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Hi welcome to my ....user card.. anyways if you need help with any of the videogames in my collection i've basically beaten them all in record speed...

Currently playing: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
more info on kindoms
posted on 04/16/2007 06:48

I just got some more info

Americas campaign, factions: 7 - Spain, The Aztecs, Mayans, Apachean Tribes, Chichimeca, Tlaxcalans and Tarascans.
Era: 1519
Special characters known: Cortez

Brittania campaign, factions: 5 - England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Norway.
Era: 1258
Special characters known: N/A

Crusades campaign, factions: 5 - Kingdom of Jerusalem, Principality of Antioch, Egypt, Turks, Byzantium.
Era: 1174 (the crusades)
Special characters known: N/A

Teutonic campaign, factions: 6 - Teutonic Order, Lithuania, Denmark, Novgorod, Poland and the Holy Roman Empire.
Era: 1250
Special characters known: N/A

I'll notify if new info comes up.

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medieval 2 total war KINGDOMS!
posted on 04/16/2007 06:35

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It finally released some details on MTW2K! with over 4 brand new camp. maps, 150 new units, 12 new factions and each family member or "special" character does either good abilities to the troops or bad.

The new camp. maps are the teutonic campaign, the americas campaign (inculding many native tribes), the brittania campaign (which i think takes place in rome total war eras) and the crusades campaign.

Sorry for not having a big spoiler for you people but i only know that the teutons are a new faction =(

As for new units the native tribe were terrible in MTW2 but now they've god spanish guns, weapons and armor making them powerful. Some new unit are new cannons, berber raiders, aztec gunners, aztec axemen and even flamethrowers!

there isnt enough info to give a detailed spoiler but thats all i know for now.

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Video Games Worth Wait?
posted on 04/04/2007 07:25

I was at best buy looking at the PC games and i saw a copy of Hlaf-Life 2 for $7.50, which is the cheapest i've ever seen a video game.
Half-Life 2 is an extremely good game with great quality and gameplay its a shock to see it so cheap. I wouldn't wait this long though for the videogames i want to be cheap. But if it realy came down to it i would wait like a year... For a video game to get down from $70 to $10.

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MTW 2 expansion
posted on 03/17/2007 14:13

What will the expansion pack be for MTW 2? they've done viking, mongols, "alexander" and barbarian "invasions" in past games so those are off the list... maybe there going to introduce something from the last MTW. Maybe there gonna do a swiss invasion... (lol) Or a burgundian invasion... they might even do and "Aztec" invasion. Probably different tribes taking over N/S America?

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Skill Decline?
posted on 03/16/2007 00:25

I've noticed that most of the "newer" video games i've bought are slowly getting easier? am i the only one that notices that? or do the creators think that the population in canada and the US are getting dumber? because im sick and tired of hearing that on the news... today i read a headline stating "Is the World's IQ Decreasing?". Kind of a downer...

Please put your opinions.

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Star Wars BF 2 Demolition
posted on 03/15/2007 15:02

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The award for Demolition so many people dont have one this is kinda for those people.... in Geonosis go to the cliff bunker and hit the spiderwalker's leg hinges (hit the hinges on the spiders left not right from your position most likely it'll do 1/3 damage of its total life.).

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Sony Greed?
posted on 03/14/2007 18:35

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Sony PS3, system, games, controllers, memorycards... Upwards of around $1,350! Is it an outrage in the price? Is that the reason there are thousands of unsold PS3's ALREADY? I say yes, Sony's greed has but a bullet through Video gaming's leg... Eventually in about oh, i donno 4 years te "PS4" will be released. But te problem is to buy everything above the prices then would be around... brace yourself... $1,750. Is the overpricing of video games gonna spread to microsoft and nintendo? Could it be the depression for video games? Please put your opinions.

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