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25 Jan 2007


Toon-Doku features 250 different images gamers can place on the board to complete each puzzle. A deep Edit Mode lets budding artists create their own customized pieces for play or trade with friends. In addition to three multiplayer modes, Toon-Doku includes a unique Distraction System that lets players block portions of their opponent’s board...
Genre: RPG
18 Jan 2007


QuickSpot contains three challenging single player modes, the main mode being Rapid Play, which has five levels each containing 10 stages and a boss challenge at the end of each level. The player will be awarded medals for points they achieve based on their “Brain Activity”. Brain Activity is based on Intuition, Concentration, Recognition,...
Genre: RPG
20 Dec 2006

Magical Starsign

In Magical Starsign, the ability to control and master the Nintendo DS stylus is key. Players use the touch screen and stylus to do everything from combat to conversation. During combat, players tap the attack they want to use on the command wheel featured, then tap the target enemy to perform the chosen attack.

Attacks in Magical...
Genre: RPG
18 Dec 2006

Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel

Players will experience the intriguing origins and exciting stories of all-new characters as they join beloved well-known Inuyasha characters in the struggle to unlock the mystery of the Divine Jewel. Utilizing and uniting familiar faces like Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Shippo, players will battle hordes of monstrous demons in this epic...
Genre: RPG
30 Nov 2006


The klaxon alarm is shrieking! Something is wrong! The Professor wrestles his damaged spaceship to a crash landing on a mysterious planet.

In the aftermath of the crash, The Professor discovers that the power sources of his ship, known as Cells, have been scattered across the surface of this strange world. To retrieve them all, The...
Genre: RPG   Our score: 6.2
30 Nov 2006

Children Of Mana

In the center of the world, the Mana Tree grows, sheltering everyone under its strong limbs. Its magic protects the world, but that power has grown too strong and has begun to surge across the land, corrupting all that it touches. Now, a handful of young heroes must band together to restore the magic of the Mana Tree and save Illusia.

Genre: RPG   Our score: 7.2
17 Nov 2006

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Players make their own stories. A player and up to three friends move into a village and just live life, extend a home, interact with their neighbors and explore the village.
Players move into a living, breathing world inside the Nintendo DS...and then invite their friends to visit from anywhere on earth.


Genre: RPG
10 Nov 2006

Flipper Critters

“Flipper Critters is a unique adventure, combining classic RPG-like story elements with a pinball game interface,” said Paul Robinson, president of Ignition Entertainment. “The entire family will enjoy playing together on the go with their Nintendo DS, immersing themselves into the cute critter world while enjoying arcade-style pinball action.”...
Genre: RPG
23 Oct 2006


Spectrobes is RPG where two junior Interplanetary Patrol officers must save the galaxy by awakening and training prehistoric Spectrobes to help battle the evil Krawl.

*Real-Time Battle Action – Rallen and two allied Spectrobes take on the enemy Krawl in exciting real-time battles. Each Spectrobe can unleash a...
Genre: RPG