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Hello! I'm just a modder who once went through a rough patch but now I'm back.

I might be going under a different alias soon on SI.

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That's All Guys!
posted on 04/07/2011 20:47

Well, I've just recieved confirmation from herodotus that I am allowed to create a new account. For personal reasons mentioned in my "Two Minor Updates and a Big Update" entry I will be only telling my new account name to herodotus.

This account will remain unused. It will serve as an archive for my previous mods and blog entries.

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Hanchel Hovel Update
posted on 04/03/2011 19:11

I wasn't planning on making another blog entry on this account but I just thought people should about this before I move on.

On my Hanchel Hovel v1.5 mod, it says this in the description;

"This is the final normal version of Hanchel Hovel."

When it says normal version, it means that I planned on uploading a special version of the mod (that involves a complicated quest or something) however due to my recent decision to move to a new alias, I will no longer be making further versions of this mod.

I apologize for any inconvenience and I will be changing the description for the mod soon.

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Two Minor Updates and a Big Update
posted on 02/26/2011 13:27

So I have not been on here in literally months (hell, my last blog entry was made back in 2009 XD) and I have decided to return with some updates. Let's start with the two smaller updates.

Yes I did promise a large scale mod last year however due to some complications the mod could not be completed. I guess I bit off way more than I could chew.

I am still modding and I have a huge multi-quest mod for Oblivion in progress, however it won't be completed until December at the very least and because Skyrim will be out by then, it probably won't get many downloads so I have decided to abandon that mod, and re-make it for Skyrim when it comes out in November.

And now for the big one.

I wish to keep modding, but I do not want to use this alias anymore due to my shadowy past. Though I did little wrong, my enemies on other websites (see my blog entry "Quitting From The Stress" for more details) think otherwise and I would like abandon this username and start afresh with a new name. Therefore I would like to create a new account on SI if it is permitted. I will be keeping this account as an archive only. No blog entries or mods will be deleted from this account. I will not make my new alias public for personal reasons, however I will be telling some of my most trusted friends on SI what will be. However before I will do that I will need confirmation whether creating a second account under a different name, and abandoning this account is permitted. So this may very well be my final blog entry on this account.

If I am allowed to start afresh with a new account, then like on this account I will only be uploading mods to Strategy Informer. I would to thank all my friends who helped out on Strategy Informer in the past, including everyone who downloaded my mods and I would to especially thank a user here called Herodotus for supporting me through the good times and the bad times. I will not be leaving Strategy Informer, but I will be moving on to a new username - if I am permitted to do so.

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Back In The Business
posted on 12/26/2009 13:26

A while ago now, you may have come across a blog entry of mine titled "Quitting From The Stress." The entry was about me packing in the modding business and throwing in the towel.

Now however, I've made the decision to fire up my creative juices once again and restart modding for Oblivion, however I'll only be releasing my mods to Strategy Informer for three reasons.

1) I want to avoid getting in the situation I was in last time.
2) I noticed that my mods here had a huge download count, much bigger than on other sites. Even sites that were designed for oblivion mods didn't even reach 100 hits, the mod I released here got close to 500 hits last time I checked a while ago.
3) Strategy Informer has an awesome community.

I will not start immediately, because I got hacked and attacked by viruses which could not be removed using any anti-virus software, I had to get a new hard drive so I'll need to reinstall Oblivion and all of the necessary files required but I will be releasing them, eventually.

So, keep your eyes peeled y'all!

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Quitting From The Stress
posted on 10/24/2009 21:45

I have officially come out of hospital as Electrical Blaster may have told you all and though I wish to carry my hobby on, the stress it has caused me is too great.

Capital Omega (another of my second-in-commands) has been no help what-so-bloody-ever he's been saying that it's a lie, though I believe he half-knows that it's really true and that he doesn't know the full story, his position as a second-in-command in the ElGrande Modding Team is in jeopardy because of some of his actions related to this matter.

I do not wish to tell how it began, but the conflict that I was in has ended, but at a great price. Though most of the blame during the conflict was mine some of the people on other websites have driven me to this unexpected avenue of action. Luckily, it did not spread to some modding sites such as Strategy Informer, Spellhold Studios and File Planet. I have made several mods including one in the making at the moment.

I pass my honor down to Electrical Blaster and Capital Omega, though I may have stopped modding, my work will still live on and I will still help out so you may very well see me in the credits.

I would also like to apologise to all the people I wronged during the conflict, especially all those on the Canadian Ice forums. However before I draw this to a close I would like to comment on one thing.

I am sick of getting e-mails saying what comments I've posted on YouTube and what I'm doing on Gaire. ModderElGrande15 on YouTube and the ModderElGrande on Gaire are not the same people (or same person) as me. I do not consort with commenting on YouTube or Gaire which I think is a dating site or soemthing like that.

Also, my downloads for my mods have been slowed to the point that my download count has stunted. I have come to two conclusions, the first which is the most unfortunate and the most likely is because of my deeds in the past, my second conclusion which is less likely is that people have found alternative mods which are better than mine, either way, I'll find out why this is happening.

I am open to any comments to this blog entry as long as it's not abusive, I understand that many believe my story is false including Capital Omega, one of my second-in-commands of the ElGrande Modding Team. But my words are true despite it sounding like an utter lie.

Thank you for reading...


Note When Commenting: I will delete any abuse, spam or flames if I find any.

PS: If anyone wants to know the full story then I'm afraid about 95% of the evidence of the crisis has been deleted or lost. There are very few sources of information left.

EDIT -- I have now decided to restart modding. See my newer blog entry "Back In The Business" for more info.

Here's a link to it.

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