New Zealand Story Revolution Review (DS)

New Zealand Story: Revolution presents itself as a remixed version of the old Taito classic with extra bits and pieces to enhance the adventure experience.

Level 1 boss, when swallowed you appear on the second screen
Second screen of the Whale boss - when swallowed, you get a chance to take our his heart!

For those who are new to the series: You are cast in the protagonist role as Tiki the kiwi chick. Tiki’s kiwi-bird friends and family have been kidnapped (or should that be ‘kiwi’ napped) by an evil leopard seal and it’s up to Tiki to make things right. Tiki must lace up his trainers and battle through each nasty-infested level along with each perspective end guardian to individually rescue a caged friend.

Tiki not only has a trendy set of ‘sneaks’ to trample on the enemy with, he also has an arsenal of infinite spears and arrows to take out the bad guys. Collectable power ups found around the levels can allow Tiki to have other interesting weaponry, such as fire or ice spears and jousting gear. Tiki can also steal enemy ridden platforms for himself and travel around levels, such as the UFOs piloted by rogue teddy bears.

One of the mini games you can play in Vs mode
Use the touch screen to turn handles in game

As this is a DS venture the DS stylus (pen) comes into play. Some sections of levels require the completion of a ‘touch the difference’ puzzle to make a doorway appear. With the puzzles, the action then duplicates itself to both screens (you mainly play on the top screen) and with the DS Stylus you tap out which pieces of the level look different whilst multitasking with the disposal of enemy sprites. The pen also comes into play for other things such as opening doors and boss sections.

The game includes a VS mode featuring 4 different mini games that your friends and you can compete in. These 4 mini games also appear in the standard single player Story Mode. The games include Touch The Difference (as mentioned earlier), Tiki Basket, Fishing and Tightrope.

Duck riding has never been so much fun!

New Zealand Story: Revolution is an enjoyable, challenging platform adventure which requires a lot of paying attention towards both the DS screens. If you liked the original New Zealand Story and its past sub sequels you will enjoy this outing, and it’s welcoming enough to please beginners!

Top game moment:
The easy going beginning of the first level which allows the chance to explore what Tiki can do with collectable power-ups.

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