"Star Trek Online" - Now Free To Play.
Posted: 01/17/2012 17:54 by herodotusComments: 1
Star Trek Online is now available to everyone around the world, for free! Download the game here, beam up and boldly go!

I've joined in for a bit and space is now a very crowded place. Can hardly move on Deep Space 9 and Earth Space Dock is similarly shoulder-to-shoulder. Might have to go to Deep Space 7 or Star Base 24 instead. Loads of action, as The Borg are now invading all Federation, Romulan, Undine, Klingon and Defari Sectors. Set Phasers to kill, re-modulating often.

Anyone wants find me, just PM:

I'll help any way I can. As for the Fleet, as there has been no interest shown I might join the Marquis Vanguard.

Check out the new Launch Trailer, completely made up of in-game graphics and missions:!/StarTrekOnlineGame?sk=app_57675755167

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By hunter612 (SI Core) on 01/18/2012 10:24
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