Joke of the Day
Posted: 02/23/2013 04:44 by DAmicoThunderComments: 0
"Psshhhh...I didn't stay up ALL night"
11:23 PM
ME: *Basement playing xbox*
DAD: Hey, you should go to bed soon.
ME: Okay.
4:47 AM
ME: *Still playing xbox*
6:55 AM
ME: *Still playing xbox*
7:37 AM
ME: *Still playing xbox*
8:46 AM
ME: Shit!
9:19 AM
ME: *Turns off xbox*
9:34 AM
DAD: Hey, you didn't stay up all night did you?
ME: **well, I was on the couch, no, I really wasn't UP all night**
ME: Nope.


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