Please check out my YouTube account
Posted: 08/21/2013 15:23 by SiyaenSokolComments: 2
Greetings guys

I started a YouTube account a while ago, and got offered a partnership with - Games, and I need a bit more views in order to benefit from this.

My account is growing steadily with more videos of different kinds of games.

Any co-operation by just viewing my videos would be GREATLY appreciated. Every bit will help me incredibly much, and also referring would be wonderful as well.


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By nocutius (SI Elite) on 08/23/2013 04:28
I see you really love your Starcrafts your Warcrafts and your DOOMs :).
By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on 08/23/2013 13:49
Marathon gaming my friend :) I do complete playthroughs, and I'm currently busy with Starcraft Brood War. After that who knows, but I enjoy doing this, and since I got the partner ship with I'm only more motivated to do this.

Thanks for taking a look :)