74% Internet Users Afraid of Hacking.
Posted: 06/18/2011 07:12 by herodotusComments: 3
The study has been carried out in India, where Internet users were asked whether they are scared of hacking their social networking account, loss of personal data or credit card fraud. The result was almost 3/4 responding positively to the first option, which is much more than those fearing of losing personal information in the cyber world. Around 74% of the respondents confirmed that they are afraid of their social networking account being hacked. Meanwhile, the percentage of people scared of losing personal data was only 16%. Moreover, only 5% said they fear credit card fraud, according to Microsoft India’s study.
The study in question has been hosted on the company’s “Windows and Me” page on Facebook, where it received responses from more than a thousand of Internet users. The results were quite interesting: for example, almost a half of the respondents said they spent about 5 hours online every day. Their favourite activity turned out to be connecting with people on the Internet, because 40% of the respondents admitted they usually spend these 5 hours on social networking services. Among other popular activities there were research (around 35%) and entertainment (22%).
The Microsoft study found out that almost a quarter of the respondents (more than 23%) said they’ve been victims of cyber attacks. Among them, 67% complained that they had suffered loss of personal information, and 19% of users witnessed their email accounts being hacked. Meanwhile, the study points out that the large number of hacker attacks made people more aware of Internet security threats and therefore realizing the need for Internet security and anti-virus solutions.
The study revealed that although about 90% of respondents have anti-virus installed on their computers, most of them (62%) believe that their job is done once they install it. This means that the Internet users are still not completely aware of the repercussions of hacker attacks.

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By Revan (SI Elite) on 06/18/2011 09:21
It's definitely getting out of hand, thats for sure. Somethings going to have to change sooner or later.
As for anti-viruses, I can't say I've ever trusted in them 100% either, but they do help. About four people I know had (one now has) viruses because they didn't have any security. And then they come to me for help on how remove them. :S
I keep telling them to get some kind of ant-virus, but theres not much you can do to convince stubborn (or cheap) people.
Oh well, at least a Mac can't be hacked. (LOL!!)
By HELLKNIGHT13 (SI Elite) on 07/09/2011 15:52
Who is not afraid.Of them they "F-up" every thing for every one .we have to work hard in life for what we get and they have to make every thing suck more .big del you can hack look at all the thing in life we could have in life if there was no hackers .we would not have to pay more for thing in life $$$ that could go for more thing that would be better for all the people in the world but no hackers feel the need to "F" thing up .All the $$$$$$ people have to pay to stop them kills it for all just becase some dum A is looking at it as fun or ez $$ .Oh by the way revan mac can be hacked and do every day you just don't know it becase they do not show up on a Mac you would be shocked if you know how much mac's have be hacked lost of people lost more info off there mac then they know .They just don't know it becase mac's don't show you who got thow it more ez to highed your traxs on a mac .
By HELLKNIGHT13 (SI Elite) on 07/09/2011 16:16
The only know this from the people I know .That they get payed to hack from people who want to know if they can get thow there sistems .Even they say look at how much $$$ people los just to pay them to do this .They say it is a lot of $$$ in it and it is so ez if they wanted they could make more from it if they want to .But they like trying to stop people like them selfs from getting thow then doing it for the $$$.So when it comes from a hack that tells you if there was no hackers there would more out there for people in life you take there wred for on it.