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Posted by darklord211 on Jul 28, 2009

age of mythology is a game with godpowers and three factions(four in the expansion),each faction has 3 unique major gods,and each major gods have a unique godpower belonging to the major god himself\herself either by history or myth,the original age of mythology(no expansion) has a 32 level campaign which it has a lot of adventures and an entertaining story and you have the hero "arkantos" and his companions which make the adventures much more exciting,another difference which age of mythology has is beside the human soldier units,you also have myth units belonging to the minor gods(and the minor gods are 9 which cant be unique in each major god just two or three) ....and lets not make this a boring 4 page reading descrption,thats all about age of mythology,thanks for reading,and i hope that you all have it in your computers

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By HARDY124 (SI Veteran Member) on Aug 10, 2009
i wish dude i wish!