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The Eagles & Fleetwood Mac to Tour in 2010.
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Posted by herodotus on Jul 8, 2010

The Eagles & Fleetwood Mac to Tour in 2010. Boomers are getting used to the super group tour but the pairing of The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac will turn ticket sales upward if it comes off.
There arenít many groups that can fill a 50,000 seat venue anymore. We saw the Eagles two years ago in Moncton, NB and they were awesome. It made the hair stand up on the back of your neck. The Times Transcript caught us in their story.
For the Eagles

"The Crazies" - Movie Soundtrack Review.
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Posted by herodotus on Jul 8, 2010

Buy it... only if you are well aware of (and appreciate) Mark Isham's tendencies when producing low budget, synthetic scores of mostly atmosphere, because The Crazies really explores no new territory of significant interest.

Avoid it... if only roughly five minutes of spooky harmony of an attractively eerie nature is not enough to sustain a laborious, hour-long presentation of this effective,

Buy it... if you desire the first truly intelligent action blockbuster score to grace the collaboration of Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films.

Avoid it... if all the magnificent orchestral, choral, and ethnic flair that Harry Gregson-Williams can muster for this occasion cannot overcome the familiarity of his major themes and the limited, but still obnoxious role of electronic

"2012" - Movie Soundtrack Review.
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Posted by herodotus on Jul 7, 2010

Buy it... if you were awed by the simple, though magnificent orchestral and choral crescendos accompanying the striking vistas in the film's middle and final acts.

Avoid it... if you're tired of hearing director Roland Emmerich's composers of the 2000's write scores with restrained emotional depth and negligible complexity, music that is more appropriate for television documentaries than

"Clash Of The Titans" - Movie Soundtrack Review.
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Posted by herodotus on May 30, 2010

Buy it... if you like barbequed ribs with fries and mozzarella sticks to go with your knock-off blockbuster music from the Hans Zimmer clone factory of formulaic emulation.

Avoid it... if you prefer rainbow trout with rice pilaf and boiled asparagus while appreciating music with original themes, original instrumentation, original performances, and an abundance of nuance and style.


"Robin Hood" - Movie Soundtrack Review
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Posted by herodotus on May 30, 2010

Buy it... if you heard specific pieces of music in the context of the film that made you quiver in delight, because otherwise you're likely to be underwhelmed by this score's bland, passionless personality on album.

Avoid it... if for you the concept demands true charisma, romance, and enthusiasm, none of which is evident in this work of derivative, repetitive, and basic thematic constructs,

"Offramp" - Pat Metheny Group.
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Posted by herodotus on Apr 5, 2010

Perhaps my all-time favourite, aside from "Secret Story" this combination from Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays is their best.
Offramp is another Pat Metheny-Lyle Mays collaboration, with special guest Nana Vasconcelos on percussion, voice and berimbau. Metheny shuns his traditional guitar tone on the bulk of the material, preferring to solo with guitar synthesizer and the Synclavier guitar. Offramp's

"Silent Hunter 5" - Game Soundtrack Review
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Posted by herodotus on Apr 3, 2010

I received the score for this game as part of the Collector's Edition of "Silent Hunter 5". With consumate composer Jason graves on board, the score is quite dramatic, particularly as it supposed to be as immersing as the score for "Das Boot".
BAFTA award-winning composer Jason Graves has created a rousing thematic score for this next iteration of the highly acclaimed submarine simulation

"Sherlock Holmes" - Movie Soundtrack Review
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Posted by herodotus on Apr 3, 2010

If you enjoyed the pseudo-modern take on the film, you may just enjoy this symphonic romp through London.

Buy it... if, despite some late action material that resurrects The Peacemaker, you seek Hans Zimmer at his most humorous and instrumentally creative, inspiring a much fuller expansion of the quirky character in his 2000 score for An Everlasting Piece.

Avoid it... if somewhere between

"The Wolfman" - Movie Soundtrack Review.
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Posted by herodotus on Apr 3, 2010

Took a while to get a hold of this one...and I'm not sure it was worth the wait.
Buy it... if you are curious to hear an effective merging of Danny Elfman's Sleepy Hollow and Wojciech Kilar's Bram Stoker's Dracula, the latter a dominating influence on the Eastern European structures and oppressive atmosphere of this score.

Avoid it... if there's only so much morbidly dramatic atmosphere of