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GC2008: Age of Conan Report
Posted: 22.08.2008 09:31 by Comments: 9
Despite having released the game 3 months ago, the Funcom team had set up shop this year right in the heart of the Messe. They had a wonderfully crafted castle-like hub, complete with a stage, demo booths and of course scantily clad women.

They also had several press-only demonstrations for the brand new content coming to the game within the next year. Producer Thorbjorn Olsen was present, and helped take us through what players can expect from the funcom team in the coming months.

It appears that they have taken on aboard a lot of the player feedback, concentrating mainly on the requests for more content. They had a number of new areas to show, the hitherto closed Tarentia Commoners District, and a new high-level area called Ymirís pass. Both will be fully integrated into the game and both will have their own side stories and quests to establish their relevance to the Conan world.

They both also require different ways to play through them, with Ymirís pass playing more like a generic high-end area, and the Commoners District requiring you to traverse the rooftops much like Assassinís Creed.

Funcom are also adding more items to the game, mainly in terms of Armour and especially armour variations. They had a score of high-end raid sets to show off for the different classes, and they were looking pretty slick.

Another big point of feed back that the team has taken onboard is the lack of dungeons, and so not only have they added more, especially high end instances, they have also listened to the players and gone back and re-done a couple of the original dungeons as well.

One of these was Blackcastle, which has been completely revamped to incorporate the new features, which include traps and better loot generation. Other new dungeons included a level 80 dungeon in the Thunder River area, and a dungeon known only as the House of Kron

The demonstration also showed off another new feature, which isnít limited to dungeons: Environment based quests. Instead of every quest coming from a person, specially created bits of environment or points of interest can generate quests. Like a severed torso lying randomly on an alter for example.

A PvP update is also in the works, with special items being made available for high level PvP players, Levels and experience, and penalties for picking on weaker players. Should a person kill too many people below their level range, they get marked as criminals, and are barred access from all of the towns and cities. Anyone who associates with that player is also branded a criminal, and criminals can be killed without consequence.

To round off the presentation, the funcom team showed us not only the changes made to the DirectX 10 version of the game, but also a teaser for the upcoming expansion pack.


By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Aug 25, 2008
These guyss sure have beaten some records as a new MMO. How long will this last? We need a new expansion pack as soon as possible to continue this selling saga. This really needs to be fulfilled. Money Talks.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Aug 25, 2008
I think Warhammer Online is going to give Conan some serious competition. I like the quests and PvE in Conan, but I would like to see Warhammer in action. But I don't think either will be serious contenders for the MMO crown held by WoW.
By Praetorian (SI Core) on Aug 28, 2008
WOW is getting very boring and the cartoonish fraphics very bad...Its time for new things more for adults...AOC is not bad exept for some bugs that need to be fixed very fast.
By BlackBolt175 (SI Newbie) on Aug 28, 2008
By BlackBolt175 (SI Newbie) on Aug 28, 2008
Is awsome
By Orv (SI Core) on Sep 03, 2008
I really like AoC. Hopefully they will continue to add content, complete the PvP penalty system, as well as adding all the missing quest voice acting that is currently missing above level 20.
I currently do not have time to play Conan, due to acting as daycare for my grandchild, but I do plan on getting back into it at some point.
By Orv (SI Core) on Sep 03, 2008
Don'cha just hate when life interferes with your gaming?

By RastaKid (SI Veteran Newbie) on Sep 04, 2008
Age of Conan is highly expected.I believe it will be a great competition for WOW and Warhammer.
By lichlord (SI Core) on Oct 06, 2008
its late for an old movie XD but looks like all normal mmorpgs like warhammer and so on...(never played the game just commenting on screenshots;) )