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this camp is for RTS great friends of SI,anything related to it will be welcome to be heard by everyone,thanks for your nice visit,here have a cup of tea,hehe
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miss the old games
Comments: 1
Posted by darklord211 on Aug 1, 2010

miss the old games i guess time is moving on so is gamers, but dont you guys miss the old days ? like playing age of mythology, warcraft III (both) , warhammer 40Ks , supreme commanders (both) , rome total war .. . ?

futuristic games
Comments: 0
Posted by darklord211 on Aug 23, 2009

futuristic games is there anyone who hates futuristic real time strategy games? hey if anyone does,i dont.

my mod
Comments: 3
Posted by darklord211 on Aug 11, 2009

hey check out my AOM TT scenario:the four castles

RTS graphic
Comments: 10
Posted by darklord211 on Aug 2, 2009

RTS graphic whats your favorite RTS game graphic or which you like?

Comments: 1
Posted by melzerith on Jul 30, 2009

I would like to know, in your opinion what would be a killer RTS. Would it be a WW1/WW2 RTS? Or even a new futuristic style. What type of feature would it have? What types of units? Would there be spies, assassin's, and diplomats? Would it be on a flat map, round map, our could you go to different worlds? How fractions would you want to add? Maybe new races, and special ablities.

dawn of war II
Comments: 3
Posted by darklord211 on Jul 20, 2009

dawn of war II this game has creativity,epic graphical picture and really great combat system which attracted more fans than the last warhammer 40000(soulstorm) which made dawn of war to stand up again!! for the emperor!!!!!!!!!!!!

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any new RTS?
Comments: 2
Posted by darklord211 on Apr 2, 2009

i wanna know if there's any new RTS coming?

best type of strategy
Comments: 4
Posted by darklord211 on Apr 1, 2009

best type of strategy i'm sure it's the best type of strategy games,and probably the most common.