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posted on 09/30/2007 11:42

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Hello fellow Strategy Informers! PC-only gamer here, grew up on the NES, SNES, bit of Genesis, Dreamcast and lots of PlayStation. (True Lies for the Genesis?! Yaargh, good times!) I've known from a young age that I sucked (somewhat majorly) at strategy games. FPS are more my bag, Battlefield 2 for example. Maybe I'm dense, maybe I don't like to think much when I'm enjoying (and marveling at the graphics of) a great match of Red Alert 2, Generals or World in Conflict, but I still eat dust with a smile. I smash shite as well, but that's just part of it. Anyway, carry on. Oh, and grab my PC game icons at my deviantART page, located at G'day!

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