Metroid Prime: Pinball Review (DS)

Nintendo have expanded its popular Metroid series into different terrain with a pinball adventure. Using the morph-ball abilities of Samus the task is to battle through baddie infested levels from the world of Metroid re-imagined into the design of a pinball table.

Hit the morphball at the onscreen nasties
Getting to certain areas on the table will open up the sub games

The first thing noticeable about this game is how the pinball table layout really fits the DS platform like a glove. The pinball tables are spread comfortably across the 2 DS screens as opposed to other previous pinball games on other formats being restricted on a singular screen.

The objective to Metroid Prime Pinball is to complete the missions set on each table by defeating the monsters, collecting artefacts and bashing the bosses. These missions are not tasks that can be completed with ease as the onscreen enemies can dish out almost as much as they can take with attacks of their own. Samus has a few tricks in her arsenal to ensure some serious offence and defence too in the form of features on the pinball table. The tricks range from: activating a force field that appears between flippers to stop the morph ball falling to its doom, a multiplier that temporarily clones the morph ball into more balls to flip at the enemy and the power-bomb (useful against bosses) to name a few.

Samus in action!

The forcefield at the flippers is a vital aid when obtained

As well as the primary pinball aspect there are other sub elements to Metroid Prime Pinball such as shooting and jumping to name but two. With shooting everything on the pinball table stops and with the flipper keys you guard a heat packing Samus left and right to take out the large wave of enemies that appear at the top screen, with Jumping you have to use the left to right flipper controls to make Samus jump side to side up a wall or mountain. The jumping or shooting parts happen when you have reached a certain point on the table you are playing on. Other sub games involve battling pirates against the timer, the Parasite Purge and the Burrower Bash.

Gun down the baddies Smash TV style
An extra ball is always a good thing

Metroid Prime Pinball is a challenging one player game that also provides a wireless multiplayer option that you and up 7 fellow gamers can battle each other on the same table to reach the high score first. With the addition of the included rumble pak enhancing the pinball game feel this game is a nice little package deal in itself.

Top Game Moment:
The shooting sub-game where Samus stands in the centre of the bottom screen automatically shooting frantically, and the only controls are guiding left and right to fend off an attack wave of swarming nasties.