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Mount and Blade... The best RPG game... Middle age... Swords...Shields...Armors...Horses... Armies which we command...Castles...Battlefields...Caravans...Tools...Dinar's.... Many thing is there but you. When you join it you will see you are in this war...
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Posted by BlahBlahBl on Feb 15, 2011

I am only listing the good ones.
CTRL+X= (In inventory) add 1000 gold, (In character menu) add 1000 experience, (In party menu) click on a unit and press CTRL+X until he lvls up.
CTRL+F4= Knock out an enemy (press shift to knock out multiple enemies)
CTRL+H= Heal your self
CTRL+T= See all parties
CRTL+W= (character menu) 10 points in all weapons categorys

Go ahead...Post News...
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Posted by HYDroxide on May 2, 2010

Any member can post new content.......

How to make your own Mods!
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Posted by PipBoy3000_v2 on Jul 14, 2009

How to make your own Mods! Here are the tools and Help links for making mods for This Game:

Note to Chief:
*dear chief, I don't know what tools you or other persons use to make Mods so, please, Let us know!

Try this mod
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Posted by kesolovac on Jul 14, 2009

Try this mod M&B God Mode (Beta)

This mod by pullo123 gives the player The strange armour, over 5000 hp, gives to the other heroes over 5000 hp too, and ups the party capasity is to over 10,000.

I play Mount & Blade...
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Posted by kesolovac on Jul 13, 2009

I play Mount & Blade... People often forget about the Indie gaming scene. Just because a company isn't Creative Assembly or EA, doesn't mean the games made by these small time developers aren't quality titles in their own right. Turkish-based TaleWorld's début game Mount & Blade is one such quality title. Set in a fictional fantasy realm that refreshingly lacks the trade mark elf or magic, the game has you and your

Mount and Blade-Warband
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Posted by HYDroxide on Jul 13, 2009

Mount and Blade-Warband Now available...

check to see new mods and patches.....