Cheats & Hints

Code Lyoko Cheats & Codes

By completing the block puzzles found in the Hacking mode, you will earn 15 different codes that can be used to unlock various videos and artwork at the website:

Code: Description:
9A9Z Ulrich (fight video)
4B2Y Yumi (fight video)
8C3X Forest Sketch
3D4W Scorpion Wallpaper
7E5V Mountain Sketch
2F6U Ice Sketch
6G7T Desert Sketch
9H8S Scorpion Video
5J9R Sector 5 Sketch
9L8Q Dark Enemies Wallpaper
4M9P Fight Video (Ulrich, Yumi and Scorpion combined)
8N2N Overwing (video)
8P3M Overboard (video)
3Q4L Overbike (video)
5R5K FMV Ending