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26 Feb 2008

Hurry Up Hedgehog

Hurry Up Hedgehog! – Race, creep, jostle and out-manoeuvre in this intriguing multi-player brainteaser for all ages.

- Hurry Up Hedgehog! game play dynamic is based on the popular board game Igel Ärgern (also known as Egelrace) loosely translated "Hedgehogs in a Hurry” and designed by Doris Matthäus and Frank...
Genre: Adventure
08 Feb 2008

Dr. Reiner Knizia's Brainbenders

Award winning game designer Dr Reiner Knizia is an expert in algorithmically generated logic problems and has over 300 board games and books to his name. Now he has created a collection of ingenious challenges for all the family. Get ready for a mental journey that will make you laugh and cry - and leave you begging for one more go!

Genre: Adventure
21 Jan 2008

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

When the wealthy Baron Augustus Reinhold passes away, his will reveals a hidden treasure in the village of St. Mystere. Unable to locate the treasure themselves, the baron's family calls upon renowned puzzle expert Professor Layton and his apprentice, Luke, for help. Upon the pair's arrival, their search for the treasure is interrupted...
Genre: Adventure
10 Dec 2007


The film version of "Igor" is a playfully irreverent comedy that brings a new twist to the classic monster genre. In a world filled with Mad Scientists and Evil Inventions, one talented evil scientist's hunch-backed lab assistant has big dreams of becoming a Mad Scientist himself and winning the annual Evil Science Fair. The stellar voice cast...
Genre: Adventure
22 Oct 2007

Mario Party DS

When Mario and his friends are shrunk down for Mario Party DS, harmless locations take on menacing proportions in five game boards, such as Wiggler’s Garden and Toadette’s Music Room.

Everything you love about Mario the palm of your hand! The party boards and minigames are crazier than ever in a new title that shrinks down...
Genre: Adventure
18 Oct 2007

Crayola Treasure Adventures

The perfect game for all creative and adventurous boys and girls, Crayola Treasure Adventures asks the explorer to color, draw, and think their way through numerous exotic locations, challenging puzzles, and exciting adventures. Crayola Treasure Adventures also offers a digital coloring book that lets the young artist run wild with their...
Genre: Adventure
06 Aug 2007


Myst is an immersive experience that draws you in and won't let you go. You enter a unique setting, venturing alone to varied times and places, the worlds that compose Myst. There are no instructions, and you encounter no living beings but soon realize your actions may help individuals who are somehow trapped in a parallel dimension.

Genre: Adventure
05 Jul 2007

I Did It Mum! (Boy)

Inspired by classic pre-school books and games, separate boys and girls editions of I Did It Mum! will be published, featuring games such as ‘toy train’ and ‘drive the car’ for boys and ‘colour the animals’ and ‘little kitchen’ for girls. I Did It Mum! even offers a voice recording opportunity for Mum (or Dad) to congratulate and encourage their...
Genre: Adventure
04 Jul 2007

Cookie & Cream

Players guide Cookie through the game, using Cream to help his partner by removing traps, enemies and a host of other obstacles they encounter in their quest to uncover who has stolen the moon. The secret to beating the game is in mastering both characters and knowing when to use each at the best time!
Genre: Adventure
02 Jul 2007

Disney Princess: Magical Jewels

Disney Princess: Magical Jewels for Nintendo DS invites girls to play as their favorite Disney Princesses in an enchanted adventure. Girls explore the game at their own pace and skill level to recover the Magical Jewels and restore the magical power of a kingdom. In a magic-filled romp through locations familiar to young girls, players...
Genre: Adventure
29 May 2007

Darren Reid's The Half Broken Crown: The Broken Kingdoms

The Broken Kingdom sees players working in the same world as Reid’s upcoming novel The Half Broken Crown, decades after the events in the book. The game is presented from a first person perspective and is heavily reliant upon puzzle solving rather than combat requiring players to work together in order to solve a series of scenes and puzzles.
Genre: Adventure
23 May 2007

Rayman: Raving Rabbids 2

The Rabbids Strike Again!
The mischievous bunnies are back in a hilarious sequel that is guaranteed to be even crazier and funnier than the first – and with even more wacky games!

They've invaded the world of Rayman®, and now the insane Rabbids have a new objective: invade planet Earth! They have established their base at a...
Genre: Adventure
01 May 2007


Spy-Q is a collaboration between Fighting Fantasy gamebook author Ian Livingstone and award-winning puzzle and game designer Dr. Reiner Knizia who has more than 300 board games and books to his name. Reiner is an expert in algorithmically generated puzzles and has designed some original ones for SPY-Q.

Produced by specialist DS...
Genre: Adventure
23 Feb 2007


Set against a whimsical Far Eastern backdrop with a light-hearted martial arts theme, ZENDOKU offers a variety of colourful characters and a comprehensive range of single-player and wireless multi-player game modes.

Choose your character and use the unique controls of your handheld console to attack or defend against your challenger,...
Genre: Adventure
22 Feb 2007

WarioWare Touched!

Wario and his crew of game designers are making their mad debut on the Nintendo DS with hundreds of all-new, factory-fresh microgames! WarioWare: Touched! features all of the frantic microgame goodness of the previous games, but with a lot of new touches – you control the wacky on-screen action with the touch screen and a stylus.

Genre: Adventure
21 Feb 2007

Undercover: Dual Motives

Dual Motives is peppered with inventive puzzles and minigames that take advantage of the capabilities of the Nintendo handheld. In one, Russell tries to gain access to a laboratory. But gaining the attention of deaf Professor Cutter demands an extraordinary solution: Russell assembles a blowgun to shoot little paper projectiles at the Professor,...
Genre: Adventure
21 Feb 2007


In Trioncube, the player must embark on a journey across eight planets into the depths of space, as the captain of the mighty space ship Penko, to rescue the princess from the grasp of Hell Metal. Players reach this goal by creating a Trioncube – a series of 3x3 blocks, which start a chain reaction that refuels the space ship. Try to create as...
Genre: Adventure
21 Feb 2007

Touch Detective

After her father unexpectedly passes away, Mackenzie inherits the family business: a renowned detective agency in a fantastic world populated by mechanized butlers and walking skeletons. With the aid of cheerful mushroom-man Funghi and robotic servant Cromwell, Mackenzie sets off to prove herself worthy of being called... the Touch...
Genre: Adventure
15 Feb 2007

Super Collapse 3

Super Collapse is back again - and you won’t believe the fun! The third installment of this highly addictive series holds more action and surprise than ever before. Adventure awaits as you explore 10 fun and unique lands in our all-new Quest mode. Earn coins along the way to purchase strategic items in the Shop, or take a breather and try your...
Genre: Adventure
07 Feb 2007

Pokemon Link! (aka Pokemon Trozei!)

Lucy Fleetfoot is a secret agent for Secret Operations League ("SOL"), whose mission it is to rescue stolen Pokémon from an evil organization known as the "Phobos Battalion." In story mode, the player's goal is to stop the Phobos Battalion and to discover why it is stealing Pokémon.

  • Using the stylus, experience endless Pokémon...
  • Genre: Adventure
    07 Feb 2007

    Pogo Island

    No further information is available at this time.
    Genre: Adventure
    06 Feb 2007

    The Professor's Brain Trainer: Memory

    The Professor's Brain Trainer: Memory focuses on stimulating parts of the right brain that are often associated with active concentration and busy thinking. The Professor's Brain Trainer: Memory (AKA Brain Boost: Beta Wave) includes Find a Match, Shape Recognition, Addition, Remember Sequence and Moving Dots training games.
    Genre: Adventure   Our score: 5.8
    31 Jan 2007

    Miss Spider: Harvest Time Hop and Fly

    The miniature wonderland of Sunny Patch is filled with bugs of all shapes, sizes and colours. Here lives the kind-hearted Miss Spider, her husband Holley and their buggy bunch of kids. Near the end of autumn, the bugs in Sunny Patch have to stock up for the winter and so Miss Spider's children Dragon, Bounce, Squirt, Wiggle and Shimmer help out...
    Genre: Adventure
    31 Jan 2007


    Actionloop, the latest in Nintendo's Touch! Generations series, is a fun and addictive game for everyone, regardless of age or gaming ability. Making full use of the Nintendo DS touch screen, players are challenged to clear multi-coloured gemstones as they roll along looping tracks. By flicking the gemstones with the stylus, players must create...
    Genre: Adventure   Our score: 8.2
    23 Jan 2007

    Hannah Montana

    Miley Stewart is living a double life as a teen pop sensation known to millions as Hannah Montana. Her best friend Lilly is the only one who knows the truth – or so she thinks. Someone is threatening to reveal Hannah’s secret!  Miley and Lilly investigate their school, the boardwalk, stadium and the beach to uncover clues.  Help solve the...
    Genre: Adventure
    22 Jan 2007

    Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue

    After years of aquarium life, the TANK GANG members are ready to make a daring escape to the ocean. In order to get to the ocean, they will need to go through the dentist's garden, cross the busy street, and manoeuvre around the docks. There are dangerous thorns, manholes, cars and much much more!!

    Your job is to help each member...
    Genre: Adventure
    15 Jan 2007

    Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis

    A whole host of Nintendo world famous characters make a welcomed return in this game, including Mario, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong’s long lasting love Pauline. Enraged and jealous by Pauline’s preference for Mini Mario over Mini DK, Donkey Kong kidnaps Pauline during the opening ceremony of Mario’s new theme park – Super Mini Mario World. It’s...
    Genre: Adventure
    12 Jan 2007

    Big Brain Academy

    How much does your brain weigh? Find out with Big Brain Academy, the DS title that makes mental exercise incredibly fun.

  • Big Brain Academy is a series of minigames (called Activities) that are designed to exercise the brain. Players can “weigh” their brain in Test mode, earn medals for individual activities in Practice mode or...
  • Genre: Adventure
    19 Dec 2006


    Sudokuro contains 1,500 hand-crafted Sudoku puzzles and an unlimited number of automatically Sudoku puzzles, and over 5,000 Kakuro puzzles. Players may enter data either with buttons or the Nintendo DS stylus, and the game also features text recognition. With three levels of difficulty for each game, and a simple 2x2 Sudoku mode especially...
    Genre: Adventure