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Greetings from the mudconcrete team
posted on 08/08/2010 14:59 is a small team of 4 graduates that have just successfully completed their 3 years studying Computer Games Design at the University of Wales, Newport.

Our graduate game is titled Romley Court, and is something a bit different to your standard first person game.

"Wander the halls of Romley Court and experience the life of Clarissa Fairfax. Despite the wealth and glamour that comes with being married into aristocracy in Regency Britian, Clarissa finds herself alienated by the world of publicity and image. With the children she birthed seen as inferior by her husband and rumours involving her and her family beginning to surface, Clarissa sees no end to the torment. Can she realise her fantasy of fleeing with her children or will it remain a mere daydream?"

With a non-typical target audience, the game sits more as an interactive experience as there is no objective, time limit or enemies. The narrative plays out over the game time (about 10 mins play) and it reaches a conclusion of realisation and emotion.

ROMLEY COURT can be downloaded from ModDB here:

and will be up for download on Strategy Informer soon.

discover more (including 2 of our second year games) at:

and my personal website:

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