FBI Hunting Hackers 24/7!
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The U.S. Federal agency announced that they were improving their hours to tackle the problem of online attacks. This was quite a surprise for many, because most American citizens assumed that catching hackers was something the authorities assigned the experienced person to do. Moreover, nobody can understand how many hours FBI spent hunting hackers before.

According to press reports, the agency admitted it has been developing an initiative for the past year. FBI was going to identify and investigate internet-based intrusion attacks and create a team of specially trained computer experts able to extract the hackers’ online signatures from the malicious code.

It seems that the FBI is going to bring in specialists from various critical infrastructures, including finance, business, and transportation. In addition, they have also hired experts to work at its Cyber Division’s Cyber Watch command. FBI investigators will send their findings to a centre operating 24/7, which will be looking for patterns in certain cases.

The Feds see this job as addressing hacker attacks by cooperating with their own Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence divisions. Moreover, information, dubbed the “National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force”, will be provided to other law enforcement agencies, like the National Security Agency, the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security for further investigation. According to Special Agent Richard McFeely, who is also an executive assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch, the goal of the National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force is to find “attribution piece” of an online intrusion.

In the meantime, the attribution piece is spook talk for someone conducting the attack or the exploitation and their motive. The authorities are intended to conduct all the necessary analysis in order to find out who is at the other end of the keyboard perpetrating the attacks. The industry observers believe the FBI doesn’t want to consider the idea of dealing with a full on terrorist attack, only to reveal a luckless British looking for aliens. However, the FBI claims that its aim is to ensure that the nation’s secrets don’t leak to adversaries, and the agency is ready to work 24/7 to do its job.

Unfortunately for the FBI, as the Australian Federal Police Anti-Cyber Crimes Unit have already found out, if you do not include on your staff previously convicted and known Hackers you've got bugger all chance of catching anyone but the end-user. Even then, following 12 onths of intensive work, the final verdict is the only way to prevent hacking and cyber-theft is to shut down the internet - for good.

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By nocutius (SI Elite) on 11/07/2012 05:51
Exactly, and roads should also be demolished to prevent robbers from escaping :).

I'd much rather have the internet remain the Wild West it is than have it turn into some kind of a Gestapo land.