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Remember Remember These Five Games Of November
Posted: 01.12.2011 07:47 by PRBot Comments: 4
Wow, what a wallet-molesting month that was eh? I could fill a thousand words just listing all the games that came out and Iíd still miss some out. The big question isÖ why? Do these publishers honestly believe that their games are going to sell more surrounded by dozens of bigger and better titles, or even worse a week after everyoneís already bought those titles and are busy actually playing them?

Thereís Christmas of course, or as the marketing people call it ďThe Annual Gifting PeriodĒ, but if thatís the only factor then publishers are deluding themselves an exceptional amount. You canít wrap up a digital title and put it under the Crimbo tree can you? How many people are going to put Defenders of Ardania or Global Ops: Commando Libya on their Santa Lists?

Even the big names are going to struggle, and undoubtedly some games are just going to be left behind. These are titles that have reviewed well and in a quieter part of the year they might have stood out and sold millions, but right now theyíre January Sales Fodder Ė which Iím sure wonít be good enough for the publishers. Theyíll act all surprised when these games donít sell, blame piracy or some other bollocks, and quietly axe the development team or put them to work on a bigger, duller title.

And thatís not fair. These games deserve praise, adulation, and most of all being played. So without further adieu letís have a run-down of five games from the last month youíve undoubtedly forgotten all about and are most definitely worth a purchase, either now, as a present or in the sales. So turn off Skyrim and go and grab these babiesÖ

1. Rayman Origins (Ubisoft) PS3, 360

No! Bad Ubisoft! Release Rayman on a less cluttered month of the year, such as ANY OTHER MONTH.

In many ways it's the game this article was written for. Itís getting rave reviews across the board (look for ours soon), itís an utter delight and brings a smile to anyone who plays it, and itís got wonderful four-player co-op similar to but better than New Super Mario Bros Wii (which was really popular). Yes, itís Rayman Origins, one of the most gloriously loveable and challenging platformers ever made, and you wonít find many people whoíll be buying it right now.

The problem is that Ubisoft in their wisdom have positioned it to come out either during or after every single major game this holiday season, including their own Assassins Creed Revelations. Didnít they learn their lessons from previous years, with XIII and Beyond Good and Evil? What makes it worse is that Ubi have stated that BG&E2 is relying on Rayman selling well! So do your bit, buy a quirky platformer today, you wonít regret it!

2. Jurassic Park (Telltale) PC, 360, PS3

The girl is Jurassic Park, and the T-Rex is every other game this month. Yep, sheís gonna get swallowed up.

Heavy Rain did quite well last year, receiving a lot of praise for its innovative quick-time event-focused adventure game style. Now take that new style and add dinosaurs, complete with Jurassic Park sights, sounds, and smells. Who cares about a Frenchman pretending to be an American trying to find his son? Raptors! T-Rex! Pteranodons! Those horned ones that definitely arenít Triceratops because that doesnít exist but did in 1993! How could people not flock to it?

How about it coming out right now after being delayed six months, arriving with very little fanfare, and not actually being available on console (it was made for a gamepad, not a keyboard) outside of America? As Telltale are a very digital-focused company Iím sure it will make money, but it probably wonít be doing so this month. Oh, and itís a game entirely based around QTEs, but weíll forget that for now. The storyís worth it anyway.

3. Serious Sam 3: BFE (Croteam/Devolver Digital) PC

Delayed dozens of times and finally coming out after every FPS in the entire year, is Serious Sam 3: BFE a contender against the likes of Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Resistance 3 and all the other FPSs (and non-FPSs) this year with ď3Ē in the title? An old-school brainless PC-only shooter? Itís immense amounts of fun, especially in 12-damn-player co-op, so it should really be on your buying list. Iíd certainly rather play it than those other games I listed.

Fortunately, SS3 does indeed seem to be doing pretty well. However, just imagine how much better it couldíve done if it came out at any other time of the year when the competition wasnít so strong Ė or at least in so great a quantity? Itís certainly not a Christmas game to be sureÖ oh, screw it, yes it is. I played the last Sam game on Christmas Day. You should too, nothing beats ignoring the family to hide in your bedroom shooting those Kleer bastards with mates around the country.

4. House of the Dead: Overkill Directorís Cut (SEGA) PS3

Oh SEGA, bless you. Not content with being a Mature-rated Wii game on a family casual-orientated console with quite enough horror on-rail shooters thank you very much already, they go and release the game again as a PS3 Move-only Directorís Cut and put it out at the most crowded time of the year. Did anyone even notice that it came out the first time, let alone now?

The thing is though, itís still a fantastic game. Yes, itís an on-rails shooter, which is kind of passť these days, but itís a highly memorable and damn unadulterated fun on-rails shooter. Thereís Saints Row level of insanity here, with a real grindhouse feel to the proceedings, and itís not one to be missed. However, due to its shortness I really do advise you wait until the sales to pick it upÖ just make sure that you do! Honestly, thereís a character called ďCandi StryperĒ in it, and sheís a stripper. That should be enough reason. Also, zombies.

5. Unity of Command (Matrix Games) PC

You feeling guilty for missing this yet?

Up until this point, the majority of the people reading had at least heard of the games Iíve mentioned. Now weíre going completely off the rails (appropriate after House of the Dead) with Unity of Command, a turn-based WW2 strategy game. Yay. Sure, itís got an audienceÖ but címon guys, November?! If optimism has a name, itís Matrix Games.

Still, the game itself is tense, surprisingly exciting, clever, gets to the point and is actually good for people who donít normally play turn-based strategies (a genre that usually causes people to flee after only seeing the manual). Our reviewer Richard Lane loved it, and itís currently sitting on an unprecedented user score of 9.9. If youíre into strategy games at all this really should be on your Christmas ListÖ but youíve probably put down Uncharted 3 instead havenít you? Typical.

So then, what have we learned from all this? We learned that no matter how many games you think you want, thereís always a few more that you should be considering too. The one group that will never learn however is publishers. Yes, we do want your games guysÖ but not right now thanks. Call of Duty Muh-Wuh-Three?? Nah, weíve got Rayman Origins to play first.

Written by Chris Capel.
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By nocutius (SI Elite) on Dec 01, 2011
Nice editorial, everything it says is so very true. A day only has 24 hours and months have budgets :).

Unity of Command looks great and the review praises it but i don't see it as a 30‚ā¨ game, maybe later.
By JamieSI (SI Core) on Dec 01, 2011
It was a shame to see that Rayman didn't enter the charts this week, such a great game. Lord of the Rings: War in the North is a title I'd like to pick up after I'm done with Skyrim too.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Dec 06, 2011
Matrix Games has a fairly average Christmans Sale on at present (the obvious best one being "Panzer Corps" for 50% off) but no sale price for "Unity of Command". Might have to pick that up on Gamersgate when the price drops.
Don't know about the hit and miss QTE's in "Jurassic Park", but excellent article Chris.
By romeoaustin (SI Newbie) on Jun 08, 2014
This is why I am also one that you can count that really impressed and gives thumbs up for this game. It is fantastic, remembering the time I initially played this one, this really gives me quite good thoughts about it. For me this is just like a flash games from that I always played now, a demolition physics games where I always need to conquer my fear and enemies.