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Just got War in the East (WitE)
posted on 12/12/2010 11:47

Wel, this really is a cool game. The scale of operations is quite large, and can be overwhelming. I'm now doing the tutorial mission and do a study of the game by thoroughly reading the Ebook (my physical shipment has not arrived yet) game manual.

I love the way things work, scouting to get a good situational awareness is paramount to plan, prep and execute my plans. I like the challenge. Lets see if i can win a major battle i a few weeks time.

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Gary Grigsby's War in the East: The German-Soviet War 1941-1945
posted on 12/11/2010 20:03

This game just gone gold. I don't have it yet, i wonder if there are readers who have this game, and care to comment on it.

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Command Ops : Battles from the Bulge ( BFTB )
posted on 12/11/2010 20:02

Just got this game, really good real time strategy, i can say its a great joy to play. I love the way the AI works because it's not scripted.

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Rise of Flight - Iron Cross Edition
posted on 10/20/2010 08:39

Good morning,

Just got Rise of Flight - Iron Cross Edition (from gamersgate). It's fun to play and has a great flight model, looks great also. It's realy gritty, because one has to apply sound flying tactics to out manoeuvre enenmy's.

Multi-player is a joy, alot of servers use realistic settings, so one has to be on their toes.

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Arma2 addons and mods you must have
posted on 09/03/2010 15:44

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Hello reader,

now i wil like to mention a few excellent mods and addons for the Arma2 game.

1) RKSL Studios create high quality aircraft to be used in arma and arma2.

2) Advanced Combat Environment, or ACE.
This is a mod that tweaks and enhances realism. It also adds weapons and tools.

There are tons more at


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BAF part 2
posted on 08/24/2010 17:11

As controversial a subject like DLC and later add-on are in Arma, i'm still going to get that expansion, although with mixed feelings.

Why not give community a gift. A token of appreciation.

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Arma 2: British Armed Forces Soon
posted on 08/23/2010 07:39

BAF is comming soon. Somehow i get the feeling that this expansion was on shelf when Arrowhead was released.

Seems modern these days. Release half finished games. Of downloadable content as the call it.

Again a Arma community splitter, those who have it, create mods and maps with it. Breaks compatibility with regular arma. I recall operation flashpoint: cold war crisis a few years back.

My two cents to DLC.

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Command Ops : Battles from the Bulge ( BFTB )
posted on 08/22/2010 02:40

Panter games's latest addition BFTB, looks tempting. As i played HTTR, which a very nifty real time strategy game, i think the way it's supposed to be in RTS games.
It's a game that requires also descent logistical management, timing, planning, al in a real time with pauzes, sim world.

Having serious thought about buying and playing this game.

Oh wel. To many great strategy games right now to choose from. CIV5, Elemental, StarCraft2, Possibly Addon for CMSF. Mmmm.


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Elemental: War of Magic
posted on 08/22/2010 02:04

Found this game called Elemental: War of Magic (

Good game to spend those winter days and have a bit of fun. Love the angle of the game, seems very customizable.

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New harddisk
posted on 08/20/2010 13:20

Yep, got the new harddisk installed with Vista and now putting my games on it.

For now those are Sins, BFBC2 and Arma2-Arrowhead.

I'm looking forward to the new Medal of Honer game. ( I hope it has solid multiplayer. Furthermore i hope it encourages teamplay. COD4 failed in that area, stupid percs etc..

Waiting with Starcraft 2. Loved broodwar, so i'm curious how Wings of Liberty plays. But i wait a week, so that possible glitches can be ironed out with a patch. I know, i'm a bit cautious when new games are concerned. Also like to know if blizzard allows the players to customize and mod it, maybe supply a little SDK?

Anyway, back to installing...

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