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Hi.My name is Nikola,I live in Belgrade,and I'm here to check out some games,although I don't have much time to play,coz my work doesn't allow me much free time.I also like to share opinions of games with other gamers,so see what they think about a particular game.Genres I like are:
-Actions (little less that strategies)
-RPG's (Gothic and Elder Scrools very much)
Games that I'm a fan of are:
-Total War series (DEEPLY dissapointed in Medieval II:Total War,and Kingdoms expansion pack)
-GTA series(although dissapointing)
-Gothic series
-Elder Scroll series (although I only played Oblivion)
And other games that may not be related to genres I mentioned above.It depends on the game.
I'm opened to any friend invites and share of opinions and debates.