has basically no ppl or anything.

thx for showing me that im not the only one that thinks we should keep things in persective and enjoy our REAL lives.....

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Posted by Enigma on Sep 27, 2006

So, im da new guy here, iv been a member 4 like a week, and i think this whole idea is awsome(website and this camp..) So, how long hav u guys been members 4??

This site
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Posted by HELLKNIGHT13 on Sep 26, 2006

Hay it is this site that is keeping it real look at the grate people from all over the world that we have made friends with people that we never would have met if not for this I like to say one world some day.No more of the stero tiping just people who are real.That is just the way it sould be and will be some day.Just people being them selfs.

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Posted by HELLKNIGHT13 on Sep 23, 2006

I here that man keep it real One world man.