Happy 45th Anniversary "Star Trek".
Posted: 09/09/2011 06:23 by herodotusComments: 3
Once upon a time, there lived a man. This man was a dreamer. This man had hopes and visions of a better future, a future built upon true equality and mutual respect. This manís name was Gene Roddenberry.

Gene had an idea. He wanted to share his dream and his ideals. The way he did this was through a television series called Star Trek. However, many people at the time did not want Gene to share his dream. He was told that it was too cerebral, too liberal, too unbelievable. It took a lot of work for him to find someone willing to embark on this dream with Gene. But Gene did not give up. After five years of a lot of hard work and dedication, on September 8, 1966, Star Trek aired for the first time.

What aired for the first time was not Geneís original vision. The original pilot, titled The Cage, which Gene started to create in 1964 and was completed in 1965, was rejected for a variety of reasons. Among the reasons was that, even among feminists of the time, the idea of a female first officer was simply unbelievable and insulting. Gene was also told to get rid of the character of Mr. Spock, among other things. However, the network was still impressed enough to order a second pilot. After a lot of negotiations and recasting, including negotiations to keep the character of Mr. Spock, the second pilot, Where No Man Has Gone Before, is what audiences saw for the first time.

The rest as they say is history. To think that William Shatner lived out of a tralier parked beside theatre venues until the first "Star Trek" motion picture was announced. Divorced, broke, taking any acting job he could could have all ended there but for Roddenberry.

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By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on 09/09/2011 14:23
Wow, has it been going on for so long. Congratulations Star Trek!
By HELLKNIGHT13 (SI Elite) on 09/10/2011 01:20
I love star trek but I am not a trekkey.hear is some thing to think about every thing they had in star trek we all most have to day auto doors ,cell P , conf calls live face to face talk .look at the show and see how meny thing they had back then on the show and see if it is out there now .would like to see what every one can come up with ;)
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on 09/10/2011 02:00
Now we just need Transporters and I'll be a happy chappy:)
Oh, and a world that does not use a monetry system.