Staff Editorials

Quickfire Competition: Tron Gaming Pads [FINISHED]

Posted: 17.03.2011 by JustCommunication

Comments: 146
You asked, and we delivered. Get involved in our latest competition!

Top Ten Games at PAX East 2011

Posted: 14.03.2011 by JonahFalcon

Comments: 15
We have come back from PAX East 2011, and have picked the ten games that impressed us the most.

Hori Wireless Fighting Stick 3 Review

Posted: 03.03.2011 by APZonerunner

Comments: 5
Alex Donaldson takes a look at the Hori Wireless Fighting Stick 3.

COMPETITION: Age of Empires Giveaway [FINISHED]

Posted: 03.02.2011 by JustCommunication

Comments: 113
We haven't given anything away in a couple of weeks, and honestly, I'm starting to get withdrawl cramps. Have some prizes!

Retrospective - 7th Guest

Posted: 31.01.2011 by Plughead

Comments: 2
Always the last person to be invited to a party, David Brown knows exactly how the unnamed protagonist in The 7th Guest feels...

Best in Show: Paradox Interactive Convention 2011

Posted: 25.01.2011 by JustCommunication

Comments: 6
It's going to be a very busy year for Paradox, here's why...

Live Blog: ParaCon 2011

Posted: 20.01.2011 by JustCommunication

Comments: 1
Join us live from New York for the annual Paradox Interactive Convention!

Retrospective: Yie Ar Kung Fu

Posted: 17.01.2011 by Plughead

Comments: 0
Delving deep into the past, David Brown unearths the best, the worst and the most curious retro games you could possibly imagine.

Retrospective - Castle II: Siege and Conquest

Posted: 11.01.2011 by Plughead

Comments: 7
David Brown takes a look back at Castle II: Siege and Conquest.

CES 2011: Microsoft keynote recap

Posted: 06.01.2011 by JonahFalcon

Comments: 5
We followed the Consumer Electronics Show keynote speech by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer as it happened, highlighting interesting statements and reveals.

PC Game of the Year Awards

Posted: 03.01.2011 by RaveofRavendale

Comments: 15
PC gaming dying? We don't think so! Here's our PC Game of the Year Awards

PlayStation 3 Game of the Year Awards

Posted: 30.12.2010 by RaveofRavendale

Comments: 2
What were the best games to buy in 2010? Check out our PS3 GOTY Awards

2011: The Year to Come In Games Part IV

Posted: 28.12.2010 by JonahFalcon

Comments: 25
Part IV of our exclusive feature completes our look at games we're looking forward to for next year.

Competition: LOTRO Christmas Giveaway [CLOSED]

Posted: 24.12.2010 by JustCommunication

Comments: 106
We've got boxed prizes now to giveway, so come on in!

US Competition: Gran Turismo Academy

Posted: 22.12.2010 by JustCommunication

Comments: 5
We felt bad at you yanks being left out of the Christmas cheer, so we decided to bring you a gift of your own...

2011: The Year to Come In Games Part III

Posted: 20.12.2010 by JonahFalcon

Comments: 8
More games to look forward to in Part III of our exclusive feature.

Xbox 360 Game of the Year Awards

Posted: 17.12.2010 by RaveofRavendale

Comments: 8
What's the best on the 'box? Join us for 360 GOTY Awards.

Study: Depression Cause of Violence

Posted: 14.12.2010 by JonahFalcon

Comments: 12
Another study proves "violent videogames" not the root cause of violence.

2011: The Year to Come In Games Part II

Posted: 14.12.2010 by JonahFalcon

Comments: 14
More games to look forward to in Part II of our exclusive feature.

2011: The Year to Come In Games Part I

Posted: 11.12.2010 by JonahFalcon

Comments: 31
If you thought 2010 was a drain on your wallet, look out for 2011.
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