Staff Editorials

Kickstarter Profile: Skymap's Bacon Man

Posted: 07.08.2014 by Michael_Westgarth

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Michael Westgarth tucks into the tastiest Kickstarter project around.

Kickstarter Profile: Tammeka's Radial-G

Posted: 21.07.2014 by Michael_Westgarth

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Futuristic racing meets the world of virtual reality with Radial-G.

Kickstarter Profile: HomeMake

Posted: 04.07.2014 by Michael_Westgarth

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Michael Westgarth finds out what happens when two architecture students decide to make a game.

E3 2014 – The Highs and Lows for PC Gamers

Posted: 19.06.2014 by TheDinger

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Chris Capel digs through the quagmire of E3 to filter out the irrelevant and find the details PC players need to know.

Making History: The Great War Dev Diary 3: Money makes the World (War) Go Around

Posted: 18.06.2014 by PRBot

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Chris Parsons, Product Manager, Muzzy Lane Software joins us for another Making History: The Great War developer diary.

Kickstarter Profile: Tinker Games' Pale Blue

Posted: 17.06.2014 by Michael_Westgarth

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Michael Westgarth looks at Indonesian developer Tinker Games and its villain-centric Kickstarter project, Pale Blue.

Best in Show: Home of Wargamers 2014

Posted: 20.05.2014 by JustCommunication

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Bringing you the best of the best, of the acceptable.

Kickstarter Profile: Fusty Game's Hover

Posted: 14.05.2014 by Michael_Westgarth

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Michael Westgarth speeds through this vibrant, fast paced indie title.

Early Access on Steam: Paying the Price for Unfinished Games

Posted: 07.05.2014 by PRBot

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Community-driven games development is now a reality, but it's not without its pitfalls.

Guide For Getting Started in The Elder Scrolls Online

Posted: 29.04.2014 by TheDinger

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This new online-only Tamriel is a scary place, so let Chris Capel be your guide.

Kickstarter Profile: Mark of the Old Ones

Posted: 24.04.2014 by Michael_Westgarth

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Michael Westgarth explores the Lovecraftian horrors of Mark of the Old Ones.

Kickstarter Profile: Evan Todd's Lemma

Posted: 07.04.2014 by Michael_Westgarth

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Michael Westgarth leaps into the void to discover more about Evan Todd's parkour indie game.

Hearthstone Tips Guide

Posted: 31.03.2014 by PRBot

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James Barnes gives us plenty of tips to get started in HearthStone: Heroes of warcraft.

Kickstarter Profile: Barry Collins' Ashen Rift

Posted: 26.03.2014 by Michael_Westgarth

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Michael Westgarth explores the post-apocalyptic tale of a man and his dog.

OnLive's Cloudlift Service

Posted: 06.03.2014 by nickhorth

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Nick Horth spends a day in London with the OnLive team to learn more about its new Cloudlift service.

Dungeon Keeper: In Loving Memory Of

Posted: 03.03.2014 by Michael_Westgarth

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Turn that frown upside-down as we celebrate the past, present and future of Dungeon Keeper.

The Wonderful World of Mega Man PC Games

Posted: 20.02.2014 by Michael_Westgarth

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Take a trip into the weird world of Mega Man PC games, ports, spin-offs and more in this globe trotting editorial article.

Modding The Hedgehog

Posted: 05.02.2014 by Michael_Westgarth

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How Sonic Generations exemplifies the power of an openly moddable PC game.

Paradox Convention 2014 Round-Up

Posted: 29.01.2014 by JustCommunication

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A quick look at some of the other gems to come out of 2014's Paradox Convention...

Kickstarter Roundup - Jan 2014

Posted: 29.01.2014 by Michael_Westgarth

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Michael Westgarth takes us through another month of Kickstarter campaigns.