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Who likes RTS games dudes Write what do you think about RTS Read the great blogs which members wrote. Have Fun.
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First Step
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Posted by HARDY124 on Jul 11, 2009

hey What's your first step in random map,Skirmishes{you know what i mean} it would be nice if you share it With us!

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Posted by HARDY124 on Apr 8, 2009

warhammer my favourites is the blood ravens;raven guard what's urs favourite clans?

a wrong game!!!
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Posted by HARDY124 on Apr 6, 2009

a wrong game!!! dude i think the war of the rings is fault it's not the real lord of the rings and they are not the same mens/orks the real lord of the rings [by a game] is the battle for middle earth I/II do u think so?
1st:the helms deep castle is not the same i say it for real.
2nd:there is no walls in skirmish it's not true and the orks minas morgul is too small even by a level 5 i think better play the

Once more unto the breach dear friends,once more.
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Posted by benny180 on Mar 27, 2009

Once more unto the breach dear friends,once more. Hey guys whats your favourite strategy for dominating the battle field on your favourite strategy game?
Mine; C&C Tiberium wars, weaken defence with bombardment from Juggernaughts, attack with a mixture of Mammoth tanks and Hammerheads loaded with grenaiders and riflemen, with Firehawks for support.

i lied
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Posted by darklord211 on Mar 27, 2009

hey i lied to you,i joint,this camp has a picture of dawn of war, and i'll kill myself before i turn my back on it

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Posted by HARDY124 on Mar 27, 2009

wow Age of mythology is a great game which it have a great editor which have to cool triggers who's agree with me? and u can edit a scenario just upload it in this si.
man i like it so much but i have a question:
does it the real History or not?
who says not/ya?