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Posted: 01/18/2013 00:41 by PapVogelComments: 1
First blog so bear with me.

Do you guys know the feeling when you just tire of every game you have, but yet you have a special feeling about what you want to play but can't really seem to figure out what game it is?

Well thats how it is for me right now. I'm in one of these lousy phases where I cant seem to find my niche. I know its turn based tactics / strategy, with RPG elements etc... so been playing Jagged alliance 2 WF, Silent storm, Neo scavenger, Underrail...just about everything from AAA to Indie, but yet I havent found just what im looking for yet.

Maybe its because I'm getting older and more picky about the games that I want to play, maybe its just because the AAA companies just cant deliver what old school gamers like me want anymore.. I dunno

Only good thing about it is that the house looks fantastic and I get to work out 2-3 times a day :p

just random ramblings from a Dane sipping his morning coffee :)

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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on 01/18/2013 11:44
Age does affect your gaming habits, I can easily attest to that (I could never put in the hours I used to even 10 years ago). Tend to go through phses like what you are outlining here, and end up not playing anything at all but turn to one of my other hobbies.
It is generally through those hobbies (reading, movies, etc.) that I'll regain an interest in a title that is tied to a videogame, or a videogame interest will spark off that need to interact with the subject instead of just reading/watching it.
Good example was watching "The Hobbit", which by itself inspired nothing, but led to a re-watching of the "LotR" trilogy. This in turn led to me re-installing from discs the two "Battle for Middle-Earth" EA titles, and the expansion.
Playing hours of "Endless Space" with it's clean, sharp future look took me to "Anno 2070" which I would never have otherwise have played, and I'm hooked.
As for ARPG's, I just picked up "Krater" for 80% off on GMG so that will fill that niche for a while, along with "King's Bounty: Warriors of the North".

Have no fear, something will kickstart the drive to play just don't what or when:)