Insecticide Movie (DS)

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Gamecock has released a trailer composed of cutscenes that will appear in both the PC and DS versions of the title.

Movie added: 20.02.2008 | | 120.64 MB | 0 downloads

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“What’s My Name” trailer

Crackpot Entertainment has released a new trailer for the DS version of Insecticide which is entitled “What’s My Name”.

Movie added: 08.01.2008 | | 116.97 MB | 15 downloads

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Detect Like An Insect

Check out this brand new trailer for Insecticide on the DS, showing you the process of detecting clues from a bugs a world. To detect like an insect, you have to -think- like an insect.

Movie added: 06.12.2007 | t_insecticide_ds_detectlikeaninsect.wmv | 8.14 MB | 14 downloads

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Movie Trailer #4

A movie for the DS version of Insecticide.

Movie added: 21.11.2007 | | 85.32 MB | 0 downloads

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'Bang Bang' Trailer

Bugs with blasters. Silly concept for a DS game, don't you think? Then again, DS has a knack for introducing off the wall characters that you grow to know and love over time. 1 new trailer for Insecticide on DS is now available!

Movie added: 15.11.2007 | t_insecticide_ds_exclusive_bangbang.wmv | 7.06 MB | 0 downloads

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Gameplay Trailer #2

Another gameplay trailer for Insecticide on Nintendo DS.

Movie added: 23.10.2007 | t_insecticide_ds_gptrailer.wmv | 5.76 MB | 0 downloads

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