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31 Aug 2010

Dementium II

Dementium II is an exciting horror adventure that places you inside a secret asylum for the criminally insane in the role of William Redmoor. Arm yourself with revolvers, shotguns, daggers, sledgehammers and bonesaws to defend yourself against more than 16 horrifying creatures. Walk down the foreboding corridors and see the blood-strewn walls...
Genre: Shooter
01 Nov 2007

Project M (working title)

"Renegade Kid has proven that the DS is not just a platform for kiddie games," said Bill Swartz, Head Woof of Mastiff. "With skillful use of audio and controls, the developer created a truly creepy experience in Dementium: The Ward. We've seen enough of their latest project to know that they have much more in store."
Genre: Shooter
03 Jul 2007


C.O.R.E. tells the story of a US Marine sent to discover the mysteries behind the door of a top secret US Army lab complex built to research the effects of the meteor crash from years ago. The gruesome discoveries of the marine are empahsised by sinister interior of the complex while the heavy music escalates the ever-intensifing action and dark...
Genre: Shooter
05 Jun 2007

Dementium: The Ward

Dementium: The Ward tells the tale of a man who awakens to find himself alone in a mysterious, derelict hospital that is frozen in time. Confronted by the deadly, grotesque surgical experiments that wander the halls, a series of challenging puzzles and a cast of peculiar characters, he must face his deepest fears, unlock the mysteries of the...
Genre: Shooter
02 May 2007

Dead 'n' Furious (aka Dead and Furious)

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, and finding your cell door wide open. A bit strange, where are the guards? Why is it so silent?

You stand barefoot on the cold damp floor, little do you know your worst nightmare is about to begin. A shotgun lays on the floor beside you, soaked in a pool of blood. One thing is certain, no...
Genre: Shooter
09 Feb 2007

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence

Capcom resurrects the original Resident Evil and adds a multiplayer element to the game that put survival horror on the map. Presented in both its original form and a Rebirth Mode, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence may be smaller in size, but it's just as big on scares.

Purists will instantly fall in love with Classic Mode. This mode...
Genre: Shooter