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Warhammer make the world go round
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Posted by Llama on Jun 18, 2006

Well it makes my world go round, i love it. The fantasy and the dirt. Yep you heard right the dirt, the grim future and the hardship found in all the warhammer games, its no cute little world full of happy squrills and flowers, its a world of war, death and hardship!

As the games go they have had their ups and downs but the future looks bright both with the new warhammer game Mark of Chaos

Warhammer Days
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Posted by JamieSI on Jun 16, 2006

I used to play this a lot with my mates when I was very young, I even used to take my army into the Warhammer store and play battles with people there hehe. I really did enjoy it but the prices for this stuff has got stupid, how do they expect kids to be able to afford it anymore?

Anyways, Wood Elfs is what I collected and they ruled. Tree monsters are the best units I had.

Mark of Chaos
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Posted by Kres on Jun 15, 2006

Ok so what happens in this camp?

Seens that Warhammer Mark of Chaos trailer? It is the best trailer I ever saw! Real cool. Can't wait for the game.