Redemption Plans put into Ossuary Archive! Ossuary #4 (Retribution) Replacing it!
Posted: 03/07/2011 18:04 by Clavat99Comments: 0
Retribution will be replacing Redemptions spot as Ossuary #4. Retribution will be a very peculiar mod, in which you will spend very little time on the map created by bungie. Instead, an aerial battle will take place on a system of platforms of varying sizes and elevations. All player spawns will be moved to the same general area, and that area will be blocked off by a teleporter that will take you to a platform just above the enclosed spawn area. From there, you will have to jump from platform to platform, use the many teleporters that will be placed around the platforms to get from one section to the other. And you can count on that the platforms will be suspended high enough that if you fall off will die. estimated completion time is TBA, and the base map that the mod will be on has yet to be determined (not that it maters much).

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