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Hello, I'm Clavat99, creator of the OML (Ossuary Mod Line). Ossuary is a string of Halo 1 map mods that are designed for the sole purpose of making the game fun again. After 10 years of the same old multiplayer maps, and no true new updates and map packs like halo reach has, I believe that it falls onto the modders to present these map packs to the halo 1 fans. With the Ossuary mods, You get the familiarity of the original halo 1 multiplayer maps, with fresh, fun, and unique content. Weather its nothing more than a bunch of edited scenery, or new buildings and platforms, you can expect that OML will have something for everyone to enjoy!

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Ossuary #4 (Redemption) Construction Starts!
posted on 03/09/2011 18:57

I got my uncorrupted files and i can now start working on redemption later today! This mod may surpass Ascendance and even if it dosnt, it will be a very close rival! Completion time is TBA, and keep looking for the "Ossuary Beta Testing" Server on halo 1 multiplayer!

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Redemption back on track! Retribution will get Ossuary #5 spot!
posted on 03/08/2011 16:03

While going through my things the other night, i found my flash drive that has all my halo backup files on it...Including! This one i know is not corrupted, and i will be able to get to work on Redemption as soon as tomorrow! Untill then, keep enjoying th emods i have already placed!

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Redemption Plans put into Ossuary Archive! Ossuary #4 (Retribution) Replacing it!
posted on 03/07/2011 18:04

Retribution will be replacing Redemptions spot as Ossuary #4. Retribution will be a very peculiar mod, in which you will spend very little time on the map created by bungie. Instead, an aerial battle will take place on a system of platforms of varying sizes and elevations. All player spawns will be moved to the same general area, and that area will be blocked off by a teleporter that will take you to a platform just above the enclosed spawn area. From there, you will have to jump from platform to platform, use the many teleporters that will be placed around the platforms to get from one section to the other. And you can count on that the platforms will be suspended high enough that if you fall off will die. estimated completion time is TBA, and the base map that the mod will be on has yet to be determined (not that it maters much).

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Redemption construction halted!
posted on 03/07/2011 17:50

My bloodgulch files for redemption became corrupted when i tried to start the server for beta testing. I will have to re download the map file and remake the map. This could take a while so sorry to all of you guys who are waiting!

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Ossuary #4 (Redemption) Under Construction!
posted on 03/04/2011 16:11

The next mod in the OML will be another Bloodgulch Map. This time around, it will feature a lot more goodies, and look a lot better than Betaland. Redemption's main feature will be a giant wall separating the two bases, and cutting the map right across the middle. There will be several holes going through it that will be big enough for: On-foot players, warthogs, ghosts, and banshees. There will also be scaffoldings and ramps going up both sides of the wall and will meet at a bunker at the top. Other features of this map include platforms with Shades, Sniper towers, and some hilariously ridiculous vehicle (and player) spawn points. The mod will require a bit more of my time, as i will need to get a "non-corrupted" file (my halo game is acting up again and dosnt like the .map file im using. And i'll need to plan a bit more, as getting vehicles to spawn in the right places and the objects ive edited to render can be quite a pain. Especially when i make a large structure like the wall. All in all, you can expect to see Redemption available for download by Wednesday, Possibly Thursday. Until then, Betaland, Blackwood, and Ascendance should provide enough of an enjoyment for you guys in the meantime!

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3rd Person Cam mod Uploaded
posted on 03/03/2011 17:52

I didnt find any third person mods here, so i decided to add bitterbannanas mod for this purpose. It ha sbeen uploaded and is currently pending. It should be available for download soon.

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Ascendance Available for download!
posted on 03/03/2011 17:44

Ascendance got reviewed faster than i anticipated and is now available for everyone to download! Everything has worked out perfectly and im sure you guys will enjoy this mod a ton! Have Fun!

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Ascendance has been uploaded!
posted on 03/02/2011 23:41

Ascendance has been completed and is now pending! In just a matter of days, my best mod will be available for download!

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Ascendance Nearing Completion!
posted on 03/02/2011 17:35

So far, The tower has 3 floors, and i will add a 4th and final one today. Also, The red team side of the map has been completed, now all that needs to be finished is the blue team side. Once thats done, all i will have to do is add the few finishing touches to the map, such as rocks, trees and maybe another teleporter or two. You guys can expect to see Ascendance available for download as soon as friday!

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Ossuary #3 (Ascendance) Under Construction!
posted on 03/01/2011 18:54

Ascendance is a Sidewinder mod that will be my biggest mod yet! It will include bunkers, towers, walkways, and platforms all over the place to turn sidewinder into the ultimate slayer map! The Sniping possibilities are endless! Even if you aren't a sniper, you can still kick incredible amounts of ass! All you need to do is find your good position and let the shells fly!

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