New harddisk
Posted: 08/20/2010 13:20 by OPFORCEComments: 0
Yep, got the new harddisk installed with Vista and now putting my games on it.

For now those are Sins, BFBC2 and Arma2-Arrowhead.

I'm looking forward to the new Medal of Honer game. ( I hope it has solid multiplayer. Furthermore i hope it encourages teamplay. COD4 failed in that area, stupid percs etc..

Waiting with Starcraft 2. Loved broodwar, so i'm curious how Wings of Liberty plays. But i wait a week, so that possible glitches can be ironed out with a patch. I know, i'm a bit cautious when new games are concerned. Also like to know if blizzard allows the players to customize and mod it, maybe supply a little SDK?

Anyway, back to installing...

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