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Being a Horror Film fan from 40 years ago, I found this an irresistible buy. After a few listens, and remembering many of the cues from the films themselves, here are my impressions.
Compilations, like good horror villains, don’t stay dead. You can chop them, burn them, and kick their ass into a parallel universe — but they always come back. And like good horror movies, which live on in

Having not satisfied himself by dominating blockbuster film scoring for the past 10 years, Hans Zimmer has now begun gobbling up videogame assignments. Well, not really gobbling, more like sampling, with his initial foray into the medium being Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
"This is the first time I even stuck my toe into these waters. Partly because my friend Harry Gregson-Williams (Metal

Award-winning composer Jesper Kyd returns to score the soundtrack to Assassin's Creed II, available later this month at fine digital music download websites everywhere.
With 20 years of experience in creating video game music and titles like Hitman, Kane & Lynch, and Borderlands under his belt, Jesper Kyd has become one of the go-to guys as far as video game soundtracks are concerned. Kyd

Just pulled this one out of storage the other day (on vinyl LP) and transferred it to my PC. It is easily the best Star Trek score ever made. Also the pinnacle of James Horner's career.
After the belatedly popular "Star Trek" television series of the 1960's was finally brought to big screen in 1979 to limited critical and popular acclaim, young director Nicholas Meyer would take the series in

Hollywood Music In Media  Awards Announces Video Game Nominees. "BEST ORIGINAL SCORE"

The Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA) recognizes and honors the music of visual mediums, the talented individuals responsible, and the music of independent artists from around the globe. Both mainstream and independent artists from around the globe are honored as peers for their compositions and recordings in

Okay okay, anyone who knows the original one season series from 1978, will know the rousing them by Stu Phillips. I have just finsihed listening to the score of Season 4 of the new Battlestar series, by Bear McCreary andf it is stunning. But let's go back to when even the Producer of both series, Glen A. Larson was dusbious about it's success. The Original score for the Pilot and First Season

The Hollywood Reporter & Billboard's Film And TV Music Conference Oct. 29-30, 2009 - Beverly Hilton, LA.
Now in its 8th year, this conference offers attendees the unique opportunity to learn from, network and share their music directly with the best music supervisors, composers, directors, songwriters and producers in the business.

DON'T MISS! Panel Keynote with MARY J. BLIGE!

Plus Exciting Panels Including:


The The Music In Media Interactive (MIMI) Conference is designed to inform, educate, entertain, create connectivity and produce real opportunities for conference attendees. This three day affair will focus on what (and who) you need to know to get your music in film, TV, video games, movie trailers, commercials and other forms of contemporary media. Song writing, composition and mentoring sessions

"Defiance" - Movie Soundtrack Review
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Posted by herodotus on Oct 3, 2009

I've had this little gem for a while now, but re-watched the DVD the other day so I thought I'd review the score.
Defiance (James Newton Howard): The majority of the score for Defiance exists in an environment of respectful restraint, sometimes as minimal in volume as the lone, slow tapping of a bass drum. There is very little in terms of dynamic layers to the music; Howard is more comfortable

SUMTHING ELSE MUSIC WORKS ANNOUNCES RELEASE OF THE Sumthing Else Music Works, through its licensing relationship with Microsoft Game Studios, proudly presents Halo® 3: ODST Original Soundtrack featuring the original musical score from the highly anticipated video game Halo 3: ODST composed by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori. The 2-disc set will be released on September 22nd to retail outlets through Sumthing Else Music Works